A Nice dinner and diving~!

Well thankfully, my Queens birthday dinner turned out every bit as nice as I was hoping….. We were seated immediately, service was spot on and our meal was wonderfully prepared and tasted amazing~! I had flowers and Champagne waiting at the table and the evening (other than getting it for free) could not have went any better. We split a crab Wonton something or other, and besides being maybe the tiniest bit of dry was very tasty…. and dipping it in the sauce cured the dryness. We both opted for a Filet stuffed with Goat Cheese. It came out perched on a small dollop of smashed taters and then topped with a fair pile of asparagus. Now as a rule…. other than a salad drowned in Thousand Island dressing…. or green beans…. I do not eat ‘green stuff’. In all fairness, I do always try it though… and let me tell you—- Wow~! First time I have ever eaten asparagus and actually liked it….. loved it would be more accurate. I wished there was more of it~! Both steaks were done perfectly, tender, well aged and seasoned to perfection. The whole thing was drizzled with some kind of cream sauce that was absolutely delicious and perfectly complimented the smashed taters…… Wow-wow-wow what a great meal~! We split a piece of frozen key lime pie (with a candle on it) – that tasted like………… well, frozen key lime pie – but it was good enough and sweet enough to finish off that fabulous meal. We left with full bellies and smiles on our faces to come home and sit on the couch and rub our full bellies until bed time. A wonderful way to wrap up the day.

After a less than stellar night sleep – I got up in anticipation of getting to make a couple of dives, and it wasn’t long before I was out the door. Another sparsely populated boat….Yay~! A guy and his sons from New Jersey and one other couple. We wound up going to two new [to me] dive spots. Visibility left a LOT to be desired on the first dive barely making 40’…… but we did have some sharks buzzing around us – so that in of itself made it a good dive~! A short motor to the next site and we were soon ready to drop again. No sharks but lots of other sea creatures and plenty of gorgeous coral to spectate and the visibility was much better. Not quite as many pictures today because of visibility issues – but enough for a day or two. So- a couple of pictures from our dinner last night and some from today’s dives. We’re going out again tonight to check out a place we have both been wanting to try…… and like last night, probably won’t be in the mood to write when we get back….. so that’s why this is up early again. This place sits right on the water – so maybe some more pictures for you~!

Good Night Ya’ll . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Thankx for stopping in~!

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