It was a good idea at the time………..

Up a half hour before the alarm this morning after taking what seemed like half the night to get to sleep….. dammit Emmit……. Got up once to see what ‘all the light’ was about filling our living room, only to discover we had a very bright, gorgeous, full moon that was causing it. I went ahead and made a lap around the house looking out the windows just to ensure there weren’t any ne’er do wells lurking about…. finding the grounds secure….. I went on back to bed and laid there and “chewed my self out” for not completing that first swim yesterday like I should have……. so I’m gonna do it again….. except I’m going in with an entirely different strategy. I’m going to hate myself forever if I don’t and we just can’t have that now can we ?? I digress…… got up, woke up, got my Queen fed a good hot breakfast and got her on her way to her long day at Blues. I had to leave shortly behind her and in short order was gone as well. I pulled into ‘Eddie’s’ well before my appointed time (traffic wasn’t near as vicious as I was expecting) but happily they took me right in. Said it would be about 2 hours….. yup was expecting that…. so they came around and got my truck while I pulled up a piece of shade and made myself comfortable watching traffic go by.  It hadn’t been 20 minutes when my truck backed around to where I was at. The driver through a very heavy Puerto Rican accent said that my windshield was cracked. Yes sir… that’s why I’m here….. No Senor’…. your new windshield is cracked….. Dammit Emmit~!! That thoroughly confused him…. he just handed me my keys and walked back around the building……. The young lady inside breathed almost as big of a sigh as I did….. and in a nutshell said we’ll have you a new windshield next week. We’ll let you know when it’s in……

I left  and stopped in at the Home Depot to pick up my order and a few other ‘odds and ends’……. got to admit… the cost of odds and ends is really getting up there. Anyhow, had an amazingly decent experience picking up my online order and in fairly short order was on my way….. I spent the rest of my day, making and inhaling a delicious breakfast, playing with my new camera, unloading the truck, doing dishes, hauling a boatload of … well, actually a truck load of empty boxes, to the dump, doing dishes and uploading some new galleries for a customer request. Nothing strenuous, but kept me mucho busy. My bride is now home and I am plying her us with drinks as I watch a gorgeous sun set…. I have a boat full of divers to take pictures of tomorrow and then a Boat Safety course in the afternoon. I did it last year- but was just taking pictures. This year, as Staff, I am participating….. and maybe taking pictures  😉 Either way – I’m probably gonna be late getting back….. so not sure if there will be a blog or not.

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Can you believe it’s been a year I did this ??

Can you believe it’s been a year I did this ??

Stove Pipe sponges
Nurse shark

Gray Angel Fish
File fish
Peacock Flounder
Peacock Flounder

Green Moray Eel (my favorite)

Big Eye Squirrel & Four Eyed Butterfly fish
Fan Coral

Lion Fish

Sting Ray

Swimming….. and then some.

Managed an ever so slight sleeping in this morning…..can’t get to used to it though as I have to start getting up in the morning before I probably want to. Also will have to stop laying on the couch at Midnight watching Seinfeld episodes…. Even though there is actually going to be a boat tomorrow, I have already made an appointment to get the wind shield in my truck replaced. I think I’ve mentioned it and the fact I have been trying to get this done since long before Christmas….. but I finally have my wind shield and an appointment to get it put in…. tomorrow morning~! I got to tell you….. I am absolutely dreading it….. call it a hunch…. call it dealing with this type of situation for the last 4 years…. call it what you want…… I am absolutely friggin’ dreading it~! Cross your fingers for me and I’ll hope against hope I am wrong.

I woke up to a text this morning from one of the Instructors from the shop saying he was going to be working with another Divemaster candidate and wanted to know if I wanted to join in to get some of my stuff done. It took some schedule shuffling – but I did manage to join them. First thing on the agenda….. swimming. LOTS of it. Did I say LOTS of it….. I meant LOTS of it. First one was the one I was dreading most…… 400 meter swim…. timed. No mask, snorkel or fins. Dammit Emmit~! When you do not have hardly any cartilage left in a rotator cuff, swimming becomes a real challenge. We were allowed to swim using any method we wanted as long as you didn’t stop and made it back to the starting point. I didn’t do so good….. matter of fact…. I sucked…. horribly…… I tried everything I knew and was holding my own until the wind picked up and I got into a current. DAMMIT Emmit. I gave it my all…… I didn’t drown, which is about all I can say for that particular test. I scored a zero on it.   🙁  Thankfully the passing needed for the test is an accumulation of scores of multiple tests/events. Next one was a 800 meter swim with mask, fins and snorkel but you are not allowed to use your arms [no worries there]. My legs have always been my strongest part of me (years of packing bundles of shingles up ladders) and haven’t given out on me [yet]. After a brief rest…. I donned my gear and away I went….. killed it~! I even a little bit smugly can say I beat the much younger guy that was swimming with me. Scored me a big ole 3 [out of a possible 5] on that one~!! Yeah I did~~! I have one more swim test to do….. it is a 100 meter tow…. in full gear (BCD, tank, mask, fins, etc)…… both swimmers. I’m not really worried about that one….. again, most of that is legs (and I can use an arm if I want)…. I have to pull (tow) another fully geared diver 100 meters. Instructor said we will wait until we are back from a boat dive to do that. That way we didn’t have to get out of the water, go back to the shop and gear up and then do it. Dang….. just noticed I’m already over my limit………..  :-0

