Home Depot and some Blues…….

Awake after a crappy night’s sleep….. I guess that’s what I get for saying something about my sleep being so good recently….. last night was full of weird dreams, just not being comfortable….. just all kinds of goofy crap that made for an off night — You ever have those ?? Because of plans to get the ‘kids‘ to the airport and needing to get to Home Depot….. plans for everything else went out the window…..  kids finally came by in about a half of a tizzy – but we got them to the airport in fairly short order and just got word they are now in Miami and on their way back to Tennessee….. we wish them the very best in their travels. They are going back to bury Shawn’s Dad, who passed away on the 4th.  Never some thing anybody wants to do – but sadly, a necessary unpleasantry.

I turned down an opportunity to dive this morning, mainly because the boat was a lot fuller than I prefer and the fact I needed to get to Home Depot for some lawn maintenance equipment. A fubar in communications between me and my bride, had me sitting here until she got back from the airport, but once she was back, I asked if she would like to join me – so we closed the place up and headed off. For the first time in the 2½ years we have been on the island…… we got customer service like it should be at the store. You could almost hear my jaw hit the floor. We got a young man who was friendly, personable, knowledgeable and eager to help~! I almost felt like I was back in the states~! He also managed to have me upgrade the lawnmower I had in mind to one that is self-propelled.  A decision I think I will appreciate in the next couple of months. Were leaving Home Depot and I asked my Queen if she would like to swing out past Blues for a drink ‘or two’…….. A couple island miles out of the way – but it seemed like the thing to do and before you knew it – we were sitting at our favorite hang out chatting with lots of dear friends…… Well, one drink led to two, and two to three and three to….. well you get the idea. After 4 hours or so….. I got a bottle of water and started working on that. It wasn’t long until Angie was ready to go as well. I was going to get a bucket full of wings to go, but my Queen wasn’t in the mood for that, so we opted for the ever speedy Mickey D’s…… shouldn’t take to long, right ? HAHAHahahahaha…… we pulled into the drive through line and in an expeditiously 36 minutes… we were on our way……. only thing hot in the bags were the fries….. but soaked in booze with a 35 minute drive back to the house…. it was still fairly tasty……fairly~~~ Back now safe and sound…. bellies full – we are prepping our selves for a day of ATV business tomorrow. No new pictures for you – so will pull up some older ones you may have missed.

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Walking and some rain………

A little better start to the morning, this morning…. and even though I wasn’t really in the mood – I strapped on my walking devices and headed out for parts unknown. I settled into my walk really quickly and easily, so decided I would go for some Cardio this morning versus distance………I probably should have gave that a second or third thought. Started off by taking the wrong road, but quickly recovered…. and soon found myself attacking the hill that I am sure will start inducing nightmares if I do it again any way soon. According to my handy ‘App’ – elevation at the top is just under 500′. BULL cookies~! As someone who has been at that altitude hundreds of times….. I know I was a LOT higher than that – and I’m here to tell you, when you climb that hill, in less than a mile, it might as well be a million feet. Good God Gerdie that is a long way up~! I have done it once before – but didn’t make it all the way to the top – and that has been eating at me since…… well today – I done her boy~! Yessiree Bob – as far up as I could go on that mountain…. which included a little over grown path for about a 100 yards before it ended….. there is a tower a little higher up – but I’m gonna have to consult some maps before I can figure out how to get to it.

Finally back at the house….. mostly dried off, mostly rehydrated and figuring out the next several days, as they are loading up with bunches of stuff to do. Island kids have to make an impromptu trip back to the states [private business] and we’re gonna keep their [ATV] business running while they’re gone for them. Also trying to drum up a little underwater photog business for me, so for the next 10 days our schedule just got pretty busy….. that’s alright though. We are helping folks out, making a couple of bucks and staying pleasantly busy in the process….. pretty good deal for us old retired folks……..

We have some wonderful gray clouds passing overhead, along with some intermittent rain showers. The temperature has dropped to a balmy 76° with a marvelous cool breeze, there is the most awesome thunder rolling in the far distance and we are thoroughly enjoying it. I have been wet (from sweat and/or rain) for the past 5 hours or so – and am looking forward to a shave and a shower and being dry for a bit. Still waiting to hear from [one of two] dive shops whether I’m diving in the morning or not…… fingers crossed~!

