Short day~

Up after a really funky night of sleep, if that’s what you can call it. Lots of goofy dreams. Seems like I was awake as much as I was asleep. I must have got comfy or something late this morning because the alarm went off and scared the bejeezus out of me. I rarely ever sleep until it goes off. We left the windows open instead of running the a/c so maybe that was it.

Nuked‘ me a breakfast biscuit (still no propane) and had it before heading down to the pier. The boat is out on this end of the island all week because we have a slew of cruise ships in this week. Got down there, got my gear put together and ready for a morning of chasing cruise ship divers. Had 11 divers total this morning. 5 certified divers on the first dive then joined by 6 ‘Discover’ divers (people making their very first SCUBA dive). Always an entertaining dive to say the least. I chased everyone down and made sure I got my shots of everyone. Pictures edited and posted and getting a note in here before joining my Bride on the couch (she is already watching sappy Christmas movies)  😉

Long day tomorrow – 2 Cruise ships and 2 dive boats (4 dives) so it’ll be late by the time I get home and even later by the time I get done editing and posting– so probably nothing on here tomorrow night. Not sure if I’ll be up for any writing Thursday either…. we are going out for our Thanksgiving dinner and I’m hoping it will be good enough that I stuff myself – – with having my appetite returned~! In case I don’t get on here….. I hope you all have a warm and wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving and that you get to spends lots of time with the people you love.

Good Night Y’all : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Thankx for stopping in~!

(Vera— couple of big eel pictures below)  😉



Where did that week go ??

Up this morning with the intention of getting the grass cut before taking off for Blues for breakfast. Until we get our mystery arrival of propane, most meals will have to come from somewhere else. Still can’t get over the fact calling for a replacement tank for our propane on Friday afternoon….. and they’re ‘not sure‘ if they will be able to get it to us before Thanksgiving. What a crock~! Sadly, I will be busy enough, I don’t think I’m gonna be available to pester them to let me come get a tank. (They are only about 20 minutes from us) Butt wipes…. good thing we weren’t planning a big Thanksgiving dinner. But, I digress. Mother nature decided I didn’t need to mow before leaving I guess, as it poured early in the morning, leaving the grass soaked and soggy. So we had a nice relaxed morning before heading out to our old haunt. Jim was there this visit and I got to hang out and chat with my friend for a bit. He wasn’t there my last couple of visits and it was good to see him again. I ordered me the big boy breakfast burger. I guess I should have taken a picture, but I didn’t. This is a ½ lb cheeseburger, with 2 eggs and 2 pieces of sausage and all the dressing. Hoo-Wah what a sammich. It really is to big for one meal, but just to dang good to leave any on the plate….. My Bride had a french toast casserole (or something like that). We both were stuffed. We sat and had a drink and caught up with a couple of folks from ‘the old gang‘ before finally heading back to our end of the island. With a blazing hot sun and a really nice breeze going all day, the grass was actually cuttable and even though my belly was bulging (for the first time in 3 weeks!!) and I wanted to lay down and watch TV — I made myself go out and cut the grass. After a quick cool down, I headed in town and got the ATV yard knocked out and then back here to finish weed eating around our house. I opted not to do the strip on the other side of the fence since it was still in pretty good shape….. that and the fact I was soaked in sweat by that point and the heat was now disturbing my big boy breakfast cheeseburger (and the 2 or 3 Budweiser’s on top if it)  😉

I have since had my shower and now and clean and cool and comfy and looking forward to some couch time (even though it won’t be to watch my Colts). I have the Bills/Browns game on in the background but it just ain’t the same. For logistics reasons, I am sitting out of the morning dive but am on the afternoon boat, which will be cruise ship divers….. so I’ll still probably be editing late enough that I’m not sure I’ll be able to get on here. We’ll see. Maybe I can get my propane in the morning……  😉

