Closer & closer……

Had to be out West by noon today to meet up with the cable dude…… so up, a bite to eat – another dozen trips out to the truck loading ‘stuff’….. did I mention how much ‘stuff’ we have manage to accumulate in our short two years in this place….? Jeez Louise – and what complicates things – is our new place doesn’t have as much square footage — so our new place is getting really full now… Good thing, though, is we’re just about done. Other than a hand full of things in the closet, about all we have left to do is empty the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. Happily, we have a  much bigger refrigerator now, and pretty much the same amount of kitchen cabinet space….. just a matter of getting it moved. I would like to think, we’ll make the permanent move probably Sunday…… we’ll see~~

After stopping at Home Depot, for an 8′ step ladder, a new ceiling fan and some other odds and ends….. we were at  the new place by noon. My bride went back to work lining the cabinets, while I put a spring and chain on the kitchen door (so it wouldn’t bang into our new pretty stove) and then tied into the ceiling fan. The old one threw a couple of blades and the light didn’t work….. so I pulled it down and after what seemed like 100 trips up and down the ladder, we have a nice new fan in the second bedroom. The cable dude finally showed up and immediately claimed the bag he forgot…..half-assedly mentioning he needed it for his first job this morning….. I pointed out [kindly] that he shouldn’t have left it here…..  😉 It only took a couple of minutes to have our TV up and running. I asked him about the internet…. and he said what internet ? A slap the forehead moment……. I mentioned it several times yesterday but I guess it didn’t process correctly….. A couple of phone calls, a new box and some [in perceptible] mumbling…. we had internet~!! And it’s fast~!! (at least it was when I tested it)….. cable dude on his way and we had a drink (or three) while enjoying our new place…… it rained most of the time we were there – but that is something else we will have to get used to as the West end of the island is the ‘wet’ end of the island…. no worries as it never lasts long~~~  🙂

On the way back to the condo – my Queen was getting hungry and in the mood for a Mickey D’s Quarter pounder… I am always in the mood for Mickey D’s and I ordered my usual…. I also ordered pies…. but in usual fashion they didn’t have any……. AND – we were the ONLY car in line and ordered AND GOT our food in under 6 minutes….. A new record for that location~!! Bellies full, a wonderful cool breeze blowing through the condo, a nice Face Time chat with daughter Rachael…. all is right in our little world for the time being. Looking forward to not having to get stuff done tomorrow….. but still probably another small trip to check on the place………….

Good Night Ya’ll  % % % % % % % % % % % Thankx for stopping in~!

This place is out on the West end and I have always wanted to try it – looks like I’m gonna get my chance now~!!

Airing out the condo

Doors open for the breeze~

Making sure I get the wiring on the fan “rewired” correctly~

The old fan

The new fan~!

More strides… we’re getting there~!

Up early than either of us wanted – but I think the whole moving thing is slowly creeping into our brains and keeping us from good sound solid sleep. While my Bride worked on breakfast – I made another dozen trips out to the truck, slowly emptying our condo. A quick bite to eat and we were on our way out West. The cable guy (who wasn’t due until 1:00) called and asked if he could come early….. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I told him we had just left heading that way (11:00) and that 12:30 would be fine as we had to make a stop or two before getting out there. Agreed. We got to our new place…. I got the TV set up, and the stove assembled and connected [and working properly]….. about the time the cable guy showed up. He set in immediately to work while we worked inside trying to make the place livable. About that time our island kids showed up with an amazing looking sammich from a local sammich shop…… it was a Pastrami and I’m not a real fan of it – but smack my mouth that looked good~! It was big enough they both had a huge half. They offered to share, but we had a late brunch, so we passed on it – but I Guar-on-tee I will be hitting that place soon. They have a sammich called The Beast….. I saw a picture of it – and it is on~! Their whole menu looks pretty spectacular (other than the Pastrami)…… my Bride may even find something she likes from there (she doesn’t ‘do’ lunch meat)  😉

Cable dude finally got finished up – but wasn’t getting any signal to the main pole – so he has to come back. Dammit Emmit~! That’s okay – turns out he left a big gear bag sitting on our porch – I picked it up and safely locked it inside the house before we left – so I’m sure we’ll be seeing him sooner than later  😉   We finished the drink we were having and headed back here…… My Queen whooped up some rice and beef stew with biscuits…… yummy~! Although I’m gonna probably fart like a bandit and she is going to belly ache about it….. but MmMmMm good~!

