Ready to sail…. minus sausage~~

Up a hellva lot earlier this morning than I planned after not getting to sleep until 01:30 this morning. Woke a LOT earlier than I planned but very happily with almost zero aches and pains. I didn’t get a lot of sleep, but what I got was some of that ‘good’ sleep. Took it pretty easy today, sprucing the place up a bit and starting packing plans for our trip. Errands and odds and ends out of the way – we went up to Blues for a “couple” of drinks and to bid adieu for the next week…….. what a wonderful, wonderful bunch of folks that hang out at that place. We left after last call and I had a hankering for some Mickey D’s – so we headed down to the local place……. good Lord almighty what a cluster f**k……… 8 minutes just to get to the speaker to place our order and then 18 minutes to the pickup window (that is actually fairly quick for this location).  Course we didn’t find out about the order being mostly wrong until after we got back here…. I’m not gonna go into the details but ~!@#$%^&*IOP{POIU&Y^%$#@Q what an experience~! I lit them up on their survey web site – course, I usually do, but it doesn’t change anything….. still makes me feel a [[little]] bit better when I b*tch about it though……….

I wanted to get you a paragraph or two tonight and a couple of pictures I snapped while sitting up at Blues……. want to make sure you know – we take off tomorrow morning for a 7 day sail boat cruise around the British Virgin Islands and there is an above average chance, I will probably not have enough signal to get a phone call let alone be able to post anything on here. My plan is to take my lap top and do a blog each night (if I’m sober enough) on a word document – then copy and paste it when I get back to internet capability…… so please don’t give up on me….  We are going to be living aboard a 42′ catamaran sailboat sailing ( ) around some of the most gorgeous waters on the planet…… rest assured – I’m going to have a LOT of pictures by the time we get back to share with you……… So thankx for stopping in tonight and look forward to pictures that will almost guarantee to make you hate me when you look at them…….   😉

Good Night Ya’ll ……… Smooth sailing [hopefully]…. I’ll see you in a week or so~~

Guy and his drone
Tim and Spirit
Blues crowd (Dave on the left)
My Queen
Edward…Edwardo, Eddy
Manning the bar
Sarah and Lisa
Sarah, Lisa and Becky
James – Jimbo – Jim
Guy, the man, the myth…. the Jarhead
Guy and ‘Coop’
Gail and Becky

Valentines day at Blues

Much to tired and much to late to ramble on for very long folks…… been a long brutal night for the old fat boy. Once we had the yard set up for the Valentines day special, my bride worked taking care of the diners, while I bar backed for Tim…… and it was a workout. Three and a half hours non-stop of stocking beer coolers and running to the supply room for needed items. Not even one smoke break in that time span…… just to give you an idea of how busy I stayed……. so for now – I’m gonna put up some pictures and then hit the showers. I’ll be putting up some more tomorrow, probably early as the plan is to hit a ‘Sausage Festival’ tomorrow evening. Can’t get real torn up tomorrow (well, I can, just don’t plan on it because of traveling Sunday) but probably won’t get anything up in the evening, so look for it earlier in the day.

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Workin’ at Blues….

Up and about after a reasonably decent night…. we both went ‘downtown’ for a hair appointment. My Queen was having her usual stuff done and I needed trimmed up as my hair [both of them] was getting out of control. I sat patiently as Gail put in roughly a half a box of aluminum foil onto my Queens cranium while ‘painting’ it with what looked like what can only be described as wall paper glue. That concoction had to sit for 20 minutes or so, which was about the perfect amount of time needed to get my wild and untamed locks whipped back into submission. As soon as Gail was done with me…. I moseyed off in search of a beer and a burger, as I was starving at that point. I was told it would be about 40 minutes or so before Angie was done….. So I waited 90 minutes before going to search for my bride. ( I had more than one beer)  😉 She was just finishing up as I walked back into the salon. I gathered her up and headed back to the condo to get cleaned up and ready to head up to Blues.

They had what I believe to be a record crowd up there tonight…. guesstimating 125+ people or so. Kept the bar hopping, but kept the food staff hopping even more so…… more eaters than drinkers tonight. Blues normally shuts down at 8:00 pm on Thursdays, but we didn’t get out of there until well after 9:10…… and my knees and back are telling me about it. Back here, I have already popped 3 Anacin and ready for a shower and some sleep…… so I’m gonna quit right here.

