‘Family’ time~

Slept in [actually] a little bit after a mostly pitiful nights sleep….. not sure what has changed, but I am waking up every 2 hours to whizz…. that also includes right after I first go to bed……. aggravating as hell, but until I figure out what’s causing it – but my options are thin. Anyway – up, caught up on world events and taking it easy starting the day. Somewhere around 10:00, the island ‘kids‘ showed up for a Sunday breakfast of Biscuits and gravy…. which included, scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon~! What a great way to start a day~! The kids hung out and chatted for a while before my Bride decided to drag out a card game….. kinda…. the game is Cards Against Humanity….. not your regular card game, by any means…… but with the right people it is hilarious and and lot of fun. Our ‘kids’ are the right people……. Today was supposed to be my day to gorge myself on a big breakfast [] and plop my big nash on the couch for the rest of the day and watch football. Something I haven’t done in almost 4 years. A long story about why I was going to today, but not really relevant to the story. Instead we played cards….. and laughed and had a wonderful time. Game time came up and I did turn the channel – but we continued to play cards while we listened to the game. It got to be late enough and booze was flowing by then (go figure) that we needed something else to eat — chips came out and shortly after pizza and ham sammiches (from a local bar). Both games progressed – we all took turns winning our card game while the Buccaneer’s actually messed around and beat the Packers………

The kids have since packed up and headed back to the mountain top while I sit and wait for the next game to start……… very fun, very relaxed, very much enjoyed kinda day. Got a couple of dives scheduled for tomorrow morning and what looks to be a fairly busy week to follow as I try and get my paid photo shoot done for my FL client….. should be a interesting fun week to say the least.

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Family Diving

The dive shop I most frequent sponsored a “Dive with your Jr” today. I managed to work my way on board as the ‘unofficial‘ official photographer for the dive and so very happy I did…………………………………………

Slept ‘in’ again this morning as I didn’t have anything ‘early’ planned, but still up by 06:35…… my obligatory cup of coffee with my Queen while I read the circus that is the news in today’s world before moving on to the bigger circus world of Facebook. My Queen made us a nice small breakfast and we ate that while catching another episode or two of The 100. I did get off my lazy duff and do dishes before setting down with a fist full of paper towels, windex, Q~tips, pledge and a couple of small tubes of silicone lubricant and doing some much needed maintenance on my camera set up. I spent an easy 1.5+ hours on that – but it was overdue and today’s photo shoot was important enough to me that I wanted to make sure it got done.

I took off a little before 1:00 and showed up plenty early to get my dive gear set up and situated, before breaking out my camera and going to ‘work‘. Just a 1 tank dive today – so my opportunity for getting the shots I wanted was a little more limited…. but I was up for it. I got in the water well before everyone else so  I could get some ‘boat’ shots and exit shots. Not sure why I like exit shots so much – but I do. The next 45 minutes went by like that [snapping fingers]…. and I had an absolute ball swimming around getting pictures. Both Dive Masters on the load worked with me to ensure I got pictures of everyone which helped immensely. I had a bit of a challenge in that one group could only go so deep – so they stayed shallow while the other group dropped down over ‘the wall’ going considerably deeper – so I spent a lot of time going up and down to keep up with everyone….. a fun challenge~! I think I got enough decent pictures – everyone will be happy with them……. part of the challenge, but I like it~! Finally back in port – unloaded, back at home, gear rinsed, me washed and a belly full of stuffed peppers and corn on the cob….. I was really wanting pizza, but what I got was pretty durn tasty~! I put ALL of today’s pictures up on Cane Bays FB page – so you can see them all there – or see below for the ‘better’ shots of the day.

Island kids are supposed to be in for biscuits and gravy in the morning….. then I think I’m actually gonna try and watch a little football…… from what I can tell, they don’t even play the National Anthem anymore….. if they do – they don’t show it… don’t get me started on that~! @#$%^&*

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Rainbows and Lobsters

First day in about a week I haven’t had to get up for something early and I loved it. I was up by 07:00, but it was due to my own volition and the fact I had to pee again…… but mostly because I was ready to. Nothing outside the house planned or needed, so I settled in for a coff of cuppee and the news. News was depressing as ever but I finished it and moved on over to FB for the latest round of BS and funnies. Not even in the mood for a lot of that and soon left. Turns out I had a lot of things that needed to get done and I set about them. Somewhere in the middle of all that, my Bride cooked up a tasty little breakfast. I finished it and went right back into my chores. I stayed at that until about 1:00pm when I couldn’t think of anything else I could do….. besides, I was starting to get a headache from all of it. So I wrapped it up and retired to the couch to watch The 100 with my Bride. Just started the 3rd season…. still interesting but that nice warm sunshine beating down through the windows as we sat sprawled out under the fans, made for some mighty comfy viewing and I may have nodded off once for twice for a couple of little naps. Yes, ya gotta love retired life~~

Easy start to tomorrow – but I have a 1 tank dive scheduled off of the boat for tomorrow afternoon. The dive shop is sponsoring a “Dive with your Jr” day (bring your kid diving with you) and I’m going to be documenting all of it for the dive shop. It should be a lot of fun taking those pictures.