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Don’t know what they are – but they sure were pretty~!

The road UP~!

What I covered so far……

The road ‘to go’……

But OH what a view~!

Path to nowhere……

Best laid plans…..

Up a little bit earlier than I was hoping, to answer natures call – so I just stayed up. I actually enjoy being up early – it gives me a lot more to my day….  Had a bite to eat and started making phone calls to get a couple of items that needed dealt with taken care of…… that was the plan – first call went off fairly smooth, or so I thought. I made the first call about 10:15……. and finally wound up finishing that call about 2:30 in the afternoon…. that included 4 more ‘follow up’ phone calls and an exasperation level that I haven’t hit in quite a while…… but I finally got it done….. I hope. Second phone call was trying to get an appointment to get my lap top fixed…… another exercise in exasperation….. and I’m still waiting for the follow up phone call for that. Ya gotta love life on an island….. So for now I am still using my Caps Lock button when I need to capitalize something…. a whole new method of typing….. woo-hoo.

Rest of the day was on line with a couple of other little odds and ends – managed to sneak in a couple of [non-descript] movies. Actually managed to get quite a bit done today – even though I didn’t actually feel like I got anything done…..  That’s about it for me for today…….. so I’m out. Gonna try and get some walking in tomorrow and probably a trip to Home Depot [&^%$#@]…. I’ve had about all I can take of the punk a$$ kid that is supposed to be keeping the yard mowed – so I’m just gonna do it my damn self….. after I buy some lawn equipment……….

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Looking down through 35′ of water at the bottom
Our beautiful blue Caribbean Sea
Our beautiful blue Caribbean Sea
Our beautiful blue Caribbean Sea
Load on my last dive
It took me almost 3 weeks – but I finally finished the SUPER rich cake I got from my Honeybear for Fathers Day~!
Our overgrown yard

Back into the deep blue…….

Got to sleep in a little bit this morning…. a nice slow easy peaceful start to the day which included a nice big breakfast. By noon – I had the truck loaded, including a cooler of ice cold beer and I headed out for mid-island to catch up to my favorite dive boat and crew. It seemed like forever since I had been on the boat and because I was meeting up with Shawn and his Daughter Kaydence, it made it even more special. Also had one of the new Dive Masters that I have been taking pictures of – and it was good to see him as well. Two deep leisurely dives which gave me ample time to play with my camera. Jeez do I have a bunch yet to learn about it – but learn a bunch about it I did…… white balance is going to be a challenge, but I think I got at least a better handle on it now than I did before the two dives this morning. I did manage a couple of shots I am very happy with…. and knowing the capability of this camera now – I eagerly await every opportunity to dive now to improve on my skills. My new light set up should help immensely when I get it. I had two wonderful encounters on my dives today…. a massive Hawksbill turtle who I initially thought was going to try and bite me – turned out she was just really friendly and wanted her picture taken…. which I happily obliged. Sadly, I didn’t have the white balance set correctly, so the color in the pictures leaves a lot to be desired — but I did manage some decent shots and learned a lot from the photo’s. Second dive – I got to do the same thing with my most very favorite critter – a giant green Moray eel….. Again, I loused the white balance up – but learned a lot and got to interact with him/her for a while~!

Gonna wrap it up here as it is already much later than I would like – so I’m gonna get some pix from today put up for you. I am going to try and get my lap top into the shop for some PM work… so I might be off line for 1-? days waiting  for the work to be done. Don’t give up on me….. I’ll get back as soon as I can………!!!