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Gearing up ?

Dammit Emmit…… I started this over an hour ago…….. got my title put up… which I struggled with by the way…….. you wouldn’t think that something that generally only involves a small handful of words would be a challenge…. but I’m afraid dear readers….. you would be mistaken…… Now that I am reading what I put there for the title– I’m not exactly sure why I chose it. It’s our neighbors fault…… no, not our Damn Neighbors….. our next door neighbors. They came over just as I put the title in….. a drink ‘or two‘ later with some fun conversation and now I’m not sure why I chose that title….. Dammit Emmit~!

After some deliberation…..thinking, as it were….. I think the reason I put that as the title, is, in the next couple of days I am going to be inundated with stuff. Fun Stuff! Stuff that requires learning and work! For an elderly old fuddy-duddy….. I’m looking forward to it. My Queen agreed to me getting a camera that I have wanted for a loooooooooong time…… long before I left the working population, long before I could ever justify owning this particular camera. It is supposed to be in, tomorrow~!!! I feel like a kid at Christmas……. There will be a lot of work involved learning the particulars to this camera (I had a less expensive version of it I used for skydiving pictures), so I hopefully will come up to speed on this one fairly quick. The hopes is to start getting a few more photo shooting opportunities where I can make some serious money doing them. If nothing else…. I will be able to take some great shots of my Grand Babies when we are back in the states…. ALSO tomorrow….. I will be picking up an order from Home Depot, that will have everything I should need, to tear out, remove and replace the tile in our kitchen. Again, talked it over with my Queen and think it will behoove us to go ahead and put a new floor in our kitchen. (Understand it is well under 100 sq.ft) but I had to buy a bunch of tools to support that effort. I think it is going to pay off for us in the long run. If not, well I need the exercise and two, I won’t get sick to my stomach every time I look at the floor in the kitchen…….AND…. on top of that…. I’m getting closer to wrapping up my Dive Master certification……. so LOTS going on for the old fat guy. Will try to get some pictures of everything along the way. Just got notice….. no boat again tomorrow 🙁 and I’m off Wednesday to get the windshield in the truck replaced….. so- busy week, even if I’m not diving. Will be taking some pictures, but will probably have to resort to putting up older SCUBA pictures for you until I get back in the water~~~

Good Night Y’all ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Thankx for stopping in~!



4 Years

A quiet start to our Sunday today. Slept in ever so slightly before getting up to start our day. My Queen following me as soon as I came out of the bathroom. Had a nice breakfast of Biscuits, Sausage and Gravy. The sun shined brilliantly all morning and a very comfortable 84 degrees. A nice stronger gust of wind every once in a while helped dry the grass out just enough I finally got up and went out and mowed. Mowing and weed eating done, I got a shower and sitting here on line while watching the Eagles get their a$$ romped by the Buc’s. My bride just made us a drink and we are discussing what we’re gonna do for dinner. It has been decided that I’m gonna grill up some burgers. We haven’t had them in a while, so as soon as I finish this…. grilled burgers coming up~!

Today…. actually this evening about 10:45 pm, will mark 4 years to the day we stepped foot on this little rock and declared it as our new home. That night was a whirlwind. We were running late, (airlines fault, not ours) the people that met us at the airport was PO‘ed because we were so late and wanted to get us to our place asap. We both wanted a cigarette, which did not bode well with our very impatient escort, the line at the care rental place took forever, which also did not set well with our escort and then they took even longer bringing our car to us. We finally got our car, we finally got our bags, finally got a smoke and got into our car. Oh— and it was raining like a cow pi$$i….. peeing on a flat rock,,,,, and away we went. In the dark, wrong side of the road, no street lights, and going like a bat out of hades……. it only went South once we got to our place, but I am not going to relieve that nightmare right now……. Looking back, I’m really surprised we wound up staying here on this island, our budget was already shot, the people we had dealt with [up to that point] were RUDE, just nothing went right……. but am Oh so glad we did. It ain’t been easy….. but still glad we did. Some times it seems like we have been here our whole lives and other times it seems like just a couple of weeks. Probably more recollections tomorrow… Apparently no boat tomorrow due to lack of customers, so another day off….. good and bad. I have some running to do so I can get that done…… but that also means I’m not diving. Right now though, I’m hungry….. and I’m cooking…. so I’ll catch ya tomorrow~!

