Back in the big blue pool~~~

Up fairly early this morning – even earlier than I planned because Ma-Nature was knockin’ on my door…….. Up to a cool quiet morning….. got bathroom stuff done and settled in to catch up on world news…… or whatever you chose to believe. I enjoyed an hour and a half of quiet and solitude before my Queen finally came out to start her day. By the time coffee was ready – I had about 15 minutes left before I had to leave, but enjoyed a couple of sips out of the coffee my Queen poured me.

Out on the North shore today….. visibility still leaves a lot to be desired….. couple that with another strobe dying….. picture taking was a challenge today – but I managed a couple of decent shots for you all. I shopped around locally trying to find another lighting system…. but to no avail. I have the system, I want picked out – just have to furnish a payment method…… DAMMIT Emmit~! I have a ‘big’ shoot tomorrow I would really like to have 2 strobes for….. but don’t look like it’s gonna happen……. DAMMIT EMMIT~!! Tomorrow [with less alcohol in me] I’m going to order an entirely new lighting system……. hate to do it – but is a must have…… besides…. at the pace I’m going right now – it will be “paid for” within 6 months.

Tomorrow afternoon, the [dive]shop is hosting another ‘Dive with your Jr’ day. The past several events have had a nice turn out and is nice advertising for the shop…. so – big day for me tomorrow – complicated by the fact I have to get all my shots with one strobe……… dammit Emmit~!

My Queen has fed me a wonderful meal of Spaghetti and cheese cake dessert….. belly full, snoot full…… I’m ready for a shower and some sleep…….

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!!!!



Last day on the trails…….. for a while.

Slept in a little bit this morning, without the effects of being ‘behind’ for the entire day….. Had our coffee… a small bite to eat and out the door for another day of leading people up the mountain top and through our local rain forest.  Two very unique groups today — first tour was one of the slowest tours I’ve ever done — but I’m good with that…. I’d rather have some one say they have never ridden before and is scared to death – than the hot dogs that says “Yeah – I’ve ridden my entire life” when it becomes quickly and painfully obvious….. they rode a 4 wheeler once in their life, 15 years ago…… and trust me – I can tell you who is who before we get off of the lot real good……… First group was friendly, engaging and did not deny they were VERY inexperienced.. I like and appreciate those type….. SOOOO much easier to deal with.  Second group – all said they ‘grew up riding’…… like wise… it takes less than a couple of minutes to realize… they were indeed… very experienced riders. That can be a fun group too [a very fast tour] Only down side….. is these folks tend to “abuse” a rented machine. Happily, one ‘light’ warning about machine abuse….. and everybody behaved and made for a very fast paced fun tour……. one extreme to another today. We had a couple of decent tippers today – but the majority let us [collectively] work our a$$ of to ensure they had a good time and didn’t bother to express their gratitude through a tip. One of the struggles of dealing with the general public.

The day finally done, machines washed and filled with gas and put up – we had JUST enough time to clean up a little bit and jump into vehicles and get to the airport to pick up island ‘kids’ and their kids and deliver them to yon mountain top. Back at our place…. a [small] bite to eat – a LOT to drink and trying to get my stuff up here before I go back to diving ‘for a living’………………………. I’m out….. tired and a lot to drink……. gotta love island life………

Good Night Ya’ll ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Thankx for stopping in~!


A day off……?

Slept in a little bit this morning and was rewarded for it by having to hurry up and go out and jump my Bride’s car [battery is apparently ka-put]. She dropped it off at the garage before going to spend her day at Blues. She just barely got to have any kind of morning before taking off….. that’ll teach both of us to sleep in~! After she left – I finished my one cof of cuppee before putting on my traveling duds and heading out for the BMV. I was informed by phone last night, my paperwork and plates were ready for the car~! This has been going on since very early January~!!! Still – I was not excited about having to go…. just a hunch. I waited patiently [as I could] in line until it was my turn at the window. Told her why I was there and she hunted for a bit and finally said yes – here it is. I paid my $49.00 and she slid out a wad of paperwork along with a new title, registration and inspection sticker. Ermazing~!! I stood there for a couple more minutes before she said I could ‘move on’……. UHMmmm…. no— where are my license plates ?? More shuffling of papers…… (The line, that had 3 people in it, now has about a dozen people – all giving me the stink eye for being up there for so long….  like it was my fault) ……here, you will need to fill this out and have it notarized and then come back to the window.   UHMmm….. I don’t think so…. I ‘had’ everything I needed when you all took it away from me back in January….. (insert an eye roll you could actually hear) More paper work shuffling…. some grumbling that did not sound encouraging…. more paper being shuffled….. AH- Here it is… That’ll be $71.00. What?? Does that include a Senior discount…. No Ma’am I don’t want to start over [sliding her the bank card]….. Thank you Ma’am…. have a good day………….. I thought the folks in line were going to start applauding…..all while still giving me the stink eye. Anyhow — I made sure I had all the right stuff and skee-daddled~! Turns out I have 2 new registrations…. figured out which one is the right one and the second one got shredded….. that person can go get their own stink eye~!

