One more before we fly………..

I managed to get myself just tired enough tonight that I wasn’t gonna get on here and write……. best laid plans I guess. I come  up with a song though for my FB music trivia that is appropriate [in my mind] for tonight….. and it got me thinking that there is an above average chance….. that I won’t be on here for the next week or so- but I’m gonna do my level best to write at LEAST a couple times while we are back in the land of plenty…….. I don’t want to lose any of you- my faithful readers.. I can almost promise you nothing tomorrow night. We don’t land in Evansville until almost 10:00 at night and that is already WAY past our bed time, so you don’t have to look for anything tomorrow night. Our schedule is starting to fill up pretty quick for our visit back to the states- but I would like to think we’ll get back to the house, a couple of nights, early enough to jump on here and holler out a couple of lines and drop some pictures. For now though—- I’m pooped. A LONG day tomorrow but OH SO worth it to hug and squeeze and kiss kids and grandbabies we haven’t seen in a while………

If I don’t manage to get on here before then….. I hope each and every one of you get to spend some special time with special people, be it family or friends or a magical mix of both and that you have a wonderfully marvelous Thanksgiving~!

Good Night Y’all + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!






More West end diving

Found out dives today were out here on my end of the island again…. Yay~!! MUCH less driving for me. Had to park 3 blocks away because everything was blocked off for another cruise ship that came in today….. Dammit Emmit~! A couple of good dives though. First was the Deep Wrecks. A sunken car hauler sitting next to a sunken tug boat. LOTS of life on both vessels. Got to see the biggest spotted moray eel I have seen to date. (Verawarning.. lots of pictures of the Eel) Gorgeous eel and it hung out and let me take as many pictures of it as I wanted. I even have some video of it~! Beautiful~!! The tug boat had a small sting ray cruise by and several Atlantic Spade fish… big beautiful fish. The second dive is called a drift dive. You bail off of the boat and just let the current carry you. Great way to effortlessly cover a lot of ground. This one was just right… a slow current that gave you lots of time to nose around. Couple of the divers carrying spears with them, hit the jackpot on Lion Fish (invasive species that we kill on site)…. On a normal dive… we usually see 2 or 3 of the Lion Fish. Today we killed somewhere close to 30 of them~! We lost count because there was so many… but we definitely put a dent in the population~! Just a real good day in the water.

Back at the house, everything rinsed, editing pictures and having drinks with my Bride…… Island kids came by and needed a drive to the airport— so I obliged and brought their vehicle back here to the house. I know it’s hard to believe but the airport charges outrageous amounts to leave a vehicle there over 5 hours….. so it’s common practice to be dropped off and picked up when shuttling to and from the island. Pictures are finally all edited and put up. Bellies are full…. eating whatever left overs we have trying to get the fridge emptied out or at least thinned down so we don’t lose anything to spoilage while we are back in the land of plenty. Although I was pressured to do the 2 morning dives tomorrow- I opted out of them because I didn’t want to press my luck. I still intend to do the JR dive, but that dive never gets over 40′ deep and it is just one dive. I will still have a 24 hour surface interval after doing it before flying. Have a bunch of last minute things to get done before leaving….. so working on them already….. looking forward to seeing friends and family although I hear it is already ridiculous cold. What is that about ???? I hope I run into some of Y’all while we’re back. See ya soon.

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Moko Jumbies in the picture (two of them)

Caribbean Sting Ray

Spotted Moray Eel

PB180175  <——EEL Video

French Angel Fish (notice there 2 Lion Fish beneath it)

Lion Fish
Stove Pipe Sponges

Dang- two days in a row………..

