WOW~~ That was quick~!

After a night of slumber (and that is using the term loosely) I rolled out to a very warm, breezeless morning.  It was the same way when we went to bed last night and for the first time this year……. we turned on the A/C – yeppers folks, it’s starting to get toasty here on our gorgeous little Caribbean island……. I LOVE sleeping with the A/C on here (other than what it costs us to fire it up – but the room is blacked out (closing all the shutters), the temperature is perfect and the A/C creates just enough ‘white noise’ for some dandy sleeping~! Unless of course your Queen is up a dozen or so times during the course of the night with some of her own issues, so I respectfully am awake to ensure everything is okay with her. Once I’m sure she is okay – I drift back off to sleep until the next occurrence. Besides the obvious, I hate when she has those night’s because I know she is not getting any rest. As a rule, neither am I.

Up and moving a couple of minutes before my alarm…. I got my morning stuff out of the way, batteries all bump charged, the truck loaded up and a small bite to eat before my Bride come staggering out. I was really hoping she would sleep in a little while and make up for some of the lost sleep…… but out she came, 20 minutes before I had to go. Too hard headed to take a nap today – I’m hoping she sleeps well tonight. We both could use it.

Fairly easy day on the [smaller crowd] boat today….. got to chase sharks for a little bit and had a good time with the folks on the boat….. scarring the the bejeezus out of them sneaking up for pictures. I did not realize it until I got back here and was filling out my dive log — but my second dive of the day, was my 100th dive of the year….! At this pace (and I didn’t really get started until mid-March — I will make roughly 300 dives, this year……….! I love it~!

Tomorrow  will probably be a repeat of today – with maybe an afternoon boat in the mix — my Bride has started working a full day at Blues now on her Wednesday’s so I’m left to my own devices for the day…… we’ll see what I can get into for the day~~~  😉

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A new week….. more stuff to do~~

Up much earlier than I would like this morning… but Ma-Nature was beckoning and my bride stumbling around combined to make enough effort for me to roll on out of bed and get my day started. Bathroom duty finished, I settled in to catch up on world news (jeeez what mess) before moving onto the the most truly FUBAR’d world of FB (an even bigger mess). My Queen made us a right tasty breakfast as I let the first half of the day slip by mindlessly……. I finally had to gather up myself and some paperwork and take off for mid-island where I wound up facing the most tedious, mind numbing horse-shi  stuff that I have dealt with in quite a while…. stupid, mind numbing and boring enough….. I’m not even gonna try to waste your time with it but but geeeeeeez Louise what a mess~!

Finally back at the house….. I settled into the couch for a movie…. Sniper: Ghost Shooter…… not great, but not bad. From there went into Yes Day-— a mostly funny yet entertaining show about parenthood. If you’re a parent and have not seen it yet – I strongly recommend it. Interrupted by our neighbors coming home, drinks were made and we discussed lots of topics. Sadly, the one that affected me the most, was my dive computer died and could not be repaired for what I would consider a reasonable price. So- I need a new dive computer…… JUST so happens…. neighbor [who owns a dive shop and is letting me borrow a ‘nice’ one] has some for sale in his shop. Dammit Emmit~! JUST replaced my dive light (my fault) and not damned if I don’t need another computer…… lots of what if’s, but can I, what if I, can I do this……. kind of conversations….. but the bottom line is I need another dive computer (they are a truly handy thing to have). I told him I would stop by after tomorrows dives and we would discuss………….. he had an semi-evil smile on his face when they left…… LOL   😉

Early this afternoon I got an offer from a friend who used to Dive Master and teach for the dive shop I currently dive for — she is working a charter boat now here on the island and they need some pictures for their FB page……. so looks like I get a couple of free dives, plus tanks) and a nice fun afternoon on the charter in exchange for some pictures this weekend. I like where this is going~! For now though – diving the next 4 days in a row…. so ready for a shower and some rest…… hopefully a little sleep with it.

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A GREAT day of diving — and Dolphins~!

First dive site today was a favorite that I only get to dive a couple of times a year because weather and water conditions have to be perfect. This morning they were and we got to dive Vertigo~! The ‘Good’ part of the dive starts at about 110’….. of course a decent law abiding diver would never go beyond the recreational depth of 130’…. so you have to be careful when making this dive….. but when your are ‘careful’ it is a very rewarding dive…… sadly, my camera did not react like I thought it would at those depths and pictures [savable] were few and far between. Because of the depth, you can’t stay there very long….. but is sure is something to see when you’re down there~!