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Man, has it really been 4 days since I’ve been on here ?? Don’t time fly when you’re having fun~! Been a wild long busy week. Chasing big groups of people around underwater and taking tons of photo’s. I recently upgraded to Windows 11 on my laptop and in the process, lost the photo editor that I liked using so much. Guess it’s a good thing I already had Photo Shop/Lightroom loaded onto my laptop. Dang shame I don’t know how to use them [very well] yet. Two very complex editing systems. I actually sat down today after getting a butt load of little projects done and started watching tutorials….. OW….. that was painful for an old brain like mine. Guess I’m gonna have to unlearn a bunch of stuff. I’ve also decided I’m gonna reach out and see if I can find and hire a tutor here on the island. Those on-line tutorials do a good job –if– you already know the basics of those programs….. and I, sadly do not~! The dealings I have had with the programs so far is showing me my photo’s quality should go up multiple levels once I learn them, but I’m afraid I have a long way to go to get there……. but I’ll get it~!

Guess you already saw that in the midst of diving my brains out – I hit the milestone of 1000 dives~! Shoot…. I’m almost at 115 already. Somebody made a suggestion of FB I kinda liked….. he said I should get a picture of me making my 1000th skydive and put it up next to my 1000th SCUBA dive. I’ll look into that when I get a free minute  LOL. This coming week looks to be every bit as busy, if not a smidge more so, than last week. We have 4 days of cruise ships this coming week, with one day having two ships at once. Two of those days that I know of, have two dive boats scheduled each day – which mean long days diving and even longer days editing and posting pictures….. so I will probably be slacking doing this again……. sorry~~~~

On the medical front….. my belly is doing really good. I’m into my second week of my second medicine fixing the issue with my small intestine. The vast majority of the bloating is gone and my belly feels better than it has in many months~!! My appetite has returned (some times with a vengeance) and I now have to be careful not to eat to much so I can get back down to my fighting weight. I haven’t been on a scale in a pretty good while, but I feel like I’m down to at least the weight I was when all this started.  Now to work on getting rid of the rest of my gut~! My Queen is still working through some of her stuff. New doctors are conflicted about some of the issues, but so far she is doing pretty good. I’m keeping my eye on her and making sure she is getting healed up as well~! She has been watching ‘sappy‘ movies all afternoon and is happy as a lark doing it, that makes me happy. That’s my limit for tonight.

Good Night Y’all – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!


More sharks~!!

Up and at ’em bright and early this morning to get started for another day of diving. Still have the big group from [neighboring] Springfield IL – Dive club called Scuba Sports. A nice group of friendly folks. Visibility is still leaving a lot to be desired, especially after the monsoon rain we got overnight – but it was tolerable and very little current, which is always a good thing~! First dive site is one known to have sharks and they came out in grand style~! So I have lots of fun shark shots for you~! (at some point)  Second dive was a good one as well, but not quite as exciting as the first dive. My camera battery conked out (charger issue) just over 1/2 way through the last dive, so slightly fewer pictures taken….. but still got plenty.

I mentioned the monsoon rain we had last night…… I went to take my gear out to the truck and it was sitting in about 4″ of water….. Dammit Emmit~! So I waited until it was time to go and hauled everything out at once and only had to make the one trip….. love starting the day out having to wade to the truck (flip flops don’t keep your feet very dry). It is now parked back over by the fence until the mud dries up again.

Long day tomorrow. Have the Scuba Sport group again in the morning and shooting the IDC candidates again in the afternoon. They are doing their deep dive specialties…… so I get to get some deep water diving in…… woo-hoo~! We won’t go past 130′, so not that deep, but still looking forward to it~! I think I am also doing portfolio shots of the candidates, so I’m bringing my land camera with me as well. Love shooting that thing~! I probably won’t even get back to the house until well after 5:00 – so probably not going to be a blog (or FB) post tomorrow as I will have probably 600+ pictures to go through….. and not getting started until that late…. it’ll be one of them finish up and fall into bed days and get ready for another long day on Thursday. Probably not everybody’s version of ‘retired life’ – – – but I sure am liking it~!

Good Night Y’all + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!