JUST back from a nice dinner out with our island kids. It was supposed to be us and them for billing, but they swooped in under the guise of ‘Our Thanksgiving to you‘ and paid the whole bill. A delightful evening with company being at the top of the list. We have been pelted with rain almost all day and the evening breeze was a nice cool damp-ish kinda breeze that made small goose bumps pop up when it hits you just right. (Especially if you have been on the island long enough for 75 degrees to feel cool to you)~~ We chatted, drank, ate and laughed for a couple of hours enjoying that nice cool breeze before finally calling it for the night. The ‘kids‘ just pinged me to let me know they have made it back to the top of their mountain. My bride is sitting across from me quietly engrossed in what ever it is she is looking at, smiling to herself. I have already had my shower, so that, a very full belly of some stir fry with a batch of chicken thrown in, good company….. a couple bites of a dessert so sweet it makes your teeth hurt….. and I am looking forward to an early night hitting the sack. I thought I only had one more day of diving before we head back to the land of plenty…. but a heart felt ‘plea’ to take pictures Saturday afternoon has now added an extra day of diving to my schedule.

You are not supposed to fly within 24 hours of diving…. but doing the math…. I can get in this one dive and have exactly 24 hours lay off before climbing into the wild blue yonder. Stay calm—- I wouldn’t do it if I thought for a second I could get hurt by doing it. I may be crazy- but like to think I am NOT overly stupid~~ The dive is our monthly “JR” dive….. where we get a load of kids that are learning how to SCUBA dive….. most have their parents with them – and I have to confess…. it makes for some really great pictures….. the kids with their parents diving. Will still give me ample time to get packed and ready for our trip back to the land of plenty.

Two fun dives today on our end of the island….. so I got to hang out here an extra half hour plus got back a half hour earlier than usual. Nothing heart racing about today’s dives…… but some nice pictures out of both of them……. 2 dives tomorrow morning… again on this end, so I have a little extra time at home with my bride. Even Saturday’s dive is out here… so saving me LOTS in gas~! For now— gonna leave you some pix from today and heading for bed.

Good Night Y’all * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!


Kinda like a pin ball

Here I am again……… kinda feel like a pin ball this week. On again, off again and all over the place. There have been a couple of days where I was just plain ole worn out. The days I have been doing my Dive Master classes in particular are taxing- because I have to use my brain too  😉    Yesterday we had to tread water for 15 minutes….. easy enough to do in salt water……. but you got an extra point, if your hands were up out of the water for the last two minutes. Well brothers and sisters let me tell ya…… I need all the ‘extra’ points I can get. I have been pretty much nailing all the other stuff but just making the median scores. Not that I ain’t been tryin’ though~! We have 3 big swim tests coming up…… tests that score a lot…… tests that I am dreading….. because I’m not sure I can complete them let alone complete them in the allotted time. One for sure, I’m fairly certain, I’m not going to ‘make it’. It is a very long swim (400 yards without mask, snorkel or fins) and it is timed.  The other one is twice the distance, but you get to use mask, fins and a snorkel. I can rely on my legs for that and just hope my lungs hold out.      The other one…… Uuggh… I have not had a usable Rotator Cuff in my right shoulder now for probably close to 10 years and conventional swimming [for me] is almost impossible. I can’t throw a baseball more than about 30′ without intense pain. There are a couple of styles of swimming (on the surface) I can do – but will never be able to cover that distance in that time span. The other two – I should be able to do. I may not set any records doing it… but I’ll be able to do. The third one is towing an “unconscious/tired” diver for a 150 yards. Here again, mostly done by legs and mine haven’t failed met yet. Just that one friggin’ swim~!! It is starting to haunt me when I am trying to go to sleep at night. I just may corral the Instructor and have him go out and time me and get it over with. Or I guess I could get him drunk and bribe him…..  😉  JUST kidding~!! He has a lot more class than that. If I score enough ‘bonus’ points…. all I need is to score a”1” on that swim….. but that means completing the swim……. Should be an interesting day in the water.