Back at the house, cleaned up a little bit and then tied into a a waaaay past due yard…… good grief. The rains we have been getting not only filled all the mud holes up on the trails… it’s had the grass growing at double time and with family and trails, I had not been staying up with it. Plus it was good and humid today – so I was drenched after the almost 2 hours it took me to get it done. Sitting in front of a fan….. I just finished paying bills and my Bride should be home any minute….. so [hopefully] only one more day of trails before I can get back into the water~!

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!




We be drivin’~!

Hi All,

It’s been a long tough day Ya’ll……. exasperating is a really good word…. It is now after 7:00 PM…… I have some good greasy KFC in my belly….. 2 or 7 drinks and I’m too tired to type for very long….. some pix from my very trying day….. taking the day off tomorrow… got a couple of ‘must get done’ tomorrow… we’ll see, hope I do….

Good Night Ya’ll / / / / / / / / / / / / / / Thankx for stopping in~!


We be divin’~!

Up and out of bed a smidge before I wanted to this morning…. was snoozin’ pretty good even though I went to bed mostly early…… those mornings are rare and almost always happen when I “can’t” sleep in…… go figure. Got my Queen in bed after feeling mostly poorly most of the day and we both settled in…… altho she did  make a couple of extra trips to the bathroom during the course of the night – she said she felt much better this morning. I took off for a couple of dives [more on those in a minute] this morning and by the time I got back – my Bride was mostly back to her old self…… still being a little cautious, but she did eat her a little bit of a dinner and I’m happy about that. I had a dinner of cheese puffs (not the smartest selection I could have made) and followed that up with a nuked left over burger. Normally I would be distraught about that selection, but besides a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit this morning – it’s all I’ve had all day today….. but it hit the spot and is soaking up most of the vodka that I have had so far……   😉

Underwater visibility still mostly sucks – and no one on the island is exactly sure why. It is obvious it is improving, but it dang sure is taking it’s good old sweet time about it. As I stated previous – it adds a whole new dimension to getting decent pictures…. but I’m learning my way through it now. More camera and light issues today….. I think I figured out the camera issue – the light issue I’m sure is these lights just cannot stand up to professional use……. so whether I want to or not (and I really do) I’m gonna have to get me a new light kit. As my ability progresses – I cannot afford to lose photo opportunities because my lights can’t keep up……  be a dang shame if I had to get a new camera too……  😉   To date though – my new ‘job’ has well “paid for” my current camera set up….. so I can’t beef about it. Time to do some home work……  Nothing huge or exciting on today’s dives. A couple of big sharks, but they didn’t want anything to do with me……. still managed some shots I liked and hope you will too.

Back on the ATV trails tomorrow…….. we just finished having a massive [cool] rain here that should ensure the mud on the trails tomorrow will be ankle deep and the mud holes should be at least knee deep. Always makes for a more interesting ride like that…… hope we have some decent drivers so I don’t have to hop off of my machine to often.  That last rain has cooled it down to a modest 81°. When it the squall first came through, my bride and I both had goose bumps from the rapid cooling….. I like it [briefly]. Looks to be wet most of the rest of the week, but what are ya gonna do – but get out in it and enjoy being there~!

Good Night Ya’ll < < < < < < < < < < < < Thankx for stopping in~!