Greetings and salutations all…….. wow-wow-wow….. crazy busy week and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna slow down any time this week. Probably one of the calmer days today so I thought I better jump on here and try to get something written. Will probably forget most of the stuff that has happened, but I have plenty of pictures for you~! I went to the Marine Corp birthday party hosted here on the island. My island ‘kid‘ was there and I felt the need to make an appearance and buy him a beer. An Air Force guy in amongst all those Jarheads….. talk about feeling like a Chihuahua in the middle of a pack of Pitbull’s …. yeeesh~~ It wasn’t bad though (besides the beer) I’m used to getting razzed about being in the “Chair Force”, especially from Marines, but it is all in good fun [mostly]   😉   I bought him a drink and hung out for a little bit, before quietly sliding out and coming back home.

Let’s see….. oh yea-! I just started my second batch of medicine for my belly. Very, very happy to report the meds are doing their job~! Almost all of the bloating has stopped and is gone. My stomach is no longer distended and it feels wonderful. I am actually getting hungry again, which is not all good as I am trying desperately to lose some of this gut – but it definitely looks like I am on the right path to “healing up” finally~!! The second batch of medicine I am taking came with a strict warning of absolutely no alcohol. That was all well and good but I really missed my after diving Budweiser and today I figured I would test it’s theory…. so far, so good…..(but don’t tell anyone)  😉 We have a big group of divers in from neighboring Springfield IL and today was my first diving with them. Fun group and they are keeping me busy chasing after them for pictures. I have all week with them, so I should be able to capture them all soon enough.

On a fun sad/good note….. my dive gear is slowly coming apart at the seams. I discussed it with my Queen and she agreed with me, that I needed to invest in some new gear. Which I did…… I swear, I was like a kid at Christmas walking into the shop to look for new gear. I had chatted with multiple divers about their gear and the owner of the shop who is probably the most versed dude you’ll ever meet when it comes to dive gear. I finally settled on a set up I liked. The owners gave me a heckva employee discount and I am now diving a brand spanking new rig. Only got 4 dives on it so far, but absolutely in love with it (and it’s purty). I had a picture of it on my phone but somehow managed to delete it…… so I’ll have to take another one of it on the boat. Kinda makes me mad…. the one I had was taken when it was brand spanking, never been dove, new……. oh well~~~ At my limit already…..

Good Night Y’all = = = = = = = = = = Thankx for stopping in~!



Busy, busy, busy………….

Sorry about missing these past couple of days……. had afternoon boats each day and I ‘needed‘ to be on them. Hell being an in demand photographer~~  😉   Afternoon boats put me back here around 5:00 and it’s 9:30 before I get done editing and putting pictures up and I am wiped by then…. so– sorry…… Been doing a lot of diving and snapping pictures, so I have lots to share with you. Today was one boat and I am already done with my pictures. Not waiting til the normal time to do this because I think I’m gonna run out to a local watering hole and buy a friend a drink to celebrate the Marine Corp birthday. All the other branches of the service don’t feel the need to make a big fuss over their beginning, but the Jar Heads feel the need to do it and I like this particular Marine – so I’m gonna go and show him a little respect, so just a blurb tonight to let you know I’m hanging in there……. More tomorrow (maybe)….. tomorrow is Veterans day and I might run down to Blues to hang out with Jim — I haven’t got to see him in a while and I could [probably] be late getting back from that…… 🙂  Enjoy the pictures…. I’ll get back to some sense of normalcy soon…. maybe.

(Vera – Some eel pictures below)

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Best laid plans………

Up at the crack of dawn with a headache and had to whizz to boot – so I just went ahead and got up and stayed up, did my bathroom stuff and then went and took a handful aspirin and started my day. Due to the cruise ship due in late, I didn’t need to be at the dock until 11:30, so I had a nice relaxed morning to get started. My Bride slept in a little bit before finally joining me around 08:00.  She had an appointment to get her car worked on and needed to be out the door by 9:00 – so after a couple of cups of coffee, I made her an egg sammich and got her on her way.