Another night up at Blues tomorrow for Valentines….. will be more server type stuff tomorrow night….. I’ll celebrate Valentines with my Queen later….. for now…

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!

Captain D getting them off of the boat.
My view bobbing around waiting on everybody.
Dive Master Jeff comin’ in~!
Stove Pipe sponges.
Lion Fish.

I had CRABBS……

Enjoying a long peaceful day yesterday, taking it easy from a fun night the night before up at Blues. Just about the time I would have started thinking about writing my Blog, my bride reminded me that we had a dive club meeting (CRABBS) to go to. Dammit Emmit – not sure how I managed to forget about that – but I did, so I had to scramble to get paperwork I needed printed out and get cleaned up and ready to head out. A nice turn out and the meeting went a little long. I hung out afterward chatting with some friends and wound up getting just a little bit snockered…… so by the time I got home all I wanted to do was crash….. I jumped on FB to post pictures on the clubs FB page and then promptly fell into bed….. so, sorry about that, but you’ll have that ever now and again.

Today was kind of a repeat of yesterday, except I did get out to run laundry up. We haven’t had it done in quite a while, and we needed clean drawers and such to get ready for our up coming trip…… so I came back and had a bite to eat while we watched a whole bunch of our newest series. Scandal – recommended by my # 1 fan Vera — It could have a little more action in it – but we both like it now and get more and more into with each episode. We are just about to wrap up season # 2 now.

I eventually got up and ran up to pick up laundry, came back and we put everything away before settling down to some smashed taters, green beans and Salisbury steaks…. man I love them things~! Figured I better get on here and sound off a little bit. Might miss the next couple of nights, as we will be working up at Blues for Valentines and some more of Mama’s Black Sheep….. so better get a word in when I can. I’ll do my best to try and get something up here for you though~~~

Good Night Ya’ll > > > > > > > > > > > > > >  Thankx for stopping ~!

Queen Angel Fish
Squirrel Fish (big one) and Smooth Trunk Fish

What a [uncooperative] Monday……

Up a touch earlier than I wanted to, but had to get morning stuff out of the way…. to be ready for a day of diving. Looking off our patio said that it would be a bouncy ride to our dive spot and a little bit of a challenge to get back on the boat once you were off of it. Getting off of the boat is always a LOT easier than getting back on it….. especially in big waves….. but I happily bailed from the back of the boat into a dive spot I have not been before. Always a fun dive when you’re diving somewhere new. Dropped directly onto a couple of sharks that provided some very fun entertainment. While the rest of the group went about their merry way – I hung out for some pictures and to see just how close I could get to them. I did manage a couple of decent pictures and one fun little video. I tried to keep it short enough I could post it on here……… Second dive was an old favorite…. it held a couple of [uncooperative] sharks and one big [uncooperative] sting ray, but still gorgeous and fun to watch. Safely back on the boat, even though the day went a little long…. soon back to shore, a couple of ice cold Budweiser’s,  a Marlboro or two and I headed back to my  Bride.

Got my pictures uploaded, and a shower and we decided we needed to head up to Blues. We sat out most of last week and we needed our ‘fix’. It was 3:30 and I was starvin’ by then as I foolishly skipped out on something to eat before I went diving. A drink or 3 and I ordered me a big ole burger with pickle and onion…… I got it and inhaled about ¾ of it before offering up a bite to my Queen, who quite fort righteously inhaled the remainder of it…….. Dammit Emmit…. it was only supposed to be a bite~! Oh well Mach Nix…… I can make me a sammich when I get home…… little did I know that would be another 2+ hours or so. Lots of fun conversation before Tim finally bellowed out last call…….. I loaded up my Queen, back at our abode… and a quick turkey and ham sammich in me….. Here I sit chatting with you all. I got lots of fun pictures for you today and will put them up over the next several days…………

Good Night Ya’ll : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Thankx for stopping in~!





Nuthin’ for ya tonight….. only thing slower than today was, is our internet right now…. I almost couldn’t get logged on here tonight. Only perk to that is I don’t have any new pictures for you….. it’s a perk cause I probably couldn’t get them to load anyway. I do have a couple of dives scheduled for in the morning, so at the very least I should have a bunch of new pictures for you.