That’s about it. We have the condo opened up to get a breeze as it gets pretty stuff with the doors closed and no A/C. Not my worry about salt air in the place now. Landlord wants to drag his feet getting A/C fixed – I’m not gonna sit here and suffocate while he does. The sun is down now and the breeze is now a comfortable high 70°s….. feels good…. even if we have to put up with salt and a few bugs……. should be close to moving out tomorrow – just got to get the internet going…..

Putting up more blasts from the past pictures as they seem to be pretty popular….

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Sharks and stingrays~~!

Giant strides…….

Up again after another kind of early night due to another on coming headache while my bride chatted with a niece having a birthday. I say kind of early — it was close to 10:30pm so not that early I guess….. anyhow up and feeling good….. I didn’t get to enjoy much quiet before my Queen came stumbling out…… Didn’t get real good and started before I had to get DD 1.0 up to the garage for some needed maintenance stuff (oil, etc.). My bride wasn’t quite ready to go – so I went on up and hoofed it back to the house. I have been wanting to get back into some kind of light exercise and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I’m guesstimating it is about a mile+ from the garage to the condo and I made it in 19 minutes….. not to bad [I think] for an old out of shape fat guy….. oh – and that includes stopping 3-4 times for some pretty flower pictures. I hope to keep it up and work off some of this belly that now depresses me and causes back pain that I am not used to and do not like. Now that we will be down on the ‘calm’ end of the island – I am hopping to start taking my kayak out for an hour or so of paddling (much easier on the knees) 3-4 times a week…… we’ll see. Got back, had a small breakfast, something else I’m changing, is the SIZE of my breakfast. Trying to go back to the small breakfasts I used to make when I was working. So far so good….. small steps.

After breakfast, we started packing up while we waited for the A/C dude. He finally showed up and worked diligently for a bit before he determined the unit needs a new fan motor. $500 bucks…… and I’m not footing the bill for it, so I reached out to the Landlord….. he agreed to cover it – but while we wait for the new part – we are without our A/C. Thankfully, it’s still not real warm yet – only getting up to about 84°  (awwweeee… right ?) so the condo stays reasonably cool…. plus our new place does not have it – so we need to start getting used to it anyway. We however can open the windows and the place has a wonderful breeze going through it. A/C dude gone – I made at least a dozen trips to the truck, loading it with stuff that needed to go. Good grief it is ridiculous the amount of ‘crap’ we accumulated in the last 2 years…. I would have thought we done better bein’ retired and in a small place and all…… but apparently not~~  🙁  Anyhow, we got it all hauled out there and unloaded. Had to stop and hunt for needed stuff to hook the stove up ( 2 stops) – had to stop and order pay for the propane I ordered (1 stop) stopped to picked up essentials (smokes and alcohol) (2 stops) before finally come back and crashing. A long very warm tough day for the old retired folks.

Internet folks are supposed to be out tomorrow, so we’ll get there to meet them. I’m gonna hook up the stove, put the TV/PS4/sound system back together and then make sure it all works… looks to be another long day for us…. but made giant strides today~!

Saw these on FB and thought they sounded good – gonna have to make some  😉

Flowers on my walk back~~

more blasts from the past………..