Speaking of interesting days…… a tad bit ‘sporty’ out on the water today….. sure made it interesting trying to get back on the boat…….. hot diggety dog…. but we all made it and no one got hurt~!! There was lots of shark action for me today as well…… so I have LOTS of shark pictures for you today~!! I think the rest of my days are short ones until we leave. I have some on-line stuff to get done, but the web site is officially FUBAR’d…… so I can’t do that yet~~~ Gotta love all this new age, internet web thingys stuff you get to deal with now days……….

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!

PB160001  <—- Rough Water video


Shame on me…………..

I have managed to get myself busy enough (maybe too busy??)… that I’m having a heckva time trying to keep up with the others things I normally do…… Not sure yet if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I know there are at least a couple of folks who actually look forward to reading my ramblings on here each night (luv ya Vera) but as I start admitting that I am no longer 25 years old…… well- I still am in my brain…. but my body is screaming “hold on just a second fat boy”………  Today was a very light boat today…… we actually had twice as many staff as we did guests…. yes- 2 divers and 4 staff. A couple of them are working on their Dive Master certification. Technically, I am too, but I’m taking a little different path than the two young whipper snappers that are zooming around the ocean like they don’t have a freekin‘ brain…… fun (although terribly annoying) to watch. We got finished with both dives….. I actually did nothing except take pictures those 2 loads…… it was kinda nice. Afterward – we all met up out West beside the Pier for some hands on Dive Master training…… while I am taking a slightly different approach….. it has been made clear my certification will not be “handed” to me…. I will have to earn it. So we spent a couple of hours being put to the test…… I will admit- I may have got to ‘slide’ through a couple of the assignments, but the Instructor also made sure I was capable of doing what was needed by telling me to perform demonstrations of certain tasks. I did as asked and he was happy with what he saw. I am not going to let the certification be “handed” to me…. I have a lot more pride than that…… but graciously accept a ‘pass’ here and there. Finally done for the day… back home with my Bride. A Dinner of stuffed green peppers and corn on the cob. I didn’t think I was hungry but made short order of everything on my plate when it was set in front of me…….yum~!

Filling out forms for Medicare, trying to get on line training done for Dive Master…. still need to get showered up and ready for bed so I can do pretty much the same thing all over again tomorrow……. I guess from your side of this conversation…. it sounds like I might be whining…… nothing farther from the truth~! Just hope ‘some’ of you understand a little better, when I don’t get on here and ramble a little bit for you~~~ Pix from today……

Good Night Ya’ll ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Thankx for stopping in~!





Wowser what a day~~

Sorry ya’ll – – – – yesterday kind of suddenly turned into a long enough day by the time I got caught up where I needed to be – it was also late enough that I didn’t want/couldn’t start anything else. This whole week just kinda came rushing up and caught be a bit by surprise……. I ‘hate‘ going to bed knowing there are things that need to be done….. but this week has proved to be a lot of it and helped realize – that I can indeed can go onto bed and mostly fall asleep- even though there is stuff that needs to be done. I guess maybe part of the aging process ? It just gradually wears your old a$$ down until you are at the point – where you could ‘probably‘ do it…. but just to tired to try it and and just old enough to not give a damn if it upsets somebody…….. With the appropriate amount of training/practice– I think I just might like this particular phase of my life…… definitely some future in it I think  😉

Finished up the big group of divers we had in last week….. recreational divers plus a handful of them getting various certifications. They all done really good and I can say with all honesty, that this bunch has been one of the most fun, enjoyable groups I have interacted with since starting my new ‘job’ back in March. Lots and LOTS of picture taking for them and I have spent the last day or so getting caught up on all my pictures for them. Getting them edited and put up into galleries…..  Believe it or not…. this past 5 days, I have taken well over [conservatively] 3000 pictures……. ya gotta love digital photography~! I cannot imagine shooting that much film (and paying for it to be developed). I am extremely happy to report during the last 14 dives I have made in the last 4 days…. I finally learned a couple of techniques [that I have been struggling with] that should up my picture taking game an easy 25% – 30%….. meaning way less editing time and much higher quality pictures~! I’m happy and excited!