Good Night Ya’ll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thankx for stopping in~!


Just pix —

Another ‘island day’…… breakfast, TV…. we finished Mind Hunters….. only 2 seasons but a worthwhile watch. Watched a new movie called the Highway Men…. fun story based loosely on the folks who brought down Bonnie & Clyde, starring Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson. Not bad, not great. Nothing planned for tomorrow as far as I know. Do have a couple of dives scheduled now for Monday morning……….that’s about it~~

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – –  Thankx for stopping in~!




Slept in a bit, not having to deal with a meatballs and vodka filled stomach this morning……. other than a phone call from the states to contend with, not a hellva lot accomplished today….. watching the sun, sand, surf and an occasional passing rain shower. We also started a new series – Mind Hunter. Based on FBI studies on what we know today as serial killers. So far, pretty well done and entertaining. Only 2 season’s long, but I find the subject matter fascinating and it plays some pretty decent music during the show – as most of it [so far] takes place in the late 70’s.  So – Just another day on the island……..

Good Night Ya’ll < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < Thankx for stopping in~!

Working on my exit shots
Dive Master Anna going over the side
Captain Jeff
Everybody going over the wall
Nurse Shark
Caribbean Reef shark

Nice and easy…. and meatballs

Up a little earlier than I would have liked to this morning due to an urgent call of nature….. so I stayed up and enjoyed the quiet until my bride came stumbling out. Took it easy most of the day – battling a minor episode of what I believe to be those 2 big meatball subs I had last night. While the sauce he uses is not spicy – it is very tomato(ey) and I believe that was the source of the ‘episode’….. course – a pretty hefty dose of Vodka on top of it probably didn’t help it any  😉

Rest of the day was breakfast and Dexter….. we finally finished that series – I have to say it had one of the stupidest endings I have ever seen to a series. Rest of the time was looking for a new series (still am). We did watch one movie called First Kill. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good. Apparently, the shark video’s I was talking about last night was bigger than I thought because I couldn’t get them to load on FB either. I even tried again this morning…. course, it could be this mickey mouse internet we have here also……. I’ll keep trying because they are pretty awesome videos~! And that’s about it for today……………

Good Night Ya’ll %% % % % % % % % % % % Thankx for stopping in~!

My view from below
Waay to crowded up there~~.
Lion Fish hunter
Caribbean Reef shark.
Lots and lots of Squirrel fish
Trunk fish
Banded Butterfly fish.
More sharks~!.
Up close and personal.
Spotted Eel.

Sharks and Blues~~~

Up before my alarm early enough to get my morning stuff out of the way…. not to be confused with my evening stuff which you all are a part of.  🙂  Headed out for Salt River for a couple of dives…….MmMmMmmmm good stuff. First dive site was Salt River East…… visibility left a lot to be desired but at one point I wound up with 5 – count ’em 5 sharks circling me~!! I even had one bounce off of my fins, which made for an abrupt change in my direction….. but OH MY how wonderful. I did managed to suck up about a ¼ tank of air in the process though. That gets the ole heart rate up there, let me tell you~! Lots of other fun stuff on the dive – but nothing came close to the shark encounter~!  Second dive was Salt River West – and while it was a gorgeous dive with it’s own set of sharks – it could not touch the first dive. WOW~! Hung around after we got back to the dock and enjoyed a couple of ice cold Budweiser’s and a couple of cigarettes before loading up and heading back to my Queen. She – had been grocery shopping while I was out playing under the waves. Both back about the same time…… drinks seemed appropriate, so we commenced……… that led into heading up to Blues for a bite to eat and some liquid refreshment. As per usual – there was a dang site more liquid refreshment than chow – although I did manage to knock out 2 massive meatball subs and we stayed and chatted and drank. The place had a presentable band, the place was hopping and filled with mostly local regulars. A very satisfying evening. Finally at my limit – I coaxed my bride into the truck and headed back here…….. all settled in for the evening — I’m gonna put up some pix from today. I’d like to say we’re gonna sit and knock out a couple of episodes of Dexter – but right now all I want to do is lay down……. so – I hope you enjoy the pictures…. and I’ll catch ya tomorrow. (Look for a couple of fun videos on FB-too big to get on here).

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!