Another shorter one tonight – still lots of new pictures for you~~~~

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IMG_4763 <=== Feeding Frenzy Video

P1220198 <==== Stingray video



Diving again~!

Used a little [more] common sense last night, mostly due to my Bride – and went to bed fairly early last night in anticipation of rising once again before I was ready for – to go diving. Up, a bite to eat and on the road again….. seas were much calmer, the sun was shining bright and it was a wonderful morning to go diving~! Two really good dive sites….. there were sharks, big green moray eels, sting rays and tons of fish. Sadly no turtles [that I saw]…. but still two great dives with a fairly decent group of divers. There were nine divers today (versus the 2 or 3 I’ve had the past couple of days) but still very agreeable dives. Got lots of good pictures and a video I think you’ll enjoy…..

Back at the house – gear rinsed and hung, me showered, pictures edited and uploaded and a good meal. Netflix is apparently on the blink, so we are watching Parking Wars on Amazon Prime while we wait for Netflix to come back on line. Tomorrow is a day off from diving and I’m looking forward to sleeping in a little bit. I have just started chatting a little bit with my model for my next photo-shoot. My client has a pretty specific ‘demand’ list for this shoot and I am beginning to think I didn’t charge near enough for it – but it is a learning experience and I’m kind of excited to have an expectation list and a model to work with to do it. It should be fun………. I hope~~~

I’m cutting it short tonight…… lots of [new] pictures to share with you for the next day or so – I’m not going to be able to share the photo-shoot pictures with you….. so I guess I’ll have to go diving again…..  🙂

Good Night Ya’ll > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!

P1210039 <=== Video


More diving and an Eagle Ray~!

A little better sleep last night after I finally got my Queen to bed…. I think the sleep came because of being tired from lack of sleep and some great SCUBA diving and being pooped…… Oh okay — booze probably had a little to contribute to it…..  😉  Up, a bite to eat, gear loaded and out the door. The North shore was ‘breezy’ today and the swells on the open water made for an intriguing ride to our first dive site……. we got there, moored up and was soon sliding beneath the waves…….. the site [North Star] usually a favorite was a little murky, but eventually produced all the sea life it is normally known for…. and more~! Sharks, albeit mildly uncooperative…… a gorgeous Hawksbill turtle, tons and tons of fish and……. an Eagle Ray~! I have yet to see one of these beauties since I’ve been here. I saw plenty at other islands….. but this was my first one here….. and she was gorgeous and HUGE~!! EASILY the biggest Ray I have ever seen….. she had a wingspan of I’m guesstimating an easy 8’~! Sadly, I only got a glance of her and she was gone before it occurred to me to put my camera to work……. Gliding effortlessly and rapidly through the water. I gave her a solid 6 second chase, before I accepted the fact – I didn’t stand a chance of catching her…… but I saw her with my own eyes~!!

The second dive site paled only in wildlife, as the fan corals and other growths at this site are amazing. No fun critters but still a great dive and I wrapped it up at an hour even though I still had a half a tank of air. I was cold and tired and ready for a beer……. yes cold. Looks like I may have to break down and look at getting a wetsuit…… Dammit Emmit~!

Back at the house, all quiet as my Bride was at Blues for her weekly day of labor…. I put on some music, rinsed my gear, took a shower and set down and edited pictures. I took 221 pictures and wound up saving 43. Picky, picky, picky.

My Bride is home, plied with hooch, fed and settling in on the couch while I finish this and get ready and go do my dishes……. heck of a life….. but we like it~! Two more dives tomorrow – supposed to be a rarely visited site and I am amped about it – – Hopefully, lots of good pictures for you all~!

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!

P1210217 <—– Video



A Dolphin Kinda day……..