Today, being a valued day off… had some work laid into it starting the day out. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned that we are hosting a backyard get together/BBQ sponsored by our local Dive Club — in memory of a fellow diver and friend.  Figuring we are going to have a pretty good group of people eventually in and out of the house (use bath room, get water, etc.) that we probably ought to spruce the place up a little bit. We kinda ‘missed’ Spring cleaning so we were a smidge over due. In between editing pictures during rest breaks, we managed to give the general living quarters a dang nice sprucing. I took screens out of the louver openings (we do not have any glass in any of our windows) and took them out and washed out many months of accumulated dust blowing through them. There was sweeping in places that don’t ‘routinely’ get swept in, dusting….. OMG the dusting. My Bride went for a quick last minute grocery run while I tied into my grill. As it turns out… from seeing the inside of it – I apparently grill a lot more than I thought~! All said and done now… groceries, grill cleaning, store run, sweeping, mowing [I knocked it out this morning] it’s been one hellva productive day~!!! Going to do the Pier memorial dive tomorrow morning and take pictures as requested by the Dive Shop sponsoring the dive….. more pictures, but it will be my honor to shoot those pictures. Gathering here at the house after the dive…… probably wouldn’t look for a blog tomorrow…… we’ll see though~

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!


Lordy, Lordy………..

Hi all,

Standard quick apology for being absent….. these last 3 days days…… slap my a$$ and call me Judy……. I took this past Monday off for a Doctors appointment….. I think we had that conversation didn’t we ??? Pretty sure we did. Tuesday and Wednesday I got put to the test….. The ‘morning’ boat was IDC candidates (Instructor Development Course)… it consisted of 3 separate dives, with candidates performing various tasks assigned by the Course Director. These are not your run of the mill abut in 30′ of water….. these go deep and last usually a minimum of 30 minutes (the deeper the dive, the shorter the length of the dive for conventional diving). Three groups of 2— so I spent an inordinate amount of time chasing folks to get pictures. Not just people pictures…….. My pictures must also convey what is going on in the picture [without having someone explaining what is going on]….. so I am kept quite busy……. after those three times and emptying the boat of a LOT of tanks between dives… the boat has to be reloaded with tanks for the the afternoon dives…….. those dives being with a really fun group out of Washington DC. There are 17 of them – which makes for a really busy boat/dives. Two dives with them…. for a  total of 5 dives for the day.    For those folks who have yet to broach the tender age that I am……. [youngsters]…… 4 dives a day is a LOT.  Factor in my type photography into the dive and the ‘Oh My Goodness my A$$ is dragging” factors goes way up. Not complaining…. just helping you understand why I have weenied out on you the past couple of days. I did ‘those’ days…. Tuesday AND Wednesday……. opting out of afternoon dives today – I did the two morning dives with the DC group today and came back to try and catch up on a “$hit-ton” of editing…….. I am closer than I was this time yesterday (7:00pm) but still have hundreds of shots to work on. I do have them uploaded and all put into their respective files….. but still lots to do.

We have a really busy weekend ahead of us. Sunday there is going to be a memorial dive for a friend who very recently passed away. After the dive – my Queen and I are hosting a memorial get together kind of thing at our house after the dive……. sponsored by the Island Dive Club (CRABBS). Nothing fancy— just the grill going and a lot of people hanging out talking about and remembering a fellow friend and diver. Should be a nice day…. just some effort on our part prepping for it. (We need to clean a little bit) 😉 and I’m manning the grill, so I need to get it cleaned up and make sure it is ready for a busy day. I think I still got it~~~~~ 😉  Tons and tons of pictures for you…. will try not to duplicate and I should be back to routine for a couple of days at least……..

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!!




I need a title……..