When you get your lights a LITTLE to close to your subject………



Coming back to normal….. maybe

After a fairly reasonable night’s sleep – I was a little taken aback at the fact when I tried to stand up – my back tried to give out on me…… dammit emmit I figured it would be better by now. Once I got up and moving it did start to feel a little better and I proceeded to take all of my batteries off charge and start loading camera equipment. My Bride joined me after a bit and we sat and had coffee and finished waking up. I grabbed my gear bag and slung it up over my shoulder with minimal pain or effort – so I figured I was good to go. Got to the marina – loaded my gear, put my camera together and helped welcome the guests on board for the morning. Fairly small group (7 divers) and soon we were underway. Due to crew shortage… I fill in as necessary (extra eyes and muscle)….. it helps them out and I don’t mind. Visibility on both dives still left a lot to be desired – but a definite improvement over the weekend ‘Discover’ dive with Michael and the boys. I’ll be glad for it to return….. it makes getting decent pictures dang near impossible the way it is now. I managed some today – but none brag worthy. Saw 2 sharks on the second dive and neither one of them want a thing to do with me. I did find a small nurse shark who was pretty cooperative and a Stingray that was mostly cooperative…… some nice corals and fans and all the divers to get their pictures… so I stayed nice and busy – and I loved it. I actually forgot my back hurting until I had to climb up into the boat – there was a reminder~! A very long, very bouncy ride to the second dive site did not help my back any….. just kept reminding me it was there. Coming up after the second dive was a little bit better….. now back, gear rinsed. I ran into town to pick up laundry (apparently my Queen has picked up the same kind of ‘bug’ I had last week and didn’t feel like doing laundry) – So I picked up some Imodium (or something like that) and the laundry. Got the meds into my Queen, and started folding laundry in between editing pictures and getting them put up on line. The laundry folded the clothes’, but most were inside out and folded very poorly. Laundry done, I got Angie to eat a little bit….. gonna do dishes and catch a shower and hopefully get us both into bed early tonight. More diving tomorrow~! We’re diving out on this end of the island tomorrow so I have the short drive to ‘work’~! Yay~!!

Bouncy along a muddy trail…..

Between ATV stuff until 3:00, mowing and weed eating until 4:00 or so…. editing and posting pictures for 3 hours or so, squeezing in a shower and something to eat – – I ran out of time pretty quick last night. While I have been getting a decent nights sleep the last couple of nights – I apparently am not giving my back the time it needs to rest, as it hurts as bad now has it ever has. The plan today was to come back and get the yard mowed after todays tours, but by the time I got back from getting gas and hanging the tank back up – It was all I could do to get out of the truck when I got back here…… so I opted to let our yard wait an extra day or so. Not sure what I did to my back – but must have a done a pretty decent job of it.

No trails for the next couple of days….. instead….. diving…. it has got to be better for my back than bouncing around on an ATV~! Plus the ‘exercise‘ of kicking may help…. don’t know – but sure am looking forward to finding out. Also looking forward to getting back in that beautiful blue water. Gotta finish up here and go make sure all my camera stuff is ready……..haven’t messed with it in well over 2 weeks……. hells bells…. I’m gonna have to relearn all that stuff  😉 For now though… a nice cool shower and relax with my Queen.

Good Night Ya’ll > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!



Back on Land……

Got the ‘kids‘ off to the airport yesterday and on their way…. safely there now – Yay. Up this morning after a pretty decent night’s sleep [for me…. I don’t think my Bride did that good]….. course – a snoot full of Vodka, a couple of muscle relaxers from my Queen and another glass full of Vodka….. yeppers… I did pretty alright sleeping~! Up bright and early after crashing/passing out fairly early….. 8:30ish…… Sadly, woke up and my back hurt almost as bad as it did when I went to sleep….. just didn’t care that it hurt last night  😉  Foolishly opted to skip breakfast – and settled for a hand full of pills instead…… Got to the yard, checked all the bikes…. one flat tire in the bunch….. found the leak and plugged it (I think) and got everything ready for the day….. first group in [on time] fun, careful drivers…a really good group. I’ll take those kind of tours all day long~~~ Second group….. 30 minutes late.. really messes up our tour…. but we improvised and the group had a ball…. as long as the guest are happy….. we’re happy~!   Got the very dirty bikes washed and put away for the day (seriously HUGE mud holes up there right now)…… came back to the house after swinging by the pharmacy for more drugs…… loaded up the lawn mower and weed eater and headed back into town for some yard maintenance…… An hour later – back here at the house…… gear all washed off and put away and settle in to editing pictures. 2+ hours of editing pictures and putting said pictures up on FB….. I have managed to inhale a couple of hot dogs and a burger…. washed down with a couple of Oreo’s and a splash of Vodka/Cran while I do all that. It is now almost 7:00 and my happy as…. butt is ready for a shower and some sleep. I fully intend to abuse some more muscle relaxers before falling into bed tonight and doing it all over again tomorrow (only mowing the yard here at the house after tours this time)…… not a glamourous life…… but certainly a busy one…… counting down the days (Sunday) until I can get back in the water~!!

Good Night Ya’ll # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Thankx for stopping in~!


Back to our routine ?

