A slow day on a tropical island………….


Slow day today — and not gonna waste your time with a bunch of mindless chatter.  Here’s some pictures I took today… enjoy them…. Not sure what tomorrow brings as we move to our new place over in the big city. I suspect it’s gonna be a lot more crowded than we’re ready for – but I know for a fact they have KFC and Burger King~!!  So it can’t be all bad….OOh-Rah~!!

Did catch a gorgeous sunset strolling back home from the bar…. Not sure if I’ll get anything put up tomorrow or not – but stay tuned…………………


My Queen~~ <3




….and I wondered what I was going to do today~~~

Started our day out today with a rare no wind day as the sun rose….. it is just good for the soul to sit and gaze at that kind of beauty — whether it is over a place you’ve longed to be for years or a favorite lake or other piece of earth to watch it happen.

Instead of a walk this morning – I opted to use the low wind morning to light out on a kayak adventure (couldn’t do it yesterday due the winds) — wound up paddling up into the mangroves for a bout 2.5 miles — should have called it Iguana city… wow. Hard to spot, but once you spotted one, you could see them by the dozens in all sizes and colors….. beautiful~   Pictures aren’t going to do them justice – Couple of them were an easy 4′-5′  from tip of tail to nose. After about 2 hours I had all my shoulders, arms and stomach could stand and headed back. (turns out kayaking is a really good ab workout)

After brunch – went for a quick snorkel around our dock again –  lots and lots of little fish that I have not learned the name of yet – and even more Star Fish around the dock – but had a new visitor…  a Barracuda…. guesstimating 2′ – 2.5′ long, but from my perspective, might as well have been Jaws. Never acted aggressive towards me, but followed me all around the dock and never let me get far from his sight. Must have thought I was horning in on his dinner options or something….. Also had one little Jelly Fish just big enough to run me back into the shore…..

Followed all that up with a trip to the local bar (Kai Bar) for drinks — Met a young couple who were there for their engagement (Dennis & Diana) who are staying just down the way from us….”one or two” drinks wound up being too many to count including a shot of 7 Fathoms rum that whooped on me worse than anything has in quite some time …. Wowser… wound back at our place for drinks, marital advice and some pool time…. fun young couple – we wish them the best…..  can’t hold a candle to our DAMN NEIGHBORS though –  but fun none the less….




This shot is mostly for Alex….. 😉


Island Life……….

Second full day of sunshine and the beautiful blue and azure waters are returning in force~!

Today was a jumble of learning new things about island life…. like trying to get your mail…. had a process in place, but this is the first time I actually used it – as far as getting something sent to me. Took some doing, but finally got my first delivery – Yay~! Lesson learned – meds you would normally get in the mail, you now have to get from the customs center at the airport…… plus pay local customs tariff’s. Thankfully not terribly expensive, but those ‘cheap’ mail meds are now not quite as cheap – plus having to go all the way to the airport. Thankfully, currently being located about as far away from the airport as you can be on this island, I did find out you can have your stuff delivered – for a nominal fee of course, but absolutely worth not having to make that drive and face that traffic  🙂

While out and about, needed to fill up the gas tank for the first time — lesson learned – be appreciative of the fact that ‘little Japanese thing’ your driving gets really good gas mileage as gasoline here is $4.38 CI — that is $ 5.48 USD per gallon….. (Imperial gallon)

Most drinks here (aside from beer) is $10 CI ($12.50 USD)….. Haven’t bought a carton of smokes yet – but ONE time when I unexpectedly ran out – I paid a mind bending $13.60 CI for 1 pack ($17.00USD) — another really good reason to give them up. I have found out, they can be found for $8.50 (USD) a pack – which is better, but jeesh…..

Drinkin’ whiskey is equally as expensive, but don’t recall specific pricing – but definitely more expensive than in the good ole U.S.A.  Lesson Learned: Living in a tropical paradise (at least this one) comes with quite a price tag.

Groceries in general are more expensive, but I had factored that into planning and those prices are not what I would call out of hand…. lessons learned…. but rolling with the flow and enjoying our island time….. but moving on the first week of November, in search of a less costly tropical paradise.   😉



Long walks, Star Fish and Iguana’s…………..