A pitiful night’s sleep last night… just absolutely pitiful. That is the only way to describe it. I don’t think my Queen did much better. Must have been something in the air. Happy to finally roll out and get my day started. I enjoyed another hour or so of cool quiet morning until Angie came stumbling out to join me. She made us another tasty breakfast (French Toast this time) only earlier because she knew I had to take off for mid island for my appointment to see “Doc”.  I got there exactly 10 minutes early which made me ‘on time‘ and signed in. They weighed me (OMG) and very poorly pulled some blood from my arm, before leaving me to set in an office for almost 45 minutes while I waited for ‘Doc’. She came….. we discussed issues, a little bit of diving [she is mildly interested] and back to concerns. She is not happy about the cuts and bites on my legs. She is less happy about how my right leg and foot is really pretty swelled up [did I forget to mention that?]…… she is happy I am still not smoking and said for the first time since she has been seeing me (3+ years) that she did not heard any wheezing or whistling in my chest while listening to my lungs….. so there is that. She wrote me a script for some antibiotics to get the swelling down in my leg, said I need to wear jeans when I am weed eating, It wouldn’t hurt to slow down a little bit, I need to cut back on my alcohol consumption….. a little story to that one but I don’t really want to go into that tonight. I told her I would work on her ‘wants’…. best I can do…… being retired takes a lot of work if you do it the way I am  😉

Finally back the house…… spent entirely too friggin’ long trying to find a Vision Insurance Policy for my Bride. Made more phone calls today than I have in a month….. finally aggravated enough I gave up and moved to the couch for some boob tube. I was hoping to sit and relax a little but and enjoy some mindless entertainment— but my TV remote has decided to pick up where my laptop left off….. the volume control quit working…… now the off/button won’t work…… DAMMIT EMMIT~!! Always friggin’ something~!!!  My Queen made us LT Sammiches for Dinner.. which I [usually] love…. but due to what I suspect were some quality issues………. we had to go without the T in my BLT sammiches. I loved the effort though……. Time to share my day with you all while the TV carries on in the background [the Mute button still works]…….. Gonna throw up some pictures for you and then go back to driving myself crazy why the #$%^&*( volume doesn’t work on the remote…… Back in the water tomorrow~!! If you want to watch an enjoyable movie… check out Hard Christmas…… Damn Neighbors….. if you’re reading this….. it goes double for you….. Just hush and watch it~!

Good Night Ya’ll : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Thankx for stopping in~!


Sunday…….. again.

Up this morning waaaay earlier than I cared for….. but with my bladder raising cane….. a spot in the middle of my back that itched like crazy and about a dozen of random things running around my brain…. all kind of ganged up and said ” YEAH…… go ahead and get up fat boy” So I did….. and under those conditions…. I just went ahead and stayed up.  I got the peeing and scratching out of the way… washed my face, brushed my teeth and combed my hair…….. I was up for the day. I do enjoy early morning. Probably the vast majority of the best memories I have mostly evolve from days that start out in the early morning….. regardless of how painful it might be at the start [from going to bed way to late]. I sat and listened to the frogs as they ended their nightly chorus….. watch the sky go from black to gray, to pink, to blue. Yes, even here on our end of the island (West) we still manage the occasional pink beautiful sun rise. Anyhow….. I got to enjoy a cool quiet morning for a couple of hours before my Queen finally stumbled out and into the bathroom. We sat on line for an hour or so before my Bride got up and started some breakfast. After a wonderfully delicious breakfast…… we let our meal settle for a ‘while‘ and just about time I had talked myself out of doing anything…. Angie got up and started dishes… which was just the ‘push’ I needed, to head out the door and start my Sunday morning ‘stuff’. Mowing and weed eating…… I am at the point where I no longer look forward to or necessarily enjoy the mowing and weed eating anymore….. but it is a necessary ‘evil’. If I don’t keep up with it – I would have to bush hog it after about 3 weeks. Happily, most of you are in Southern Indiana, and know what a bush hog is.  😉

Lawn is done…. ATV yard is done….. I have showered, doctored up all the holes still hanging out on my legs. I had one rock today from weed eating… kick up and actually hit right in the center of an existing sore spot. Oh My God did that hurt. I came in with a small trickle of blood down each leg……all the way down into my shoes…….. One from afore mentioned rock, the other, when I got tangled up in my own feet and fell backward into our property line fence. Did I mention that fence is a barbed wire fence ?? Just one little hole in my calf, but it bled enough to get down into my shoe…… dammit Emmit~!