Second dive was a lot less deep – and visibility dropped off as the dive wore on, but there were some [unfriendly] sharks and just lots of beautiful corals to look at. A really good group of divers made the dive just that much more enjoyable. Stopped by the dive shop on the way home and picked up a new dive light. No two ways about it – the last one “died” at my hands, using it to strike the tray that camera sits on (trying to replicate the sound of a spear hitting a rock) to draw the sharks in….. a mildly expensive lesson to learn – but I’m sure even Jacques Cousteau had to start somewhere…….   😉

Back here after a very cold Budweiser or two 😉 My bride has fed me…. I actually took a bit of a nap….. oh okay – maybe more than a couple of Budweiser’s. A little bit of Vodka in there as well……. feeling fit as a fiddle and ready for a shower now…. some pix from today. I put a fun video up today (on FB) from some surprise visitors (Dolphins) way to big to put on here….. check it out~! Taking the day off again tomorrow and then probably diving everyday the rest of the week. Little Sis and company comes in toward the end of next week and I need to build up enough “time off” to be able to hang out with them…… can’t wait for that~!! SO excited~!!!!!

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A truly relaxing day off…….

Slept in again a teeny tiny bit after a modest nights sleep…… I offered ‘to cook’ breakfast this morning and my Queen took me up on it. I ran into town to Polly’s for our standard ordered out breakfast. That done and bellies full… we each settled into our morning modes. I spent the first 3 hours or so on line…. FB, world news, I looked into getting my bride signed up for Medicare (that is coming soon) and chatted with the Cynthia about our next scheduled bout of running the ATV business while they head back to the states once again……….. Finally tired of looking at the computer screen – I moved to the couch for some boob tube viewing. Watched the movie Saving Private Ryan. Odd that we hadn’t seen it yet – but very well done and found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable movie. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet~! Followed that up with a short movie about the first guy to make a jump from space in a space suit. That was interesting but filled with a lot of BS mellow-dramatic sequences, I’m sure done trying to make it more interesting….. something any skydiver worth their salt would notice. It was called 14 Minutes from Earth. Lot of neat footage if you want to watch it. That was it – no dishes, no mowing the yard…. nothing….. a truly relaxing day off~!

I’m diving tomorrow as one of the Dive Masters has a bunch of friends coming into the island – and he would like some pictures of him and them doing their thing underwater……. as you know – I don’t normally ‘do’ weekend dives – but this should be a good fun group to dive with and it’ll give me a chance to work on my underwater pictures~! So short read for you tonight as I want to get a shower and head back to the couch.

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The Difference a day makes………

Amazing the difference in one little ole day out on that big body of water. First dive was the same one we went to on Wednesday…. and it was a whole other site. Wednesday easily had 100+’ visibility….. today…. 40′ at best, which makes it really tough to get any kind of decent picture quality. A fun group of folks – a lot of the same ones from Wednesday…. so they were a lot more comfortable with me swimming up to them and lifting my camera up into their face….. finally done there…. up and on to the next site.  Had a young lady approach me and asked a whole lot of good questions about underwater photography. I answered each question the best I could and like to think she was happy with the conversation~~

Second dive site – visibility was considerably better, but not a lot of big creatures to photograph – so I improvised. I hope you like my improv~~ Really about it….. came back and started editing pictures. My Bride was gone and a text said she was on the beach with her childhood friend that is here visiting. They all wound up coming back here and having a couple of drinks and chatting for a bit before retreating back to their Catamaran Sail boat. We are doing left overs for dinner so it is a hodgepodge… but tasty and filling. I had a couple of pieces of KFC and a double quarter pounder…… both losing a lot in the reheating stage. I am taking the day off tomorrow – in anticipation of a really busy week next week. Will probably dive almost every day because Little Sis is supposed to come in with friends the following week – and I want to make sure I don’t have to work while they’re here…………….. Sure will be nice to see family~! [and their friends]

Happy Birthday Brother-in-Law Daniel~!!!

See my entire gallery at:

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A day on the island…..

Actually slept in a teeny tiny bit this morning after a mediocre nights sleep. Got up and settled in at the table for a fairly relaxing start to my day. A wonderfully delicious light breakfast and I was soon out the door tending to some odds and ends that I have let go since my recent employ. Nothing noteworthy, just time consuming crap and driving around getting agitated with folks that don’t know how to drive. Running all done – back at the house by 1:00~ish…… spent a couple of minutes going through a whole butt-load of mail… thankfully mostly crap mail… a bill or two and a new Readers Digest…… mail sorted – and even though I was not in the mood – I put on my comfy shorts and some shoes and went out to tackle the lawn…… Haven’t touched it in about 3 weeks….. and it still looked halfway decent – but the random stranglers were starting to grow together creating a fairly ratty looking environment. So I went out and fired up the lawn mower and for the next hour, stirred up a LOT of dust and leveled out the grass in the yard. We are getting DRY here…. the grass is now crunchy, except in the spots where I rinse my dive gear (lookin’ really good right there). Thought I was done – but had just enough stragglers, I felt compelled to break out the weed eater and do some trimming there too. Another 20 minutes or so with it and I was done….. dusty as get out…. but done. Looked like I just came back from an ATV tour. We need some rain…… bad enough with the crunchy grass, the dust and all….. but soon we are going to run out of water in our cistern….. which means we will have to start buying it. Dammit Emmit~! Definitely don’t want to have to do that because it is almost expensive as our electricity. Almost. So we all are collectively keeping our fingers crossed for some rain……