Took a different route for my new morning walk along an amazing shore line of crystal clear water…… what a wonderful way to see any place let alone a tropical island. Walked up and around Star Fish point and saw a couple of dozen Star Fish just while walking the beach. Actually got to ‘rescue’ one of them that got stranded by the retreating tide. I believe I got to him (or her) before it was too late and placed it back into the water. I watched hundreds of small fish around the small docks and piers I walked past and a half dozen different Egrets and Herons trying to catch some of those small fishes. I saw a multitude of fun different crabs, but dang them little critters are quick – quick enough I could not get a decent picture of any of them.

Got back to the apartment for a quick dip in the pool and a wonderfully delicious breakfast cooked up by my Bride. Kinda lazed around the apartment for a while and got caught up on computer work (bills, etc.) that still loom in the background of this fabulous life we are currently living. (Yep – gotta deal with that yet – until the house sells)  Finished that up and walked up to the Kaibo Bar for a couple of mudslides (gotta make up those calories I burned up this morning)  😉  and then headed back trying to outrun what looked to be an impending rain storm. Rain went away before it got to us but it sure looked neat coming across the water. Ran up to Rum Point to look for a note pad in the local tourist [trap] store — was gonna stay for a drink but a very long line of people who crowded the bar from a just docked tour boat changed our mind.

Came back to the apartment, finished up the ‘homework’ I needed to do, made a small turkey & chicken sammich and took it easy for the rest of the day watching the big clouds roll past us…. the increasing breeze out there right now kinda hints rain is going to try and make it in again….. but it’s only rain  😉

Think I’m going to snag the kayak tomorrow and get into a big bunch of Mangroves about a mile up the beach….. I’ve seen ‘something’ swimming in and around them and my curiosity is getting the better of me. I’ll have my camera with me  😉


Believe it or not, these are under water~~

Star Fish I ‘rescued’ 🙂


These are what the Egrets and Heron’s were after~



That is “our” dock in the picture………. 

A new day………..

Before I go into my day – I had a nasty eye opening last night…. My Queen took a couple of pictures of me yesterday on my first outing in the kayak…. it was not until I got a good look at the pictures later that evening that I realized just how far out of shape I have let myself get since retirement. Good grief – I mean, I’ve never been a little feller – but jeesh~~ So starting this morning, I decided I’m going to change it. There may be nothing me or science can do about my decided lack of hair (on my head)… but I damn sure can do something about the shape I’m in .. and I started this morning — I took an hour long walk. Not power walking or anything – but a steady gait, other than to stop for an occasional picture for a full hour…. followed that up with a sensible breakfast. Then we took a trip to the big city here on the island (Georgetown)….Oh My God… what a zoo – but looked up our next place while we were there -ought to be an adventure. More on that later though. Came back and got in almost an hour of kayaking up around Star Fish Point. Water was so much clearer up there today and I must have seen close to a 100 star fish.

I did come to find out – once you’ve taken a couple of pictures of them little beggars (star fish) – they all pretty much start to look the same. I did come across a 4 legged star fish~! Not sure how that rare that is, but I documented it for proof. Also came across several more star fish around our pier while I was out there snorkeling….. even called my Bride out to let her hold one. (Alex – you would have had a ball today)  😉

Snorkeled around the pier and took some shots there – but the water stays mostly stirred up from the constant boat traffic going by. Still a great day to be in the water. Spent several minutes out on the pier while dinner was being made getting some fairly decent sunset shots.

So more walking, less eating and less drinking (okay, maybe less drinking) but definitely more activity while trying to get that next great picture and getting back down to my fighting weight~!

It’s only rain……

Woke up to another gorgeous Caribbean morning only to have clouds gather up and commenced raining…and raining…. and raining – but it’s only rain and normally doesn’t last vey long. Met some fellow residents who said I was more than welcome to use their kayak. I happily accepted their offer and even though it was raining, jumped in and took off. I thoroughly enjoyed about an hour of kayaking – rain and all. Can’t wait to do it when the sky and water are both clear.

Later, neighbor walking the dock in front of our unit pointed out a star fish, so we ran out to get a picture. From the dock was neat, but not good enough for me – so I bailed in and snapped a couple pictures. Neat to see them up close like that. A place called Star Fish Point is just up around the corner from us – am going to try and make it up there this week~~

Wound up at the local bar [a couple of times] getting in that much needed exercise walking there (wink, wink) for drinks and then returned for dinner later, trying out some of the local flavor. My Bride had what is called Putine Fries (basically French Fries covered with 3 different cheeses and rich brown gravy. Yummy~!! I had their fish & chips and they were, well…..not yummy. We split a small plate of popcorn ice cream – which is vanilla ice cream, drizzled with caramel syrup and mixed with caramel popcorn. Kind of a unique blend – but was actually better than you would think. We finished up and strolled hand-in-hand back down the beach to our place watching the sun set…. damn good way to end a day!