FB started blowing up that the cruise ship was being cancelled because of rough water at the dock – so finally the dive boat was cancelled and taken back around to to the marina. Ironically, the cruise ship finally made it in, but the water was much to ugly to try and get ‘newbie‘ divers into the water. I just feel bad for the people that were scheduled because I know how excited I got every time I scheduled something new. On top of that- most of the street vendors heard the boat was cancelled, so they packed up their stuff and went back to their shops or houses, so I can’t imagine there was a lot of stuff for the passengers to look at or do once they did get off the ship. I am not surprised at that fiasco.

My Bride finally made it back and after catching up on everything, we settled in for a movie. It was a mushy romance movie that she likes and I tolerate, simply because we couldn’t find any of the type of movies I like (that we haven’t already seen) I don’t remember the name of it, but if you seen one of those type movies – you’ve pretty much seen them all.

I have taken all my batteries off charge and will only need a bump charge in the morning. Right now, scheduled for the morning AND afternoon boats – so four dives. One of the people on the afternoon dive just pinged me to ask if I will be on the afternoon boat. I dove with him Friday and I suspicion he wants some more pictures. I saw where he has downloaded some already. I like it when people request that I am on the boat. The morning boat is supposed to be another load of cruise shippers, but not near as many people this time, which makes it a lot easier on me, but severely cuts down on the possible tips. And— that’s if the ship can make it in…… local intel says it may still be to rough again. We’ll see. For now, a beautiful sunset and 80° with lots of big ole clouds everywhere……..

Happy Birthday to My Girl Stephanie — hit the big 40 this year~!

Good Night Y’all * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!



Rain, rain go away…….

Interesting day yesterday….. rain, rain and then more rain…… Enough rain that the ATV tours got cancelled. With no tour to do and no electricity out at their house, Angie invited our island kids to our house for breakfast (and electricity). The eventually pulled up and hopped over the small river we had flowing down our driveway. My Queen whooped up a big ole batch of biscuits, gravy, sausage and bacon and boy-howdy was it tasty~! I think it may have even been a little better because it was piping hot and it was actually just a lit bit chilly here (well, okay island chilly….. it was in the low 70°’s) Everybody’s belly’s were full and we were chatting when everything shut off. Dammit Emmit, now we didn’t have any electricity. We continued to chat which passed the time much quicker and after an hour or so, everything sprang back to life. The kids were ready for a nap so they waded the now much bigger stream over to their vehicle and splashed their way down the driveway. Enjoying the electricity while we could, we settled in on the couch for some movies. First one was a good one – The Good Nurse. I’d give give it a strong 7 out of 10. Second movie was Back of the Net…. and it was so-so…a weak 6. Third movie was Mr. Harrigan’s Phone….. we both liked it and I’d give that one a sold 8. Stars Donald Sutherland and he did an excellent job. We wrapped our night up with a few more episodes of Hell’s Kitchen. We’re watching Season 12 again.

Up this morning after listening to rain most of the night. We had some more rain but finally cleared long enough to let the sun op out for a little bit. We had a small breakfast before taking off to pick up the neighbors Jeep at the mechanic for them. The grass finally got dry enough I suppose I could have maybe got a lawn mower across it – but my Bride said no and convinced me to sit and watch TV. We watched another movie – The Worlds Greatest Beer Run. Based on a true story and we both enjoyed it – would give it a solid 7. Then I tried again (in vain) to get the Colts game…….. Dammit Emmit~! (although after seeing the latest update, I would have been pretty disappointed if I did watch it) Still pi$$es me off I can’t get it here on this 3rd world little island. I have the Chargers and the Bucs playing in the back ground now but the [cable] picture quality is so crappy – it’s not worth looking over at it. I was supposed to go pick up the neighbors at the airport, but the air lines are playing their games now, so I’m waiting for a text to say they are on a plane. I think they did finally make it to Puerto Rico, so they’re close. I just hope it ain’t pouring rain by the time they get here as it looked to be clabbering up as the sun was setting.