My Honeybear and her family are safely back in Vandenburg county Indiana now – and my Bride and I are rapidly re-adjusting to our more quiet island life style….. kinda. We went to bed unusually late last (11:00ish) after watching a movie we both later we admitted we have seen before – but enjoyed [and forgot enough] we both watched it again. Tom Selleck….  Jesse something or other…Stone Cold. He always plays such manly roles and does such a good job at it…….. definitely worth a second watch. We also watched Coming to America 2…. (I’m with holding comment on that one) and – as such – we slept in a teeny tiny bit this morning but were both out of bed by 7:00-ish. Not to many things to do today other than  get Shawn & Cynthia hauled to the airport…. which we did. The plan was to ALSO get at least one yard mowed today (ours or the ATV yard) – but a very early rain put the kybosh on that. I thought maybe after I got back from the airport, I could get at least one of them knocked out. Enter [stage left] a really FUBAR’d back.  What’s that ? I didn’t mention that ? Silly me. Yesterday morning when I got up…. I made my usual slow motion ‘try not to disturb‘ my bride exit from the bed. Happy and proud to say I have it almost down to an art…… almost. I cleared the bed, but as I reached down to grab my shorts – I apparently was still trying to navigate into my flip flops, as I bent over [and simultaneously turned] O.M.G.~! something ‘popped’ and it felt like a dozen hot ice picks sliding into the base of my spine. Right above my hips….  Butter my butt and call me a biscuit~! I have not had a pain like that in a long, long, very long time~! I leaned on everything I could and finally made it into the bathroom. It hurt so bad – I could not bend at the waist to wash my face or brush my teeth without leaning on the sink… OMG. I felt like an invalid trying to get the most basic things done…….

LOTS of aspirin, lots of booze, some muscle relaxers and more booze have kept me operating the last couple of days. The original plan was to get the ATV yard mowed tonight before we start tours tomorrow morning…. but rain showers and an ugly tender back just ain’t gonna let that happen~! I can get up and move  mostly pain free now [compliments of booze and muscle relaxers] – but tomorrow should prove to be a real interesting day – out bouncing around on the muddy trails up in the rain forest. All that bouncing is either going to make my back a lot better [fingers crossed] or a lot worse. Dammit Emmit. I’m definitely hoping better as I have already scheduled boat dives for my couple of days ‘off’. As they say…. no rest for the wicked…. or weary…… something like that~~ Trails tomorrow~!

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!

It is what Dad’s do…. throw their children….. (Papaw helps with the bigger ones) .
Gotta love a unique camera angle…….
Me & My Honeybear……… <3 



Heading home :-(

Well we roused a little earlier than usual and picked up our state side bunch and headed into downtown Frederiksted to ‘Polly’s by the Pier‘ for one of their famous breakfasts. We got in and actually got a couple of tables [side by side] – orders were placed and soon we are all enjoying one of those wonderfully delicious breakfasts that my Bride and I often enjoy. Bellies full, we collected some cooler bags and an actual cooler and headed out to Cottages by the Sea to start the packing process…… yes – sadly, our baby and her family are heading back to the states today. It has already been a week and while there were some trying times, some sun burns and other ailments, I think over all it was a huge success. They had to be out by noon, which was fairly rigorously enforced. A rain shower and a dead battery in my brides car added to the challenge of getting everybody to the airport – but we got them there and barely got our goodbyes said before my Queens car started over heating and we had to ski-daddle post haste. Got a ping saying everybody was on the plane and ready to head out – and now anxiously waiting to here that made it safely back to the land of plenty. We hardly even got away from the airport and already miss them. The bummer part of a family visit…… when they have to go back.

We got both vehicles back to the house, appointment made to have the car looked at, a little bit of food in our bellies, 1 or 5 drinks and here we sit, slowly easing back into our little island routine. We haul the island ‘kids’ to the air port tomorrow and start running their ATV business for them for the next week while they are gone……. I have already scheduled my next couple of dives (in between ATV days and my Queen has her ‘Blues’ days – so this coming week ought to shoot by as well……. pretty hectic life for a couple of old retired people…… still haven’t got results [or] time to follow up on recent medical issues – but honestly – have felt better this past week than I have this year….. so happy with that. I have a ton of pictures I am sure I have not shared with you yet – so will do that and TRY not to put up pictures that I already have……. work with me here – I’m an old guy……

Amanda and company are due in, in about a month or so…… already looking forward to that while we work, miss our baby and her family and try to get back into a routine for a bit…… Gotta love being retired on a tropical island~~~

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!