Spent the rest of the afternoon at the computer with a fan blowing on me….. Summer is about here and it is starting to get toasty warm here. Last dive the water temperature had gone up a degree according to my new dive computer (loaner)…..on that note- My new vest showed for diving, to help keep me warm~~ Which is about par for the course now that the water is warming back up. Oh well- I’ll have it ready for next year~! Really about it…… typical island day. My Bride has dinner going…. stuffed green peppers and probably corn or green stuff. Some pictures left over from yesterday…..

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Beautiful, beautiful water~~~

Crawled into bed with a full tummy last night after being out with Angie’s friends….. even though I didn’t think I slept very good – morning rolled around awfully quick – so maybe I did better than I thought…… sure didn’t feel like it, but got up and got started for a day of picture taking….. got my gear loaded into the truck- made sure all of my batteries were charged up and got my camera stuff loaded – then went in and made me a small breakfast in anticipation of a busy day swimming. I didn’t miss that call by much. Loaded and out onto a Sea that looked more like a lake than a small ocean……visibility was amazing~!! Well over 100’~! Just the way I like it. First dive site was a favorite….beautiful topography and usually has cooperative sharks….. but not today  🙁  The reef life was beautiful as ever though~! Folks on the dive were a little camera shy, but Jeff talked to them in between dives and Lord have Mercy….. that second dive I had them all over me. It’s all good though……… I liked it. Being at Emerald Gardens I should have expected it though as that is the home of Sea Biscuit…. the big Carousel horse mounted to the ocean floor. Also had a big pretty Hawksbill turtle that was hamming it up for my camera…. even took some video of him. One couple on the boat had their Mother with them…. I’m guesstimating she was in her late 60’s early 70’s maybe. Bless her heart- she struggled a little bit moving around the boat with her gear….. but underwater she swam just as good as everyone (better than some) Her Son was talking to me on the boat after the last dive— I had asked him if he saw the big turtle…. he said he didn’t but hoped his Mom did…..” I’d give a $1000 for a good picture of his Mom with a turtle”…. course….. he said that after I mentioned I do not charge anything for my pictures….. sure would like to see the look on his face when he sees this:

That is is wife and Mom……..!! Sure would be nice if he coughed up part of that grand as a tip~~ 😉  I’m joking and serious….. but it makes me happy to be able to get these kind of shots for people….. I just need to refine my pictures a little bit more….. where I’m ‘more happy’ with them. Granted…. even I will admit to myself I’m starting to turn out some pretty decent underwater photo’s…. but I’m still not where I want to be…… all in due time~~~

Well,  my Queen is finally home (and brought Mickey D’s~!) we’re drinking,  aggravating the hell out of each other and just having a good time in general. Been a whacked couple of days……. tomorrow is a down day for me….. gonna try and get the lawn leveled out…… maybe….. kinda….. then back in the water Friday and probably the weekend….. again, we’ll see.  Damn retired people……………..

Everybody into the pool~! (This is “Mom”)

Sargassum seed weed making another ugly appearance this year 🙁

Juvenile Lion fish…. this little dude is not as big as my computer mouse…….

Anemone – couldn’t figure out which shot I liked best…. this or the next one……..
So I kept them both~!

Sea Fan


A day off ?

Up a hellva lot earlier than I wanted this morning after not getting in bed until well after Midnight….. but things come up and obligations to meet have you doing things you sometimes don’t want to do……. My Queen did manage to get a nice breakfast in us before we both took off to tend to our day. Kids still had the truck, so I had to go round that up – picked up half of My Brides friends and drove him around half of the island picking up odds and ends they needed, before meeting back up at the house with Angie and his wife, who were both out doing the same basic thing we were. We had a couple of four drinks before running in and picking up one of the island kids [that needed the truck again] – after the truck left – we all climbed into the convertible and ran “into town” for a bite to eat. Angie’s friends treated us to dinner as a thank you for all the running. We watched a beautiful sunset while we filled our bellies with good food and more drinks.