Ela & Tante Evie

Rain & moving………

I wound up going to bed early last night with a collection of a nasty headache, my belly was bloated, my chest felt weird, I was light headed and about ¾ sick to my stomach and I couldn’t hardly breathe……. jeez what a mess. I went in and laid down and hoped all would turn out well. I woke up sans headache (yay) I was breathing much better and my belly was telling me I needed to get out of bed……. right then, and there. A mad dash to the can…… [then] washed my face, brushed my teeth, combed what hair I have left – and came out feeling pretty much on top of the world. I guess a really busy day caught up with me, but I was sure glad to have it all behind me now…….. Walked out to another [weirdly] cloudy day with lots and lots of wind and rain. Furniture folks called and said they were waiting for it to quit raining, but they WOULD be here to get our stuff and deliver everything to our new place. Cool. I finally got through to the cable/internet people….. about 4 phone calls, 4 emails and a deposit of $120 and we have an appointment for them to show up Thursday to get our cable and internet installed. Also have an appointment to get a fresh cylinder of propane delivered some time this week….. ‘sometime’…. that should be interesting. Made an appointment to have DD 1.0’s oiled to get changed for tomorrow morning. Fast forward to 4:00pm in the afternoon (after being told “we will be there by 3:00pm) While we were waiting for the movers to get there, I noticed it was getting really stuffy in the condo, so I went to turn the A/C down a little bit – only to finally figure out – the A/C apparently took a giant dump……  DAMMIT EMMIT. Called the A/C guy. The movers finally showed up, disassembled everything, loaded into the truck and were off to the West end. About that time A/C guy calls me back and says he [amazingly] can come out right now…… DAMMIT~~~ Told him we couldn’t do ‘now’…. no worries – He’ll be there in the morning…….We grabbed a bunch of stuff to take with us…. jumped into the truck and headed out West to meet movers.

Got there, opened the place up and waited on said movers……. our neighbors were home…. usually at work but shut down because of the beer virus and containment efforts on the island. They joined us in drinks and we carried on until the movers finally showed up. They sat out on the porch with us and OOHed and AHHEed watching all of our new furniture being moved. I think Mitch was duly impressed when they hauled my 65” TV in  😉  Furniture finally in…only missing 2 pieces….. Oh so sorry – I will bring them out in a day or two….. No worries ( I was into drink # 4 or 5 by that point)….. so easier to get along with.. 😉

Neighbors finally went back to their place, and my Bride and I sat and discussed our new abode for a bit – before making our way back on dark, wet, pot hole ridden roads…… guess it’s a good thing Blues wasn’t open~~

Good Night Ya’ll @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ Thankx for stopping in~!

My first jump~!

It has begun……

Rolled out of the sack around 07:00 after a mostly fitful night’s sleep. Just entirely too much stuff going on in this feeble old brain of mine right now to muster out a decent night sleep I guess. We had to get our laundry done as we were both out of most stuff, especially ‘drawers’…. and those are pretty much are a must….. so before making breakfast – we rounded up all the laundry, loaded it into DD 2.0 and ran it up to the laundry. From there we headed to what has become our favorite spot to shop for furniture. An older gentlemen from Pakistan and most of his family run the place. They have been on the island for close to 30 years and he is a treat to talk to and deal with. Everything was a ‘special Deal‘ “especially for us”……. I take that for what it is worth, but having done my homework on the pricing he was offering us – it really was a very. good. deal. We got a Queen bed, a nice Sealy Posture Pedic mattress to go with it (we already have the box springs), a couch and love seat, an end table, a kitchen table and chairs, a dresser, a chest of drawers, two night stands and a nice stand for the TV…….. He gave me what I thought was a really good price on it – AND – before they deliver and set it up – they are going to swing by the condo and pick up our Queen box springs, a small freezer, our big a$$ TV and our set of twin bunk beds and deliver it as well (and set it up)….. My tired old back is REALLY appreciative of that~!!! We finally got everything we need to be comfortable in our new place (and spent as much as we cared to) and headed back to the condo. My Queen made us a delicious breakfast and we watch a couple more episodes of House of Cards. Guess we better enjoy the TV while we can, as we will have to use the [tiny] TV that came with the place. It is not a ‘smart’ TV so we will be stuck watching cable after tomorrow when they pick our big TV up and until we get moved in ‘out West’.    🙁

We decided we need to make ONE trip a day between now and move in day out to the new place to accomplish our move without ‘over doing it’. So I set out to empty the back porch….. It took a dozen trips, but I finally had the kayak, the gas tanks, all the grandkids toys, 3 remaining cases of water stacked near the kitchen, the remaining beer and some odds and ends before the truck was as full as I wanted it to be (after all, I had to unload all of it too). We cooled off a little bit and then headed out West. It is all of a whopping 30 minute drive…. and we were there. We spent another 30 minutes unloading and piddling, before heading back to mid island to collect our laundry….. We REALLY wanted to stop at Blues for some liquid refreshment….. but they are [sadly] closed because of the @#$%^&*( virus….. DAMMIT EMMIT~! Furniture delivered tomorrow…..!! Still trying to get internet…….. and on we go~~

Good Night Ya’ll ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Thankx for stopping in~!