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(Vera— Eel pictures and video’s toward the end)

P1120179 <— Eel Video

P1120180 <— Eel Video



Wine Pairings~

Well, as I mentioned on my last blog— I would be shooting a couple of wine pairings and that they usually run late enough, I generally do not have time to do much of anything by the time I get back and get the editing and posting done of those pictures. I was correct. I went from putting the pictures in my gallery straight into bed as I have to get up early to dive the next day. I did get a little reprieve this set. After the Thursday pairing tour, I was informed that the next mornings boat was cancelled. They only had 2 divers and they backed out at the last minute…… I used that opportunity to sleep in a little bit–and– actually did…. to almost 08:00~! Ermazing~!! The Friday pairing was out of the ordinary in several ways. 1) It was the second pairing in a row (due to high demand) 2) My Queen went on this one. I has asked her if she wanted to try one and she said yes- and wound up having a ball~! 3) We had to deal with a down pour and ensuing solid showers for the entire second half of the tour. (First time it has ever rained on us)  Most of our guests managed to stay fairly dry…… not quite the case with me as I moved around tending to boat duties and getting pictures. After we docked, I stood my ‘post’ on the dock helping guests off of the boat. Problem is, a bunch of the guests didn’t want to get wet, so they were very slow getting off of the boat, so I was soaked. All part of the job. Finally back home and dried off/out and sat down to edit and post pictures.

I tried to sleep in again this morning but my bladder wasn’t having it…. so up a little earlier than I wanted…… but it’s all good. The rain apparently spurred a growth spurt in our lawn and I decided that I would mow today but intermittent rain all day today (tis the season) kept the yard wet enough I did not want to attempt it. I instead used most of the quiet day to do my on-line learning for my Dive Master certification. That took the bulk of the day but it is done and I passed my exams. Now all I have left [I think] are a couple of in water tests (mostly swimming challenges)…….. Finally repaired to the couch for a movie my bride picked out…. she liked it…. me, not so much. Stopped to make me a couple of Tuna fish sammiches and now on here while watching/listening to the Raiders-Bengals game…… Hopefully dry enough tomorrow to mow…… we’ll see.

Good Night Y’all~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Thankx for stopping in~!

P1110094 <— Video


Vanished like a fart in the wind………..

Got a late night ‘ping‘ last night that one of the cruise ships due in the next day has already cancelled. Wow— that was a shock~!! Knowing (or so I thought) I got to sleep in a little bit — I stayed up considerably later than usual watching re-runs of Seinfeld. It should have dawned on me that when my Bride went to bed early (because she had to get up to go to work) that I probably wasn’t going to sleep in any either. Dammit Emmit…….. This time it was her alarms turn to scare the bejesus out of me…. I laid there and tried in all earnest to ‘snooze’ a little bit — but that jolt awake also woke up my bladder and it became immediately impatient. While I waited for ‘my turn’ in the bathroom – I read a new message that came in saying the second cruise ship had cancelled. Dammit Emmit~!! Not a lot can be done about it except make the best out of what you have. Besides, I like being up with her so I can convince her to have a good breakfast…and… I can make it for her. Which I did and soon had her on her way out the door. I spent my extra couple of hours making me a wonderfully delicious breakfast, loading all my camera equipment and scrolling through FB, before making the quick skip into town to catch the boat. Without cruise ship guests, we had a staggering load of 4 guests on board. Because we were expecting a lot…. the boat was loaded with plenty of dive masters, which made my day free to do nothing but chase people for pictures….. and I did. I also got to ‘play’ a lot with my camera, trying new settings  and stuff. And boy did I….. I hope you see some of it in these most recent shots. The weather broke and and rained and the wind blew and we were all freezing (after all it was down into the upper 70’s~!!)  😉 until we got to hop back into that beautiful blue warm water~!! We’re moving back out to the North shore tomorrow– so back to more ‘sporty’ water……

The next two days will be long days for me. We have our semi-quarterly Wine Pairing cruise tomorrow afternoon. These have grown quite popular this past year – so popular in fact, we are doing 2 of them this week. Tomorrow and Friday afternoon. The Boss really likes when I ‘shoot’ these events – so 2 dives in the morning…. come back, upload dive pictures, shower and then head back to shoot the Wine Pairing. It’s usually 8:00ish before I get back from them, so there will probably not be any blogs…… FB will be ‘iffy‘ as well. Those shoots aren’t really hard, but definitely a pain in the touchas. Oh well, that’s what the boss wants, and the boss may not always be right…… but she is always the boss~~  😉  So I’ll get back on here as quick as I can.