After an absolutely pitiful, fitful night sleep…. and sleep is using the term loosely…. I finally faded into a really good sound sleep….. 15 minutes before I wanted to be up……. dammit Emmit~! I wound up waking up about 20 minutes later than I wanted… but figured I needed the sleep/rest. Up, bathroom stuff out of the way – I settled in to get ready for my day of diving~! A small bite to eat, batteries all bump charged, gear doubled checked and loaded into the truck and one last smoke with my Bride before I headed into town……. a last minute change moved the boat from mid-island to “our” end of the island, so my commute went from 30 minutes to 3 minutes….. it also means there was an above average chance the first dive site might be Armageddon~! Oh happy day~! Slid right into a legitimate parking spot [they’re rare] and made my way down to the boat to happily find out that there were only TWO other divers on the boat besides me. I hate it for the fact the dive shop, and boat crew, can’t be making any money on the load – but I do love an empty boat…… We loaded up and headed out and less than 10 minutes into our ride, the Captain shouted out – Dolphins~! Definitely music to my ears. I grabbed my phone and scrambled out into the slot on the nose of the boat (picture the scene in JAWS where they first start spearing the shark) and started rolling video. VERY happy with the footage I got [other maybe than that 5 seconds or so where I have my big fat finger over one of the lenses]~! SO Happy, that in a very rare moment – I posted it straight to FB from my phone~! I almost never do that….. the ensuing 2 dives were pretty lackluster in comparison to that start……. even though through both dives I did intermittent barrel rolls in case the Dolphins showed up on the dive. I took 162 pictures plus a couple of videos and saved 52 of the pictures…… getting pickier I guess. I’m hoping the dolphin video is small enough that I can load it on here…. if not, sorry~ you’ll have to go to FB to see it. (and we didn’t do Armageddon – but it’s all good)

Back at the house, gear rinsed, belly filled with some scrumptious meatloaf and a drink or six and here I sit chatting with you fine folks. Two more dives scheduled for tomorrow morning. Got an email from a client today (along with a check!) for work he needs done and I have also wormed my way into an event this weekend taking ‘business’ pictures, that could prove very beneficial for my ‘photography’ business…….. I like the direction this year is headed so far…. aside from the COVID crap……

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One of our beautiful sunsets

IMG_4751  <——–Dolphin video~!

Smooth Trunk Fish

Caribbean String ray

French Angel Fish

P1190054   <—- Video

P1190055    <—- Video

The ‘Shallow’ wrecks
Dive Master Anna being funny

P1190067  <==== Video

Mowin’ on MLK day…………

Life on this island is different I guess…. more so than I want/can realize. Back in the states….. I always knew if the day held some special meaning….  birthday, holiday, whatever…… not so much now. Maybe it’s the retired life…. not sure, but I was probably ¾ of the way through this day before it dawned on me today was MLK day. Not a holiday that particularly held a lot of reverence to me…. but I always made a mental note of it during the day. Today, was just a day to cut grass. Granted, I never had to worry about cutting grass on MLK day back in the states – but here – get ‘er done while the opportunity presents itself…. and since it is done now, I have already scheduled a couple of dives for tomorrow morning… and Wednesday and Thursday now since I have the mowing out of the way…….

A lazy start to our day….. relaxing with world news [me] and looking for new pictures of our babies and grandbabies on FB [both of us]. A tasty breakfast while we eagerly tuned into our newest series (The 100). Done eating, a smoke, finished an episode before deciding it was time to get something done. I launched into yard work, here and at the ATV yard – while my Queen took off for all things shopping [groceries]. Still ‘Winter‘ here, so we had a nice cool breeze blowing our balmy 86° weather around. I finished mowing with a minimum of sweat, cleaned everything and put it up, ready for the next round. While perusing the internet ( I was looking at a grill I might be interested in) and in between calls scheduling dives and getting my strobe worked on – I got a call from our Damn Neighbor….. she was working on a drink before bedtime (working Midnight shift) and wanted to check in on us before she slid off into the land of slumber. What a delightfully wonderful conversation that was~! She finally ended the call headed for bed and I return to browsing for grills when my Bride pulled in. I went out and hauled in her latest trunk full. Groceries put away, our island Daughter stopped by to pick up stuff Angie had picked up for her, had a drink and chatted a bit before heading back up the mountain to tend with ‘down with shingles‘ hubby Shawn.

More drinks and couch time as we resumed our episode of The 100. I just finished cooking up a couple of burgers for my Bride and here I am. I can’t tell you how excited I am to know I’m going diving tomorrow~! I need to get my gear together and make sure it’s ready….. bump charge camera and lights…… Can’t wait~! PLUS – I’ll have new pictures for you all….. I can’t wait – it’s gonna be a good day~!

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Dammit Emmit….. I alluded to the post with the title and then didn’t mention it….. Yesterday’s post was “3 year island-aversary”. Three years we have been here now on our gorgeous little rock planted here in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Wow….. sometimes it seems like just yesterday we got here….. other times, especially when we are missing our babies and grandbabies it seems it seems like we have been here for eons. Even after 3 years now, we still have our moments when family tugs at our heart strings. I must confess, after the Christmas visit, while seeing everybody during the holidays was heartwarming – it was the only thing warm for us the entire visit and we both agree that will probably be our last ‘voluntary’ cold weather visit back to the states. Our little rock is ‘home’ now and we feel mostly out of place anywhere else and the daily warm weather (every day) just seals the commitment to stay here where it is warm. We both also agree, as soon as one of us get down sick [needing good hospital type sick] we will pack up and head back to the states. Where, we land when we do is still up for debate (my Queen wants FL – I am thinking TN) but hopefully we still have many years to decide that. Money, or more correctly, the lack of it may necessitate an early return – but we are trying to amend our living style to better accommodate us staying here. Kind of hard to get used to when the last 10 years of your life you had more than plenty of it to do whatever you wanted…… kinda spooky how fast it goes when it is not being supplemented with a steady paycheck… Just something else we happily deal with to continue to live here… So, Happy “Island-versary” to us…….

Today was just like the last couple, no diving, no mowing, no doing much of anything other than watching the boob tube. Have started a new series called The 100. We are liking it more and more each episode. It is a 7 season series, so I hope it stays good. Unless I get a call from the island kids saying we’re clearing trails…. the plan is to dive Tuesday and Thursday (Monday is already booked up). The stitches are about ready to come out [dissolvable] and I’m ready to get some new pictures for you all~! Tomorrow, I’m mowing instead of diving. I’ll knock out our yard and the ATV yard. I think my Queen is gonna go shopping tomorrow while I mow…… just another day on the island…… for 3 years now~~~~!

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3 Year Island-versary~~

As suspected, it was late enough when we got back to the house last night…. and due to working [not drinking] I was just too tired to try and write anything. Blues had a (COVID) capacity crowd last night, which is half of their normal capacity to allow for social distancing, but the line up to the bar to order drinks and food was in place all night long and only once until the last half hour did that line ever go away. It kept the bartender and an occasional helper and me as bar back hopping – all night. My Bride contended with multiple little issues like making more sides and helping keep tables clean and allowing me the very occasional smoke break (2 smoke breaks in just over 4 hours), so we all earned our keep last night. The band from the states (Mama’s Blacksheep) drew in the crowd and we did our very best to keep them sated with drinks and food. It was a joint effort by a bunch of folks and it went off [mostly] without a hitch. I started the afternoon off a little bit sideways, by tripping over the water spigot and snapping it in half while rinsing out a cooler. After being soaked in a fountain of water until it got turned off….. luckily there was a plumber at the bar that had what we needed to fix it and we were soon back on track, although I spent the rest of the night with very wet feet. It was obvious when I got home and peeled my socks and shoes off to let my poor wrinkled old feet finally dry out. Neither of us had an appetite, so we settled for a couple of drinks as we settled into our respective seats to give our old tired backs a rest. We each got a shower….. one of us got a nice long hot shower, the other one got a short lukewarm shower……..   😉  before collapsing into bed. That was Midnight. I don’t remember much of anything else until about 06:30 this morning…. and even though I had to whizz bad enough I could almost taste it – I stayed in bed until almost 08:00 “lounging” until I couldn’t take it anymore and finally got up to answer nature’s call.

Took it easy all day today. My Queen made a tasty breakfast and we didn’t do much else other than watch TV. We finally finished the series RECTIFY…. weird series and didn’t care for the way it ended, but a mostly entertaining 4 season series. We nuked up the last couple of pieces of pizza from several nights ago and made that our dinner while we found and have started another series. This one is called The 100 – recommended by one of my readers (sorry, don’t remember who) – just started the 3rd episode and so far interesting~! It’s 7 seasons, so interested to see if it holds our interest for that long. Talked to the dive shop today about getting back in the water. My bandages fell off last night after my shower and the ‘wounds‘ look pretty good….. so about time to get wet~!

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!



Healing up….

Against my desires – I opted not to dive today, heeding the advice of the young man that cut around on my face yesterday. Now, here towards the end of the day… I’m kinda glad I did. While I really wanted to go diving, the cut places don’t really hurt, but they are a little puffy and I somehow believe that soaking them in salt water…. well, ocean salt water would not have been a good move. So it’s been another really lazy kinda day.

We decided to do Polly’s for breakfast, which was delicious as always and we have pretty much just lounged all day. Chatted with island kids about some things going on in their world. Shawn has managed to come down with an apparently, full blown case of Shingles and is out of commission for a while but is expected to come around soon. Cynthia has asked for a little help tomorrow and I’m gonna run into town and help her with that tomorrow morning – before coming back, cleaning up and heading out to Blues tomorrow afternoon.

We are working tomorrow evening up at Blues – I am going to bar back and not sure what my Bride is doing yet. They have a big name band (for the island) playing and they usually draw a sizable crowd. Not sure if that is going to apply with COVID conditions in place now – but guess we’ll see. Either way it will probably be either too late or too drunk to write when we get back, so probably no blog tomorrow night. Been watching RECTIFY all day….. our new series….. weird but in a mostly interesting kind of way.

Good Night Ya’ll ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Thankx for stopping in~!