The dock when I left for my dive the other day…..

Thorner getting the board ready

Scenic view of the boat and the newly painted pier wall~

The roster for the dives….. don’t want to lose anybody~!

Impending storm……

These guys were greeting us as I checked out a new ‘Home’ store.Island Life


Rain rain, go away……

For once in a rare while, the weather forecast was eerily correct this time and it blew and rained almost all day long……. and I want it to be done now. Tomorrow will start a full court press on getting us moved out West. Because I’m anticipating a really busy week- I called today a down day…… the fact that it pi$$ed  and poured all day, made it fairly easy to sit on the couch and binge watch House of Cards. Jeez you talk about a series that really gets cranked around…. We have just started the sixth [and last] season….. plan is to have it finished before we move.

The ‘beer’ virus continues to spread it’s panic and insanity here. While we only have 1 confirmed case here on St. Croix – the Governor is really buckling down to combat the spread. Most bars are closed and most restaurants can only serve food ‘to go’. Other than grocery stores…. most other stores are only allowing 10 people in at a time….. trying to keep folks from being all bumping into each other and stuff…… not sure why that don’t apply to the grocery stores though….. most food stores are allowing senior citizens in for the first hour of opening, as they are the most susceptible. We are ‘technically’ senior citizens according to the island – -we have an ID card to prove it  😉 but do not partake of that opportunity. I’d just as soon leave it to the folks who really need it.

Really about it – I took a couple pictures of the rain as it rolled through – but not enough to share yet – so I’ll put up the rest of my dive pictures and we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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This is growing on the rope up to the mooring ball.
My view heading back to the boat
Dive Master clowning around (on his back)
Hawksbill Turtle.
Hawksbill Turtle..
Hawksbill Turtle.
Jeff the Diver & Captain & Master Instructor~~
Lion Fish.
Lion Fish hunter
Conch Shell

Banded Butterfly Fish
Hard to see here – but right in the middle is a Banded Coral Shrimp

Parrot Fish
Member of the Grouper family – closest I have ever got to one~!.

Rain and Armagedden

Up early to head out West for some diving. Woke up to what looked like at the time, the world coming to an end – which was weirdly ironic since the first dive site we were supposed to go to is call Armageddon~~ Heavy rains and almost gale force winds – it was nasty. I gathered up my gear and my Bride and headed West anyway and thankfully by the time we got there – the weather had cleared up at least a little bit and the West end of the island is mostly protected from our typical winds, as our prevailing winds are usually out of the East. Kissed my Queen good bye and she took off to go work on the new house, while I bounced around in the Caribbean Sea.

We did indeed get to dive Armageddon (it’s iffy a lot of times because of currents) and the dive was every bit as enjoyable as I could have hoped for. Had 3 reef sharks circling us, but none of them would come to me when I tried calling them…. Oh well, guess I can’t win them all. Second dive was an old standard…. got to see one nice turtle – and lots of gorgeous corals.

Soon back to the dock, and back to the house for a quieter afternoon of House of Cards and some dinner. Well, kinda…. a bologna sammich and a can of Vienna sausage and Ritz crackers…… From what I understand, weather is supposed to be about the same again tomorrow – so moving will probably be on hold until it clears up. I know I’m being brief tonight, but it’s later than usual and I’m just plain ole tired. So I ‘m gonna put up some pictures from the dives today and maybe have a little more energy tomorrow night.

Good Night Ya’ll < < < < < < < < < < < < < Thankx for stopping in~!

Angel Fish
Stove Pipe Sponges
Class is in session (at 90′)
What’s left of an old truck.
What’s left of an old semi
Lion fish
Lion Fish hunter
Dead Lion Fish
Reef Shark looking for dead Lion Fish
Smooth Trunk Fish
File Fish.

Movin’ in~!