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Walking and flamboyant’s

A fairly early start after crashing a little bit late last night. Got into a couple of episodes of Designated Survivor and wanted to see what was going to happen  next. Nothing really planned for the day besides wanting to get a walk in….. and by 09:00 – I had strapped on my hiflalutin walking shoes – equipped with my state of the art insoles and I was off like a heard of turtles~! It’s been a while [week or so] since I did any walking and I was kind of looking forward to it – because I really do feel better when I am doing the walks…. While I have been plenty active during my non-walking days…. I just don’t feel as good as when I walk. Especially my belly. Go figure. When I started out, the plan was to hit one of my previous paths up almost 600′ of mountain – but by the time I got to my turn off for that road – I still had not got into my rhythm, so I opted for distance versus the mountain. Sometimes I get into my rhythm really quick and easy and other times it takes me a mile or so…… I didn’t hit it until almost 2 miles today – so glad I decided to skip the hills. When I start out walking…… I cough and hack and hock up loogey’s, belch, occasionally fart…. just basically a bona fide mess, until I settle in and my breathing straightens out. Maybe the mountain on the next walk. I did get to enjoy the beauty of a local tree, now currently in full bloom, called a Flamboyant tree. Lots of them on the island and they are beautiful this time of year — I took several pictures of them for you. Finally back, dried off, hydrated and a small breakfast and ready for the rest of the day. I finished up the breakfast dishes, took the trash out to my truck and headed into town. Dropped the trash off at the dump, stopped by and picked up mail and then stopped at the dive shop to drop off flash drives – thus completing my second job. I also signed up for a dive tomorrow~! I’m ready for a couple of boat dives and having some play time with my new camera~! So should have lots of new underwater pictures for you tomorrow~!

No new underwater work on the books for the immediate future now – but have a couple of small on land jobs I’ll probably try to knock out before my next underwater gig, coming up next week. So signin’ out here…… Pix from today and some from the last month or so you may have not seen yet.

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Flamboyant tree




A hot day of odds and ends……..

Seem to have got my sleep pattern back and it is working out most nights, most of the time….. Up and about…. got my morning stuff out of the way and was soon under way to finish off pictures of the Rescue class I’m shooting now. 40 minute drive up over the ‘Beast’ …. a large mountain that sits between us and Cane Bay where I needed to be – but it was a nice cool morning (80ish°) with a nice breeze and killer views of our beautiful blue Caribbean Sea as I drove. My bride decided to stay at the house, so I had the truck to myself and it was enjoyably quiet as I drove. Got to the class room and took several dozen pictures of the student as she learned mouth to mouth, CPR, bandaging, splinting and lots of other aspects that a Rescue Diver needs to know [your basic first aid course]. She nailed it and after an hour or so – I took off to leave her taking the written part of the exam. Since I was close – I headed on into mid island, figuring I might score a haircut…. yes – it’s been a while and I actually do need one. New guy I like, had a couple of people waiting and told me to be back in an hour…..pretty much same thing I done last couple of times there. Cool~~ I’ll run down to Blues (a quarter of a mile away) – have a beer or two and be back in an hour. I was back in 45 minutes, only to walk in to 5 people waiting and was told – I forgot to tell you I don’t do appointments. Well now that is a bunch of horses….tuff…. but not in the mood to argue…. I told him that I will happily spend my money some where else, slammed the door and just to let him know I was extra unhappy, left tire marks across his little concrete pad as well as slinging gravel and dust across the lot as I left. Juvenile ? YES – but damn it felt good~!

Headed into my least favorite part of the island to Office Max….. that amazingly went quick, smooth and easy – but OMG was it hot~!  Winds are laying down and from noonish to dusk it is getting down right HOT~! How hot ? DAMN hot~! Got my supplies, jumped into my boiling hot truck and motored on back to my Queen. It’s less than a 15 mile drive…. but when you rarely ever get over 25-30 mph….. it takes a while to get to where you’re going….. and did I mention…. it was HOT ? The A/C works in my truck – but I don’t like to use it – cause when you get out of the truck – that heat and humidity really smack you upside the head…… especially now that we do not have a nice cool condo to run into. We’re learning….. and adapting. My Queen did a good job of calming me down when I got home [getting me liquored up]….. but the sun is setting, we had a nice small dinner and it’s cooling off….. so – it’s all good~~~!  😉

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Sand Dollar

2 July …..

Had one of them really good nights sleep last night….! Love those kind – wake up feeling rested and refreshed and not looking like I had been run over by a log wagon. I guess a long tough day in the water, a double quarter pounder and probably 2 drinks to many will do that to a feller every now and again. Up and on the road fairly early to get to my Doctor’s appointment. She [actually both of us now] suspect my BP cuff may not be reading correctly – as 3 different measurements in her office while I was there showed very acceptable readings…. so I have a process to go through to make sure I am getting accurate readings….. it sure would explain why she is having so much trouble getting my BP under control. She took me off one med about a week ago – and since then my feet and ankles have been swelling up….. I’m talking to the point of painful because the skin is being stretched so tight……. hells bells…. the other day I almost couldn’t get my diving fins on…. and those opening are huge – so she set up a schedule to get that taken care of…… why can’t anything be  simple ?? Finally content – she let me loose but wants to do a blood workup on me, just to look at everything else – but that won’t be until my next visit in two months.