Good Night Y’all # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Thankx for stopping in~!

P1110038 <— Turtle Video




Smooth Sailing…… kinda

My alarm went off this morning and scared the bejesus out of me. It’s rare when I am actually sleeping soundly when that infernal thing goes off. Finally got it quieted and stumbled out of the bedroom to get myself ready for the day. I got an ‘extra’ half hour to get ready because I wasn’t going to have to make that drive to mid island today. I was under the mistaken impression there was a cruise ship in today and even though there was NOT…….. the boat was about as full as it could be. I had a bunch of ‘new to me’ folks on the boat, so I introduced myself to each of them and did my spiel about the photography that was going to happen on the day’s dives. Both dives turned out to be a lot more of a challenge than I cared for. More than the other two dive masters cared for, but we did what we had to do to make sure our guests were safe and having an enjoyable diving experience. Very happy to be finally back at the dock – I headed home and in short order was having a drink with my Queen and editing pictures. Because both dives were mildly shorter than usual and we had a short boat ride back to the dock and I only had a 3 minute drive to the house, I had my pictures edited and posted by just a smidge after 4:00~! Now I could get all kind of attached to that~! I made me a small…. well, not really small….. I made me a respectable turkey sammich with lettuce and ‘mater’s. MmMm good. I then sliced up the better part of the remaining tomato and cut it up. Sprinkled it [lightly] with salt and some pepper and gulped that down. MmMm good~! Dessert was a couple of Hostess crème filled cupcakes. Have any of you noticed how small those things are getting ??? That’s ridiculous…. they used to be the size of a pregnant hockey puck….. now their tiny little things not much bigger than a…… well, I can’t think of anything that size just yet….. but you get what I’m sayin’~~~ pitiful~!

I just found out the dive boat is not taking off until 10:00 tomorrow morning (it normally leaves at 08:30)….. giving a little extra time to maybe recruit a couple of divers from one of the cruise ships. Yup- you read that right…. tomorrow we are supposed to have two ships in at the same time. I have seen that once or twice since we’ve been here. Go for a year and something with no cruise ships, now they’re bringing them in two at a time. And then the government wonders why our Covid cases are going through the ceiling……. bunch of nimrods…… Oh well, that too shall pass I reckon….. for now — I get to stay up late [if I want] and sleep in a little bit [if I can].

Happy Birthday to my number ONE fan – Mrs. Vera Johnson~!

Good Night Y’all * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!


Monday, Monday~~

Up much earlier than I would have liked even though I did go to bed at a mostly decent hour. I had to whizz really bad and was mostly awake by the time I got done….. so I just stayed up. Hopefully it will let me go to bed (and fall asleep) early tonight in anticipation of a busy day on the boat tomorrow. The boat is on my end of the island for the next couple of days, so my commute is drastically reduced. According to the manifest, we have a very full boat tomorrow, which means I will be very busy taking pictures. That’s always a challenge with that many people, but I like it.

A fairly productive day off today. After catching up on all the news that is news, I spent more time than I cared for cleaning up the pile of mail that had accumulated on the table. I got some more Medicare stuff straightened out [for both of us]. I got my MRI scheduled (later this month) I called and chatted with the glass place that was supposed to get my new wind shield for the truck [over a month ago]….that conversation fell through, will have to try again after diving tomorrow. Ran out to the dump and dropped off gar-bage’…. stopped in town at the neighbors store (dive shop) and picked up a nifty new case for all my underwater camera gear (the one I had died a tragic death) and a new mask. I finally got the other ‘new mask’ to stop fogging, but do not like that it leaks when I am on my back or looking up….. both of which I do a lot while diving. I am honestly excited about the mask I got today….. I can’t wait to try it out. I’ll keep the other one has a back up. Came back and wrapped up a couple other odds and ends before settling in on the couch for more movies and a big ole platter of shrimp. Just as the movie started, got a phone call from a friend I haven’t seen in a while. He said he had a little time and asked if we could get together. I told him come on out, which he did. We munched on shrimp and shot the breeze for an hour or so before he had to take off for work. It was good to see him again.