Shout out to my oldest Daughter Amanda  (Mouse)… Happy Birthday Sweetheart~!


Lesson learning…..

Day started off with a semi-large invasion of ants, no hot water, no television and no promised kayak with unit and enough wind to thoroughly stir up our private little cove. Queue: several phone calls… and 10 hours later….. television now works, we have hot water, had a can of ant spray dropped off…. no kayak yet, but all in all turned out to be a great day….

Discovered a couple of new friends on the beach – then wound up going to Rum Point beach for some snorkeling – and OMG — saw some of the coolest underwater stuff I have ever seen~!!! I snorkeled the big pier at Rum Point (swimming underneath it between the pylons) and was treated to multiple large schools of fish, a stingray – who seemed quite perturbed the big fat guy was hovering over him, I stayed my ground until he started whipping his tail around ( I should say I have hand fed these things before – but in a controlled environment) and I felt the need to slide out of his way and let him be…… With the water being stirred up and not much sunshine – I didn’t bring my camera on this swim, so could not document it (but that won’t happen again) – but I showed him to my Bride – so she can vouch for me  😉  Swam through several more large schools of some very cool looking fish… dodged a couple of jelly fish… it was quite the experience – almost felt like I was on a wreck dive in amongst the pylons….. very, very cool day… on the way back, came nose to nose with what looked to be about a 4′ long Barracuda. Not sure who was more scared of who, but I don’t think he almost soiled his trunks…….

Finally wrapped our snorkeling day up with a Bud Light and a Mudslide while we discussed our adventure and watched the local bar set up for a what appeared to be a wedding party.

Came back to the apartment for a quick dip in the pool and to finish getting items done (hot water, etc.) and finished up with a couple of drinks as we watched ‘local’ traffic’ going by our pier while we sipped drinks on our patio.

Just because the day doesn’t start out like you’d like — don’t always mean it has to end that way~~~ 🙂


Rum Point……

Securely situated in our new abode for the next week or so and so far it is freakin awesome~! A view to die for, our own private beach, our own private pool (that lights up) and because it is the slow season – we pretty much have the entire compound to ourselves~! It’s windier than a by God today – but some                things you just have to put up with living on an island. Within walking distance of a fun little bar (haven’t got the name of it yet) and The Wreck bar a couple of minutes drive away. I think we’re gonna like it here  🙂

I won’t run off at the gums a whole lot today – just put up a bunch of pictures of the place. We have a lot of places to check out here and I’ll carry on about them as we get into them… like Starfish point which is right around the corner from us. Can’t wait~!!

Frogs and palm trees~~

Today was another lay around the apartment kind of day….. bit of breakfast and watch it rain most of the day. Was greeted by a new critter this morning when I got up. I have to say I have never seen a frog as adept at moving around [crawling up] on glass as this one was this morning. I was duly impressed when he moved over to the screen and moved around equally well. Did manage to get one picture of him before he scurried away and up into a little crevice above the door. I blew it up a little bit so you could get a better look at him.

Ended the day walking out to the front of the apartment building. Beautifully lit – had to snap a photo or two to share.

Moving day tomorrow~! Moving to a bit busier place on the island – hoping to get in a LOT more snorkeling where we’re heading this time… would really like to get in some SCUBA, but not sure it will happen there – we’ll see.

Rainy days and Mondays………….

Okay – not so much Mondays anymore as every day is pretty much a Saturday for us now. Rain set in for the day and we spent the better part of the day lounging around the apartment. Finally rousted ourselves off of the couch and jumped in the car and took off up to the part of the island they call Rum Point. That is where our next apartment is going to be. We found our next place, but didn’t get out because it was raining like a cow pi$$ing on a flat rock. From what we can tell, it looks to be right on the beach and offers a lot more ‘to-do’ kinda things. Can’t wait to explore it  — Friday~!

Decided it wasn’t raining hard enough to keep up us from stopping for a drink at the local bar before we headed back. Turns out, when it rains a lot here, most places just shut down. Tried 3 different places and they were all closed – I speculate because they are all open air type places. So we waded out to the car and headed back to the apartment. As I stated earlier somewhere – not much elevation here – and don’t take much to turn the place into a flood land……

So – not everyday is going to be a day at the beach – it will, however, be within view of a beach and available anytime we want, with a beautiful sunset to boot~~~