I am now showered, holes all ‘boiled’ out with Peroxide, covered and soaking now in Neosporin. I sat and watched a couple of [pitiful] foot ball games and now trying to decide what to make myself to eat. Angie said she wanted Taco’s again, but I’m just not in the mood to put on enough clothes to go out in general public….. so we’re fending for ourselves tonight. No diving tomorrow so I can go see ‘Doc’….. back in the water for double boats again starting Tuesday for 2 or maybe 3 days…. LOTS of poeple in diving right now.

A quick face time with Nephew this morning left us with happy news that little Sis continues to improve. We are so happy to hear that….. can’t wait to see them all in a couple of weeks.

Today is Stephanie’s birthday- – – Happy Birthday Sweetheart~!

Good Night Ya’ll > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!

A drying out recuperation day………

Up a smidge later last night than usual….. simply because I knew I got to sleep in, in the morning if I so cared to. I did so care to……. however- after entirely to many years to think about, of getting up at the crack of 03:45…… (What does the 0 stand for ???   0h My God it’s early~!) the whole sleeping ‘in‘ thing is pretty much lost on me these days……. Even after a rambunctious night of alcohol mistreatment…… my ‘stuck in a rut’, tired old a$$ still rolls out much earlier than the sensible part of my brain would like. Even when our ‘Damn Neighbors‘ did their level best to “kill” me the Summer of 2015 ?? 2016??  Oh hell I don’t remember anymore….. too many brain cells killed that Summer…… but the fact remains….. in near stages of ‘death‘ – I continued to roll my happy nash out every morning for work…… and days off…. Lord have Mercy… late nights…. insane amounts of alcohol and still up earlier than any sane human being should have been…….. I laid the blame on my Dear Old Dad—- he was either rolling me out of the sack early to go to work or go fishing……… regardless of what I did the night before……. [[Looking back — I wouldn’t have changed it for anything]]  😉

The rest of the day was a piece of cake……. pancakes, sausage and bacon for a wonderful breakfast to start our day….. a casual day at the computer….. I finally got my bride Dental insurance…… apparently have to wait until Monday to shop for Vision insurance….. jeeez- what a phenomenal pain in the butt, trying to get all this insurance stuff done. OMG-!!! If we lived in the states…. it would have been like 3 clicks on line and I would have been done with the whole kit-N-kaboodle~!  (not to mention much cheaper~!)  But NOOOooooooo.… we have to live on a tropical island where stuff like insurance, groceries, electricity and that kind of stuff is like a friggin’ luxury or something…….  😉  I’ll get it though……. I may have an extra drink or six…. maybe smoke a cigarette [oh how I wish]… but my Queen will have what she needs~! I should be an old hand at it by the time my turn comes around. I have a big advantage over her though….. being a Veteran….. I have several more options as I understand it. At least I hope so.

Shortly after Noon – I moved over to the couch and fired up the boob tube for some Netflix…… watched several movies….. nothing noteworthy. My Bride made some kind of questionable meat and corn on the cob for our Dinner. Can’t say much for the meat, but the gravy and the corn on the cobb was excellent~! Movies done, here I sit. I boiled out all my leg ‘wounds’ when I sat and spectated the TV and then coated them in  Neosporin…. so they got a good soaking while we lounged…. Maybe Doc won’t be real upset with me when she sees my legs. Happy with the day as whole in general though….. a lot to be said for that.

According to Nephew….. Little Sister doing much better….. ~! Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers……. They are very much appreciated~!!

Good Night Ya’ll & & & & & & & & & & & & Thankx for stopping in~!

PB010160 <—- Video