Birthday trail ride………………

Helping out island ‘kids‘ today…… we were up, ate and in town early enough to take over the business of taking folks on an ATV tour of our gorgeous rain forest and mountains here on the West end of the island……. true to island time — almost everybody was late showing up for their appointment – but we finally got them all in, paperwork signed, pictures taken (a couple of them had a birthday) and on their way……. Pretty sure I could not adequately do this job all year long (365) – but so far, the amount of times I am being put to work is more than tolerable…… I guess putting up with some of these yahoo’s is my issue – but I [mostly] happily work on my attitude toward them.  Just wish folks would admit – they don’t know how to ride and go from there instead of being the cowboys they wish they were. First tour had a couple of birthdays to celebrate – and even though birthday girl manage to launch her a$$ into the weeds once – it turned out to be a mostly fun [albeit REALLY slow] tour. I am confident they all had a good time – even though no one bothered to tip to show gratitude…… but you’ll have that too every now and again. Second group was equally fun [but even slower] and I’m equally sure they all had a good time – which, when it comes right down to it, is the most important thing – besides the fact we get them all back safely……………. I’m just glad the day is over….. because after 4+ hours of sucking down dust (yes I wear a mask) – another ½ hour of cleaning machines before putting them up – I ