At least we had electricity……….

Up fairly early after a wonderful nights sleep…. I’m thinking a fairly busy dull day, a lot of Vodka and a handful of various pills contributed to that night of slumber, but I don’t care…. I’ll take it. The plan is not to have to rely on that combo very often to attain said nights sleep. Woke up with both fans running….yea~~~ electricity~!! After I finished my bathroom stuff – I sat down at the table and opened my lap top (like I always do) to let it warm up while I take my blood pressure. I have to say, I am almost ‘religious’ about taking my BP reading as soon as I come out of the bathroom, per ‘Doc’s’ instructions. As the cuff swelled up on my arm, I noticed the ugly little banner across my lap top that read “No Internet Connection”……. dammit Emmit~! At least we had electricity, so my Bride had her coffee~! Yay~!!  A bunch of cigarettes and piddling on the phone and it got to be 09:00….. I figured our cable folks ought to be drifting in to work by then. One phone call of, push this, press that, unplug this, pull that out, put it back in, plug it back in and 20 minutes later we had internet~! The day was finally off to an almost normal start……. Most of the day was me on line updating addresses….. it’s amazing the number of places you don’t realize need it until you have to do it…… It got to be after lunch and dude came by to pick up the little freezer we had for sale….. that’s out of the way now – so we have room for more stuff~!!  After he left, I headed for the condo to make one last check of our old mail box to make sure our mail had been transferred….. it had – Yay~! I stopped and checked on our yet to be delivered end table for the living room…. it made it in – Yay~! (soon to be delivered) Yay! I stopped by the drug store and re-stocked up on Actifed (they actually had the 100 count bottles – Yay! They had enough, they even let me get 2 bottles [double] Yay~! Living without A/C highlights all your allergies and stuff…. woo-hooo. But, ya know, today it made it to 88°, the sun felt so good, gorgeous blue skies and even though they are closing the beaches (yes, you read that right) it is still pretty righteous on this little rock………

I’m not going into my tirade right now about beach closings, because that is probably a blog all by itself and since I’m close to my limit – I’ll sign off right here……

Good Night Ya’ll & & & & & & & & & & & & & Thankx for stopping in~!

Our dinner for tonight…. I don’t think I even touched on it… it was wonderful… this is what my Queen had… “The Beast” (apparently NOT) the sammich I showed earlier……. dammit.

MY sammich…”The Ultimate Club” and it was ‘smack yo Mama’ goooooood~! (I only ate half – I had to save some space for an apple pie…..)  😉

Banded butterfly fish.
Porcupine fish
Little white things are Christmas tree worms
Barrel Sponges
Not sure what this is – but it was creepy looking~~
Trumpet Fish


Peacocks and pussy cats~~

Got the bare minimum done last night that I had to do after chatting with you all and fell directly into to bed. I did not pass go, did not collect $200….. just fell into bed. I don’t remember much of anything after my head hit the pillow last night until a little after 06:00 this morning when it dawned on me I was starting to sweat… now that’s odd – cause I’m usually wrapped up in our one lone sheet and actually chilly in the mornings. Then it dawned on me. Neither fan was running….. dammit Emmit….. the electricity was out~! That’s the second day in a friggin row~! (and we do not have that high dollar generator the condo had)…. My neighbor swore up and down, the electricity ‘never goes out down here‘…… yea – right~! I went ahead and got up and managed the best I could without lights and running water, before heading out for a cigarette. My Queen came out shortly behind me, grumbling about the electricity. Without it – there is no lights, no fans, no running water, no TV and no internet  AND  NO Coffee~!….. DAMMIT EMMIT~! Now I’m not a coffee drinker per se, but I know my bride likes hers…. so some suffering to deal with (no – instant ain’t gonna cut it). I may try and score me one of the old school percolators to use for just such occasions (since we have a propane stove now – it works without electricity. Gots to make sure my Queen has her coffee in the morning~!

Without all the aforementioned ‘things’ we didn’t have, it actually makes for a pretty dull day….. although we finally did crack open the fridge door long enough to grab breakfast items and made a nice little breakfast. It took until almost 1:00 before we finally got electricity again. Jeeez, I hope this don’t become a habit~! We spent an inordinate amount of time outside smoking, as there was a little bit of a breeze we could catch one in a while. While out there – we noticed several Iguana’s making their rounds. As it turned out, there were a lot of them. I did manage some pictures for you, as well as our local Harry the Horny peacock. One of our neighbors has about a dozen pussy cats, and they have started investing the new folks in the neighbor hood. I been throwing rocks, spraying them with wasp spray, stomping my feet at them and several other ‘noises’ to try and get them to learn, they are not welcome here. So far, it’s cats-1, grumpy new neighbor-0. The blue dozen little gecko’s we have running all over the place don’t really bother me – they eat bugs~! (Got LOTS of them too) Apparently a lot to get used to on this end of the island….. but hey, it keeps life interesting, especially when you don’t have any electricity~!

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Me & Suzanne

Harry the horny Peacock


OMG my peoples……..

Butter my butt and call me a biscuit……. I haven’t been this tired in memory… I just thought I was tired last night…….. Wow. Another day out on the boat with the staff from my favorite dive shop……. more about fun today than pictures, but I still had a couple of dozen shots (including a couple of retakes from yesterday) that I needed to get. We finally got everybody and everything loaded on the boat before heading out. A looong day on the boat and in the water….. got home around 5:30…. electricity was out….. just friggin’ great – I can’t even rinse my gear let alone rinse me…… Looong story short….. electricity finally came on…. gear rinsed, I’m shot and tired……… I have another couple hundred pictures to edit – but it’s gonna have to wait until tomorrow. I’m gonna get a shower while we still  have electricity and fall into bed……… hate to weeny out on you, but smack my mouth, I am pooped~!

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This is harder to do than it looks~!.

What a wonderful day

Up early (same reasons as yesterday)…….. had to take off early to get to the assigned place for picture taking….., met, got instructions then took off again to meet at the boat.  Got to level with you right about here…… after 5 dives and working my chubby little butt off taking pictures and 1 AM-MAZ-ZING dive…. drive home, rinse and hang gear, shower….. drive back to mid island for a half of my truck cab order of Blues Backyard BBQ…. back to the West end to meet up with Cynthia, Mitch and Andrea to dive into said BBQ and then a wonderful time chatting about diving and other [unimportant] stuff…….. I’m so tired right now (yes, I started drinking very early in the day)….. I’m so tired right now I almost hate myself…… so I’m gonna TRY and put up some of the 300+ pictures I took today and fall my happy a$$ into bed. I’ve already had my shower, the folks are all gone and I’m fading fast. Can’t wait to tell you about the day – because it was WONDERFUL~!!! One of the best days I’ve ever had since I been on the island that didn’t involve visiting family or friends. Just too old, too much to drink and too tired to go any farther tonight……..  Another day of picture taking (while diving) tomorrow~!

Good Night Ya’ll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thankx for stopping in~!


We have ice cubes~!!

Up early again to the song of the horny Peacock and a mostly uncooperative bladder, but I did get to bed a little bit earlier last night and even though the peacock was in rare form last night – I managed a halfway decent nights sleep…. I suspicion 2 Advil PM’s may have helped a little bit. Even our neighbor said the peacock was excessively noisy and he is supposedly ‘used’ to them now……. We had a little breakfast and I was catching up on more address updates when my buddy got here to do our plumbing. I (weirdly) stayed out of his way while he worked. He got everything done that he could, had a beer and chatted for a little bit before taking off. So now, we have running (drinkable) water coming out of the fridge – and we have ICE CUBES~!!! Had to pitch the first several batches of cubes, but the ice maker is steadily chunking out ice cubes now~!! WOO-HOO. Like I said, after 2 ½ years of making them ‘manually’ – it’s kind of a big deal to us~! (and the sink no longer leaks)   After that, I managed to get our clock put up and a picture hung and did a little organizing of the pile of stuff in the disaster area that is the 2nd bedroom……. not a busy or hard day, but a productive one. I still have a little adjusting to do on the security light (sensitivity settings) but it is working good.

Shortly after I signed off last night, I got a ping from the owner of the dive shop that I dive with a lot. She said she needs pictures of the Cane Bay Dive shop staff for their web site in, on and around the boat and some underwater pictures of them and asked if I’d be interested in taking the pictures for her? Well yes indeed~! So I’m heading out in the morning, to take some pictures AND I get to do some diving~~~!  Yay~!! Really not a lot else to rattle on about….. so I see if I can get some pictures to load….. I think I figured out the problem….. we’ll see~~~

Good Night Ya’ll ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” Thankx for stopping in~!

(Well Dammit Emmit…. while I did manage to get some pictures on here…. I can’t get any NEW pictures up here….. I’ll keep working on it)  😉


Getting settled

Tried to sleep in after another night of going to bed too late (watching Ozark) and having to get up early (06:00) because my bladder was about to bust….. which I was made aware of by being woke up by our friendly neighborhood horny Peacocks… An eerie calm morning that was just down right chilly [to us] – I hurried up and shut all the fans off and then wandered out for my first smoke of the day and to [mostly] silently cuss the squalling Peacocks. I love being up at that time of the morning if I have had a decent nights sleep and got up of my own accord….. the ‘birds’ had other plans…….. @#$%^&~! I made the most of it and after breakfast set in to get at least a little bit accomplished as my first full day I didn’t have to worry about the other place. I started by updating a few more websites with our new address. Went from that to installing a motion detecting spotlight for our parking/smoking area. I also managed to get an island friend out (who is a plumber and in need of work) out to look at fixing our sink drain and adding a water line to our new fridge (with in line filter) so we can drink water out of the fridge and HAVE ICE CUBES~!! May not seem like much to you all, but we have been using ice cube trays [old school] since we have been on the island and having ice cubes when ever we want them- on hand….. is kind of a big deal to us. He hung out, drank a beer and we chatted for a bit (he is a Blues regular). He figured out what he needed and said he would be back tomorrow afternoon. About the time he was ready to leave – our island kids showed up with another one of them righteous looking sammiches from the local deli. They hung out, we chatted, drank, they ate and then took off for the store. In an effort to keep us old decrepit folks out of harms way…. they offered to pick some stuff up for us and we happily let them…… could kinda get used to that kind of stuff~! Now my Queen is sitting on the couch saving the world (something else I got done today was hook up her PS 4 and our sound system to the TV) and she is now playing God of War……while I regale you of the day.  The ‘kids’ ought to be back soon – so I’m gonna go burn one while I load some pictures and then gather up our groceries…. (mostly booze – but you know……)    😉

Not much in the way of new pictures….. none worth sharing with you all anyway… so will see if I can find some I think you’ll like… until tomorrow……

Good Night Ya’ll  < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < Thankx for stopping in~!

Well Sh*t Sherlock…… for some reason   I can’t get any pictures to load…. so- sorry…. too tired to try and figure it out tonight….. Hopefully will have it figure out tomorrow………………..



Peacocks and cleaning……

Late to bed last night as I got wrapped up in our newest series (Ozark) and had to see what was gonna happen in the next episode and before I knew it, it was midnight. I eased on into bed and was just getting comfy when those #$%^&* Peacocks started squalling…… it took me almost an hour to get to sleep, but finally managed to turn my brain down and mostly ignore the squalling birds. Sadly that didn’t last very long as those damn birds honked off and on all friggin’ night. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and rolled out around 06:30…. I had to pee anyway…. so might as well. I didn’t think Peacocks were nocturnal, but those damn birds didn’t make a sound the rest of the morning~! I got my morning stuff out of the way and was soon on my way to finish cleaning the condo. My Queen wanted to hit the Dollar Store for some house hold items we need, so I left her to do that. At the condo by 10:00 I set in immediately to cleaning….. I may have been off a smidge on my estimate for how much was left. I stayed at it for a solid 2 ½ hours before finally turning in the keys. I had [foolishly] skipped breakfast again and was starting to pay for it. I still had a couple of stops to make, finally making it back to the house by 2:00. I sat and drank a couple of ice cold beers and enjoyed the cool breeze before settling in at the lap top for some more ‘work’.

I had to contact (get on websites) about a dozen and half places and change our address.  Couple of them won’t let me because listing the Virgin Islands is not an option in their drop down boxes for State. I guess some folks are a little more behind the times than others in their IT department. I mean – it may seem like we live in a third world country sometimes here on our beautiful little island….. but doesn’t mean folks should try and call us out on it, just because we choose to live in this little piece of paradise. Just ain’t right in this world of modern technology. Done about all the damage I could stand and by 5:00 had the Vodka/Cran in hand and sitting down with you all now. Gonna have to put up more oldies tonight, as the only pictures I took today were of the condo (proof it was clean when I left). So for now, I want to get a shower and chill for a bit and see what’s coming up on Ozark~!  (Dammit…. a Peacock just squalled – he must know I’m getting ready to lay down)~!!!!!!

Good Night Ya’ll ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Thankx for stopping in~!

I went outside to smoke while waiting for pictures to load and guess what came strutting up in the yard…. very skittish, so these are telephoto to get these shots, so they may be a tad grainy……

Oma, Pa-Paw, Kayden & Kylen
Cammy & Denny
Me and my Squirt
Son-in-Law makin’ me laugh
Susie & Paul
Now theres some cookin’~!



Getting out….. Oy~!

The next morning…. we apparently had a bit of a shower just before we got up as everything was wet….. wetter than dew will replicate. Up early again, but a little better nights sleep….. definitely know I did better. I only heard the peacocks a couple of times. I’m sure our normal slumber will return as we get settled in and used to our new place. I’m concerned it may be a bit small for more than 2 visitors at a time – but I already have a great plan B in place — so C’mon…. we’d love to have you and show you our beautiful island…….

We both opted to skip breakfast this morning as the plan was to go back to the condo and get the final cleaning done so we would be officially out of the condo~! We managed to get down there around 9:00-9:30 and set in immediately into work. Ya know – no matter how clean you think you maintain a place…… you start pulling out beds and chest of drawers and stuff like that, you find out, REALLY quick, just how much dirt you can accumulate in a place….. especially if you live on a beach, with constant strong winds and leaky doors.  The A/C dude showed up about an hour and a half into it and got the A/C working – which really boosted our sagging spirits, as we were both hot, sweaty and dirty by that point. He left and we continued to clean…….. It got to be 2:30 or so and we were both dragging at that point (stupid for skipping a breakfast)….. so we decided we’d call it a day and head back to the house. The condo is 96% clean…. just needs a few finishing touches. I agreed to leave my Queen to her own devices tomorrow while I go down and finish the little bit left in condo and turn in the keys.

Finally back at the house, a nice cool breeze, a cold drink (or several). My Queen had expressed a desire earlier for some KFC – so once we wound down, had a drink (or several) and a smoke….. I ran to town (no, I actually drove) to try out the newly opened KFC there. The whole virus thing has made ordering food a bit different, but was in and out in under 20 minutes (which is really good considering everything) I only wanted to ‘bitch slap’ the little girl once…. gave me an ‘eye roll’ that dang near made me bite a hole in my lip….  Quite an experience…. my 12 piece ‘bucket’ contained 3 pieces of ‘something’ I could not identify and 9 legs….. not a friggin’ breast in the bunch~! Sides were another point of contention….. you could have mashed potatoes or what vaguely resembled French fries….. no slaw, no corn on the cob, no sweet corn…. NADDA~! I didn’t even bother asking about the pies….. just wasn’t worth my effort.

Back at the house…… yard bird consumed…..more drinks….. ready for a shower and some ZZZZZZ’s. Hopefully even better nights sleep. Even though we have no A/C here, the place is much cooler than the condo because of that fabulous breeze blowing through…. hope it holds out ALL year long…… At my limit, so gonna stop here…..

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!


First full day~!

After a less than stellar night’s sleep in our new abode ( I think a long, hot, tough day, coupled with a new mattress, a new place with new sounds, all kinda ganged up on us both. It’s hard to turn off your brain as you think of the blue dozen things you want/need to get done around your place to make it livable, so we both stumbled out carefully a little after 06:00 – slowly inching our way around this new environment. We walked out for our morning smoke…. instantly missing the roar and view of the waves we had crashing on our own private beach. There is a silence to this place, this morning though….. almost deafening. I think most of you reading this can relate to a deafening silence….. nice once you get to used to it…. which is really easy for me to get used to. The one thing I do need to get used though…… we have a small herd of Peacocks living in very close proximity to us, and come dark thirty, any little thing spooks them and they sound off. Apparently it is now also mating season…. so apparently the nasty little beggars are horny as well and they sound off a LOT~! (If you’ve never heard them…. give it a listen: and they do it ALL night long~~~ Got to love moving to a new place. We have been told ‘you’ll get used to it’ – I’m not so sure about that – but we’ll see…….

I have to go back to the condo tomorrow to let the A/C dude in to work and finish the last little bit of cleaning before we are out of there ‘for good’. I’m really looking forward to getting that behind me. Then I get to spend the next several days, changing our address on about 2 dozen different websites. I had my SCUBA gear sent out for it’s annual inspection and am hoping it gets back soon, so I can get my happy a$$ back underwater…… I’m way past due to blow some  bubbles. For now though, we are officially “West Enders” and now gonna have to “travel” that ‘long’ [30 minute] drive to get to Blues (when they open back up after this virus mess)…….

I’m gonna call it a night, get me a shower…. maybe a little TV before crashing….. We finished House of Cards...…. jeez was that a mess…… I watched [and finished] Tiger King because everybody on the island was talking about it…. no. Entertaining if you like making fun of gay rednecks….. but just basically a waste of time….. Just started Ozarks…….only into second episode, but it shows promise…. for now a couple of new pictures and some more oldies – but goodies.

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!

The mess that is currently our living room


Second bedroom (also known as storage right now)

Our new bed….

Menu from the Lost Dog Pub….. a ‘dive’ by all definitions….

My Queen
My Queens meatball sammich — WAY to much Oregano…. 🙁
It LOOKS a hellva lot better than it tasted… but hey – it’s pizza~!
Cheers to the first night in our new place~!

We have got dozens of these little guys everywhere – which is a good thing…. they eat bugs~!

Photo shoot in Cozumel~


We moved…….!

A lazy start to the day today…. a tasty small breakfast and we both set into our now regular routine of congregating things to be hauled out to the truck[s]….. Oh good lord what happened ???? Before I knew it… I had made countless trips out to the truck[s] hauling stuff….. I also made 4 trips to the dumpster… (140 yards, not  that I counted)…… this went on until a little past 2:00….. at that point, we had decided…. we are moving today……!!!  Neither one of us wanted to have to drive back to mid island…. so we dropped ‘er into low gear and loaded pillows, razors, soap, deodorant and all things essential to ‘not have to come back’ to the condo. We pushed ourselves a little harder and farther than we originally planned… but it just seemed like the thing to do……. Both trucks loaded and headed West….. we got here and dutifully started UN-loading the trucks…… only one little ‘blow up‘ and finally trucks were unloaded. We had already started drinking (don’t roll your eyes – we had to celebrate moving into the place~!)  Hot, sweaty and more tired than either of us wanted to be…… we finally had the trucks unloaded. At the time, neither of us wanted to think about food – but I knew once we cooled off, we would be hungry……. the Deli I have been itching to try out is closed on the weekend, so I called a local bar and ordered cheesy breadsticks, a meatball sub for my Queen and their version of a “all meat” pizza. Surprisingly it only took 20 minutes for it to be done (I think this whole beer virus thing has got food places a little bit more refocused). It looked tasty……. looked…… The breadsticks were…. heh….. we both agreed the meatball sammich had way to much oregano…… the pizza…… DEFINTELY AIN’T Turoni’s….. not even on the same planet…… while I enjoyed each and every bite I took of it…… well, the first dozen bites….. I enjoyed it, but sadly the “itch” was not scratched…….. I took pictures, but sadly, as of yet, cannot find the hootus that I plug into the laptop to transfer pictures. The house is now stacked to the teeth with everything and neither of us is entirely sure where anything is at right now  – – – – – – –  but that’s okay….. we have had ample drinks, enjoying a nice cool breeze wafting through our little place. We have Solid Gold Oldies playing on the TV and all is right now in our little part of the world again…… so I may have to put up some more golden oldie pictures until I find my transfer wire…. so for now….. I’m out…. I stink and need a shower [really bad]… and some sleep in our new bed in or new place……………..!

Good Night Ya’ll ++ + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!

My little bitty buddy

Dickie & Irene

Pain in the a$$ (Marylorreta), Irene and my Queen

The Sailer Trips~

Our Brood

Amanda & Grant

Our gorgeous Daughter Rachael…

My Grandma…

My Aunt Verl~~ <3

My Mess


Fathers Day

Ela & Chris

Paul and April (don’t know dogs name)