Tried to sleep in a little bit this morning….. what a great plan….. but my belly, dealing with what I eventually found out [that my Brisket Nachos last night] had Jalapenos on them….. well….. turns out, it [my belly] had different plans…… yessiree indeed…. I did not awake this morning to the normal urge of having to drain an impatient bladder…… no sirree Bob —  Them Jalapenos wanted out~!  Not in a couple of minutes, but right by God then~!!! Woooowee…. sure glad I wasn’t tangled up in the sheets again – that could have gotten ugly~~~ REALLY ugly  😉  but, I can [happily say] I made it ((barely))….. and finally got my day started off on a more regular note………

Finally got the call from the Home Depot dude….. envision if you will, Bob  Marley on a heavy dose of XANEX…… not what you’re used to hearing…. but plans finally got laid out to deliver our appliances to our new place. There was an issue however (there ALWAYS is) that is helper was home sick and the lift on the truck was broken, so he wasn’t sure if they could make the delivery today…… dammit Emmit~~! I assured him I was a “fair sized” boy and confident I would be able to help him unload our stuff…. amazingly, he agreed to go ahead and deliver the stuff. Skip several hours and he finally said he was on his way….. I, in the meantime had been talking with Kaneesha to get internet installed… jump ahead another couple of hours….. 4 different calls with Kaneesha, one more call with ” Bob  Marley on a heavy dose of XANEX.” and soon we were in the truck and heading out West……. the ensuing 2 hours, to get a very large refrigerator, a stove and two shopping carts full of ‘odds & ends’ off loaded and through some [what turned out to be VERY small doors]….. we finally had our appliances….. We spent a couple of hours, unwrapping and assembling fridge, stove and some stands, before finally calling it a day and headed back to mid island. I picked up some BP medicine that Doc called in and decided to stop by Blues for another ‘drink or two’……. I really need to start saying a drink or twelve……. good grief it’s hard to get away from that place…… but we finally did…… Had a friend stop by to purchase my old iPhone and we sat and chatted for an hour or so before she was on her way.

My Queen rustled up a batch of Cheeseburger macaroni – that for unexplainable reasons was really  ^&*$%^ good…… being about half hammered and starving may have had something to do with it though…… so done with that (yes we continued to drink when we got home)….. dishes being done and I’m chatting with you….. No new pictures today, so I’ll put up some older favorites for you (from 5 years ago) . I am not only diving tomorrow….. we’re diving ARMEGGODEN~! My most very favorite dive spot~!!  Yay~!! My Queen is gonna work around the new place while I blow bubbles at a 100′ and chase sharks….. so more new dive pictures~!!!

Good Night Ya’ll : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Thankx for stopping in~!


Boy Howdy~!!

Aside from being one of my most very favorite fishing lures for bucket mouth Bass down in Louisiana…. the title of the blog tonight kinda captures my day….. An expression of disbelief, amazement or a dozen other uses.  Trying to ‘snuggle’ back down under the lone sheet we use for sleeping in our modest 78° bedroom this morning (yes it gets chilly to us island folks) – I got my legs tangled up in the sheets (because I spend half the night on top of them)…… I got frustrated and had to sit up in bed to try and figure what the hell the problem was…. noticing it was almost 07:00 and I was about half pi$$ed already – I untangled myself and went ahead and slid out……. Dammit Emmit~!!

Another mostly cloudy day and a strong breeze – it wasn’t long before my Bride joined me….. I suspect me wrestling around with the sheets and cussing mildly while I tried to figure how in the hell to get out of them – didn’t do much for her ability to sleep in…… my bad  🙁  We did our usual morning routine and then I spent the bulk of the day on-line, signing up for stuff we’re gonna need for our new place. Not what you can call up dated web sites…. but honestly – it beat the hell out of having to go in and deal with some of these folks face to face.