Left Doc and stopped by Blues. Seems as though my Queen is being hired to do a little prep work for them. I think it’s only 1 day a week and it is in an air conditioned trailer…… so it should be a good thing for her. That will get her out of the house and give her a little something to do and look forward to….. plus it will be helping out Jim and Deb. Now we just need to get her a vehicle so I’m not stuck here in the house….. the care she is waiting on could take ‘a couple of months’ and I don’t think either of us are up for that. Course, we had to stay and have a couple of drinks….. which we did, but left after the third one…… ermazing uh?  LOL~! We drove on out to Sweet Bottom Dive center and I got quite the education on camera lighting systems. Mark, one of the owners and a buddy of mine – did an outstanding job explaining all the pieces and parts in a language I could understand and by the time we finally left – I have a lighting system for my camera on order~! Should be here in less than 2 weeks…. Woo-Hoo~!!!!

When that was wrapped up – we went next door for a [nother] drink and a bite to eat. Angie surprised me by ordering beef  Taco’s…. I opted for a grilled chicken breast with bacon and pepper jack cheese, lettuce and tomatoes with a side of onion rings. We enjoyed the killer view from restaurant (looking out over Cane Bay), enjoyed a 3 minute rain shower which cooled everything off nicely and chatted with a couple of friends as they left. Onion rings were really greasy – but really good and I’m sure me and my bride will both pay the price for me having them….. totally worth it~! I have a couple ‘class room’ shots to take tomorrow which will wrap up my current contract….. so hopefully – I can get in some recreational diving for a little bit before settling into my next job.

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July the One-th~!

Yes – I am still expounding on the first of the month… for reasons I’ll probably never get….. I like the sound of ‘the One-th‘…….  Up after a reasonable nights sleep – and in town a little earlier than usual to resume taking pictures of a Rescue Diver course…… a couple of hours of class work and hands on training, before moving out into the water for practical application. Once we got into the water – I went from the ocean floor to the surface so many times….. I actually lost count of the number of times I went up and down. Fortunately- none of the trips to the bottom was more than 25′-30’ so the up and down did not do a lot of harm to my body…… I will log them all as one compilation dive….. 1 dive for ‘X’ number of minutes….. fortunately… my dive computer will do that math for me. The couple doing the dives got put through their paces plus some extra……. Again, it is so much fun to watch everybody else doing that instead of me – although I did get a pretty good workout today trying to get ‘that perfect shot’ that I’m sure my employer is looking for. Now that I have the pictures edited – I’m 99.9999% sure I have a ton of pictures she is going to be really happy with. LOVE my new camera……..!

Back at the house… gear rinsed…. I inhaled my double quarter pounder from yesterday [and still hungry] and having drinks while I chat with you all. Had a fun conversation with neighbors while out smokin’ a cigarette when they came home. Now back in trying to get you all close to 500 words.

I have an appointment with Doc in the a.m. – trying to get my BP under control. Will probably stop and have a drink or 6 at Blues while we’re back in that part of the island – then I want to swing out past another dive shop and look at lights and a tray for my camera……. depending on the number of drinks I have had, will probably determine whether I come home with a new lighting system for my camera  😉 Right now, I am in serious need of a shower and some sleep – so some shots from today……… May try and get some random shots tomorrow – as I know there are several of you that like them……

Good Night Ya’ll ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Thankx for stopping in~!


A day off — and got hootied…….. dammit

Up bright and early after a wonderful nights slumber in that oh so wonderful conditioned air. Even though we had a pouring rain in the middle of the night – our usually ever present trade wind across the island has been mostly absent and even though it rarely ever gets over 90° here, without that wonderful breeze – it can get down right stuffy. Getting the little A/C for our bedroom was definitely a good call, as it allows for the much needed comfortable nights sleep us old fogey’s need….. well, at least me anyway.