Back in the water tomorrow for a bunch of first time Cruise ship folks. Always a busy and challenging dive. Rest of the week looks even busier with a couple of days maybe doing double boats.

Good Night Y’all > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!

The other reason we don’t go to KFC very often

Sticker Rachael got me

IMG_2665   <—- Video of our “river”

Our own little riverMy Parking spot~~




Back in the groove~~

Up way early this morning to answer “Ma Natures” call — I felt great and using 20/20 hind sight, should have staid up – but NOOoooo….. lets go on back to bed and waller around and wait until about 15 minutes before I was supposed to get up, to fall into a nice deep sleep so I feel like A$$ when I had to get up. Humans are some stupid pieces of work I tell ya. Up and at it – I got all my batteries loaded, camera loaded and everything put together. I made me a scrumptious breakfast and got my cooler of beer put together just before my Queen came stumbling out. I did get to have a coff of cuppee with her before I took off for the Marina. Traffic was almost reasonable and I got there plenty early. Gear all put together and ready to dive. A tad less crowded boat and there were several familiar faces on board as well as a couple of newbies. I introduced myself to the newbies and went through my spiel about my pictures. Less than desirable weather today and [the very rare] absolutely zero sunshine, but viz wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and the underwater critters were cooperative, so all in all – two pretty decent dives~!

Back here at the house, my Queen had drinks waiting and wrapped it up with some wonderfully delicious Spaghetti for dinner. Belly full, already had my shower and looking forward to settling in on the couch for some [probably] more Hells Kitchen. Taking the weekend off and gearing up for a very busy week with lots of cruise ship guests. Gonna quit here. Could talk about how and why cruise ship guests are a handful, but just not in that mood.

Good Night Y’all > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!




Well I’m fairly sure I clicked on something I probably shouldn’t have is why my update on this took so long last night, but one way or the other I got it figured out. Fun morning of diving yesterday and boy-howdy was it good to good back in that water~! I was a little concerned about my chest not being cleared out enough for diving, but I didn’t have any issues and even though we had less than stellar visibility, it was wonderful to be back down there. Had lots of fun critters to see and photograph and my strobes were on point, hardly any backscatter to contend with. On that note, during my brief hiatus from the water, I updated my Windows on my laptop. I did not think about my editing tool when I did it and was dismayed to find out the new Windows 11 editing tool is no where near as good as Windows 10 was. Dammit Emmit~! However…… during my stay with my Honeybear, she convinced me I needed to get Photoshop. I got it and Lite Room but admittedly did not do much with them when I had the chance. Well sir….. yesterday, I didn’t have much of an option…. new underwater pictures and while they were admittedly some of the best pictures I have ever taken (as far as strobe placement) — they still needed touched up and my new Windows editor wasn’t going to do it. Dammit Emmit. So I settled in and after a couple of hours was using at least part of it [Photoshop]. I had to go back and forth between the two editing systems, but I got done what I needed done. Again today as well and it went much quicker after learning a valuable lesson yesterday. When you have that kind of editing power, you can eat up a bunch of time on one pictures if you’re not really careful~! So keeping that in the front of my mind, today’s editing was much faster. On my next day off, I’m going to have to sit down and watch a bunch of tutorials on how to use the rest of it. Not really what I want to do – but it looks like I will be able to make my pictures even better~!

Today was another good day diving, with lots and lots of friendly sharks. Friendly enough I even had one wind up between my legs while I was pushing another away from me with my camera. That was my queue to get the hell outta Dodge~! My only regret, is I didn’t have my video running for that little episode. My last sharky video got well over a thousand views….. I’m sure this one would have done just as well. Oh well– live and learn~! Back on the boat again tomorrow and what looks to be an extremely busy week next week with lots of cruise ships coming in and an IDC (Instructor Development Course) going on at the same time. I think I’m gonna be pulled into the IDC course this year for pictures while it’s going on. Always a fun and physically challenging event.

Good Night Y’all * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

(Pictures from yesterday)