Back to the couch and have watched a couple of movies. We have been watching the sappy feel good movies Angie likes. Gonna have to take a chance on a movie for “me” soon…. but here lately have been danged hard to come by. Lots of quality time with my Bride today though and that was the important part.

Good Night Y’all < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < Thankx for stopping in~!



Surprise work day

I mentioned the other day that yesterday would be a 3 dive day— the last dive of the day being our “Jr” Dive day where parents bring their kids out and either drop them off with us or come with them and make a dive with them. Lately we have been getting more parents coming along on the dive. I’d like to think the ability to be able to get a professional photograph of them and their kids underwater maybe had a little bit to do with that. Hey- a guy can wish can’t he ??  😉  The dive went off without a hitch and the kids were every bit as much of a challenge as I thought they were gonna be, but everyone had a good time and nobody got hurt. That’s a win to me every time. At the end of the dive, there was a bit of a gathering for one of our Junior Dive Masters to celebrate her birthday. There was drinks, pizza and cake and we all sat around and chatted a bit. From there we left and went to the ‘Staff’ house for another celebration. One of the newer Instructor/Divemaster just finished her final Chemo treatment and has been declared cancer free. Always, always a good thing~! I went out and hung out there for a little bit. Long enough to drink a beer or two and give my good wishes to the young lady the party was for. While I was there, the boss asked me if I was ‘on the boat tomorrow’? I told her that I had not intended to be. She then indicated we had a very special guest on board the boat and that I probably needed to be on it. Alrighty then~!! Who needs a day off right ? As it turns out our VIP was none other than the Governor of the US Virgin Islands himself and his Daughter. Yes, I can see why the boss wanted me on the load. So I cut out of the second party because I no longer had the next day off to edit 3 dives worth of pictures. (That equates to approx. 700 pictures to go through) Knowing the number of people looking forward to seeing their pictures…… I went back to the house and sat down and dutifully started editing pictures……. until a little after 10:30 to get them all done and posted….. I dropped straight into bed after that which is why you didn’t see or hear from me last night.

So now— The Governor’s dive pictures are all edited and posted [please do not make any statements on Face Book about the Governor diving today…… I’m not sure if the boss wants that advertised yet or not-Thankx] So I am taking tomorrow off to spend the day with my Queen, then diving the rest of the week. We have 2 cruise ships in on the same day this week….. ought to be interesting to see if they let the people off of the ship this time.

Good Night Y’all : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Thankx for stopping in~!



For Whom the Bell Tolls……..

Mildly better nights sleep– up well before my alarm ( I didn’t want to wake up my Bride, who did not have to get up early)…… out, bathroom stuff done and settled in with my lemon water and the news. Got up and loaded all the batteries into their respective slots and got everything hauled out to the truck. Came in and made breakfast and caught up on a little bit of FB before heading out the door. A fairly rough day on the water…. my bad… not rough… sporty~~ 😉  Visibility is still all over the place, but I got a little better grade of pictures today. LOTS of cooperative critters under the water today. I tried out my new mask and absolutely hate it. It doesn’t fit like my old one… it leaks and fogs up terribly, but in all fairness, so did my old one when I got it….. they take a little bit of care and breaking in before they become good and usable. I just hate that break in period. I’m gonna give it another 3 – 5 dives and if it’s not any better, am gonna go shopping again. Them beggars ain’t cheap- so I need to make absolutely sure it’s not gonna work before I spring for another one.

Came home to an email from ‘Doc’– wanted to know if I would be available later in the day…. she wants to call and discuss my Gallbladder Ultrasound. OH-oh….. I got a bad feeling about this….. she usually just puts it all in an email, so I’m a bit concerned she wants to talk. She was supposed to have called 15 minutes ago……… as I was typing that… my phone rang. In a nut shell…. my liver and my gallbladder are fine. She said there was a comment in the paperwork that my pancreas is slightly larger than normal. She looked at a CT scan of my pancreas from last year and said it was normal then. She said that if there was no history of pancreas stuff in my family- she wouldn’t bat an eye about it being slightly larger, but because of family history, she would like me to have an MRI done. She said the MRI is strictly an over abundance of caution on her part, but wants to make sure nothing is left unchecked. Guess I can’t fault her for that.  I guess since it’s for her peace of mind…. I should have asked if she’d pay for it~~ 😉  Obviously I’m kidding. So- I’m gonna get that scheduled now. I kinda wish they’d find ‘something [minor]’ soon….. I’m running out of parts to check~! And according to Doc– my body could just be telling me…. it’s time to lay off the booze for a while. Dammit Emmit~

Good Night Y’all * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!