Plan was to go car shopping today for my Bride, after the island ‘kids‘ got done using my truck……… My bride made us a scrump-dilli-icious breakfast while waited…. only to be pinged and said use of truck plans were cancelled for the day. No worries – we finished up what we needed around here and headed out looking for vehicles……. jeezus what a joke on this island. We checked out several places, only to give up and stop at Blues.  Actually a good thing we did, as during normal bar conversation we came upon what sounds to be exactly the car [in our price range] that we were looking for, for my Queen. Conversation and plans in place to check it out as soon as it available. So we sat and chatted with friends we haven’t seen in a while and just had a ball. Sure was great to be hanging out there again~! We sat there until I was at the point where I was going to have to switch to water….. which I really didn’t want to do – but luckily, my bride was ready to go at that point, so we settled up our bill and headed out. Good, good times……..

I was mostly hungry by that point and in serious need of something solid in my belly – so I took the long way back and swung into one of our local McDonalds. We got our meal reasonably quick [for island time] less than 15 minutes and we were on out way. I munched on 2 Filet-0-Fish sammiches and a medium order of fries while I called the v-e-r-y slow driver in front of me all kinds of names. In all fairness though…. I was also trying to deal with someone calling me on the phone (4 different  times….Angie was answering the phone so be quiet girls) plus answering questions from a FB message….. not an ideal situation to enjoy a long anticipated Mickey D’s meal…… but we finally made it back, without hitting anyone, although admittedly, I did yell out the window a couple of times….. we’re back now and safe – mostly full (I hate to admit my double quarter pounder will have to wait until probably after diving tomorrow)….. I have gulped a bottle of water [and 3 Excedrin] and am now trying desperately to make sense while I type this. I opted out of apple pies from McD’S (which they’re usually out of anyways) so I can have yet another piece of the delicious cake my Honeybear sent me for Fathers day. Now I am one of the original junk food junkies…. but let me tell you….. this cake is soooooo rich….. how rich is it??? OMG – I am down to one little sliver at a time when I have a piece – but I ain’t giving up~! Got another contract to shoot more pictures with a local dive shop…. so back to work tomorrow [under water] — Woo-hoo~!!!

Good Night Ya’ll* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

My cake from my Honeybear~~~ <3


Why yes – those are air fresheners hanging from that bush…… No – I have no friggin’ idea why……..


A long slow hectic day……

Up and at it early this morning, to get ready for my final day of the Divemaster training….. turned out, all that was left was final signing of paperwork…. but I dutifully captured it on my camera [started to say on film] 😉  The instructor invited me to tag along on the next class he was starting after lunch…… and well, I was there…. I had my gear and my camera’s….. so what the heck. I hung around waiting for class to start. As it turned out… another instructor was teaching an Open Water class…. so I slid on over and popped off several pictures of him and his class while I waited. Finally in the water for the newest Rescue Diver class. Having been through that class – I felt a little more at ease, knowing what was coming and what to expect. It made taking pictures a little bit easier too, as I knew the procedures, which made it easier for me to know what position to be in to get the best shots. I also managed to sneak in a couple of minutes of playing with my camera while the students did their search patterns…. which would have basically been pictures of people swimming….. so I played with my camera for a little bit — couple of cool shots out of of the dozen or so I took. I can’t hardly wait for some fun dives to toy with the camera…….. I spent the rest of the day, once again chasing students around under water and watch them getting put through their paces. Instructor finally wrapped it up and we headed back for the shop.

Back here….. gear rinsed, me showered, a bite to eat and editing now done….. looking forward to spending the day with my Queen tomorrow looking for another vehicle for her…. may have to stop by Blues and have a drink or six before heading back to this end of the island. Island kids need to borrow the truck tomorrow morning before we head out – so looking forward to a nice slow start to the day. For now though…. glad the day is done and looking forward to some nice conditioned air sleep. Will try and snap some ‘out and about’ photo’s tomorrow….. but not promising anything…… lot’s of pictures from today to share in case I don’t get any taken tomorrow.

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!