Got to be close to 2:00pm and I had to clean up to go for a doctors appointment – trying to get my BP in check. The ‘waiting room’ and check in were all located outside in the breeze way now……. I kinda like it – there was a wonderful breeze and a MUCH better view. I finally made it in to see Doc….. except Doc was home sick and I was looking at her on a video monitor…… well hell~! If I known that – I would have kept my happy a$$ at the house and just video conferenced my appointment~! I felt so hip talking to Doc on video — yay me~! Turns out, I [just] found out…. I apparently made a horrible mistake when refilling meds and these last couple of weeks – I have doubled up on my Cholesterol meds instead of the BP meds I was supposed to. Color me embarrassed… but hey…. ‘Stuff’ happens…. so hopefully, now with that realization….. I’ll finally get my BP in check~!

I was in the mood to support our local businesses…. so I pinged my Queen and asked her if she’d like to join me for a drink ‘or two’ at Blues. BAAAHAAHAaaaa…. so I swung by and picked her up and away we went. I know it’s probably gonna amaze the hell out of you – but we wound up shutting them down. We found out that starting Saturday, they will only be allowed 10 people at the bar, not having any entertainment and maintain much shorter hours….. DAMMIT EMMIT~!!! We will do what we have to do – but listen up all you beer virus people…. now you’re messing with our drinking…. and that’s just UN#$$%^%^& acceptable~!

Good Night Ya’ll > > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!

The waiting room……with quite the view~~Buck Island

Representing at Blues
Representing at Blues

The man, the myth, the Jarhead — Guy~!

Sanitizing or just having fun… your call


Whether you wear a helmet, wet yourself or like to lick windows…. you’re welcome here

Brisket Nacho’sWhen a beer has your name in it  : )

The Lovely Vik-Tooor-ia <3
Me and My Queen
Me. my Queen and Susan
God Bless ZOOM lenses
Beware the VIRUS~!

Now we’re getting somewhere~!

Up a bit earlier than I wanted after succumbing to alcohol and another headache that was creeping up on me last night – I rolled out to heavy clouds and another breeze that made you lean into it…… Today we were supposed to go sign our lease….. and we did~! Out to the West end of the island by 09:30….. we met up with the landlords, signed the lease, gave them a check for first and last months rent and was given a key to our new place. We stopped by to take some measurements and just look the place over in general. I took a boat load of pictures (mostly for reference if the need arises when we finally leave…. hopefully a long time from now) I’ll put some up here. You can tell – the place is very bare bones, but we are looking forward to making it our own. We spent about an hour there before taking off. We stopped by our ‘kids’ place, but only one of them was there, so we chatted for a minute before heading out to the next stop. Our new post office. Got us an official new mailing address…. a PO box this time….. for a mere $ 202.00 per year…. geeesh…. kinda makes you miss lil ole New Harmony where they were free~~~ and it only took about 20 minutes…… ahhhh, Island Time. From there we headed in to Home Depot…. they had a special going on appliances plus free financing…..  and we are now the proud owners of a nice big new refrigerator, a new gas stove[with a griddle that my Bride is tickled to pieces about], a new microwave, a new coffee pot and a blue dozen other things we need to get us started……… it is all supposed to be delivered Friday. Amazingly, the visit to Home Depot this time was almost enjoyable (other than the amount of money we spent) – but we had people waiting on us that were pleasant and actually doing their jobs. Regular readers should remember my usual experiences with that place. Other than the fact we had to wait in line to get into the store – they were only allowing 50 people at a time inside because of the beer-virus. I don’t want to be a smart a$$ – but someone don’t know how to count…… anyhow – finally out of there… stopped by the local locksmith to have a couple of extra keys made (for only $ 230.00 thank you very much) and we headed back toward our [current] part of the island. The plan was to go look at some furniture…. but by then it was 2:00 in the afternoon, my nerves were about shot and my back was killin’ me…. so we detoured into Blues. Needless to say we didn’t make it to the furniture place. That hooch was going down waay to easy. After about 3 hours…. we decided to call it a day….. we ordered a couple of dozen of some damn fine chicken wings to go – and came home. We got into our comfies, fired up some House of cards and sat there and gnawed on them wings. Good Stuff~! Tomorrow is another day…. gotta, get the electricity turned on, gas delivered (propane) and maybe look at furniture — and I am also going to see Doc about my BP……. Give me strength~!

Good Night Ya’ll > > > > > >  > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!

(Happy Birthday ‘Hot’ Neighbor~!)

Our new place