Finally dropped them off at the pier so they could dingy back out to their boat that is moored in the harbor and came home. My truck is back, all the fans are going (it’s HOT in here) and things have about settled back into our comfy little routine. Stephie called to chat for a couple of minutes and now here I am….. I am diving in the morning off the North Shore and really looking forward to that~! Plus – I’ll be able to get you some fun underwater pictures…. as this dive has no specific agenda…. so I get to ‘play’ a little bit……. I think. A little bit short – but I’m gonna leave it with you right here…… here is some pictures from tonight and 5 years ago… enjoy.

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I THINK I’m getting to old for this……..

I hate that expression – I really do… but kinda had to bow down to it today. What I thought was going to be a normal 2 tank dive and then chase a family around the pier while they snorkeled……. turns out the boat was the snorkel trip, which included some site seeing and some more snorkeling. I had already run a dozen scenarios through my tired old brain on how I could come up with some unique shots of snorkelers that I thought would “wow” my employer….. a little tougher assignment than I initially thought. But I loaded onto the boat, got my gear assembled and started working on my camera. I had about 8 teenagers on the boat that I was charged with photographing while they snorkeled. Dang but them little beggars swim fast~! Luckily I didn’t have to try and conserve air – so I could huff and puff as much as I needed chasing them little beggars. I discovered the afternoon sun this time of year is a bugger to shoot into… but I adapted and managed to pull off some shots I think “the boss” will be thrilled with……….. finally done – I pinged my bride for a ride (she had my truck picking the ‘kids‘ up and turns out they had their own set of challenges….. lost luggage and all)…… Readers Digest condensed version….. kids JUST now got their luggage and back at the house (10:00pm) after landing at 2:00 this afternoon.

Fast forward to our house – My Queen went and picked up a child hood friend of hers that her and her husband were here visiting our little island while doing some sailing on a newly purchased sail boat. She brought them to the house, we got some Pizza Gusto and had a marvelous 3+ hours of munching on pizza, drinking and discussing whatever came up in conversation.  They eventually was ready for some rest – so my Bride ran them into town to get them  on their way back to their boat while I started editing pictures. Sorry, but not a lot [actually none] of fun, pretty underwater shots today — but I think you may still get a kick out of some of these pictures……… I’m taking tomorrow off to run new found friends around the island [I think] if they need it……. resuming getting back in  the water on Wednesday……… right now – I severely need a shower and some sleep. LOTS of booze – sufficient amount of pizza to keep my belly quiet for a little bit……. yeppers – should be some decent sleeping tonight~!

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My Honeybear and my ‘Mini-Jeni’……LOVE these faces~~ <3

Nuthin’  but trouble~~~

Sandy Point – where the final scene of Shashank Redemption was filmed~!


Lazy, lazy Sunday…….

Tried to sleep in a little bit this morning – even after staying up a little later (10:30pm- Oh my~!) but it wasn’t in the cards. To many things working against it I think, I was still a little hungry, I was still a lot of sore, I had about 4 dozen things running through my brain and just could not get it to shut down. Then we had the standard chorus of frogs going full tilt – a neighborhood dog that is fixin’ to get his as…. butt shot if he don’t quit barking through the night and the occasional cat fight breaking out. Luckily, the drunk neighbor who gets dropped off at night is having someone new bring him home now instead of the fat chick with the back alarm on her van (you can’t make this stuff up). Besides, she apparently can’t back up very well in the dark, so a normal 10 second back up takes a minute or two. Also growing partial to the folks who come out to pick him back up, to take him back into town, that pull up and lay on the horn to wake him up so he can stagger out to the car and go back into town again. Quite the little routine that old dude has going there……but I digress…… Up by 06:00 just because… I couldn’t get comfortable, arms and legs would fall asleep because of laying on them wrong….. HMmmm… maybe I need to find out a way to fall asleep wrong on my head…..

Up, coffee’d, read the news…. had a bite to eat and pretty much spent the day here at the computer. I ordered me a couple of pair of lounging shorts, as I am down to one pair…. checked out my ‘loaner’ dive computer (mine malfunctioned remember? and I had to send it in) so dive shop gave me a loaner to use since I will resume diving tomorrow. Boss had already pinged me for specific shoots tomorrow. She wants me on the afternoon boat and then do a family snorkeling event at the pier. Oh Boy~~ I’ve tried to explain to her that once you take about a half a dozen shots of people snorkeling…. you’re pretty much done because they all pretty much look the same after that…. but…. that’s what the boss wants, so I will do my level best to just impress the hel heck out of her~!

Other than run in town and pick up our breakfast from Polly’s and later, run several bags of garbage out to the dump and stopped and picked up a couple of things at the store for my Queen – I didn’t do a friggin’ thing today….. and it felt really good~! The “kids” flight has been postponed multiple times so far — and as of right now they are now scheduled to come in around 9:15 ish our time…. so I’ll be late getting to bed after picking them up. Good thing I’m diving in the afternoon tomorrow~!

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Almost all of the women in my life……..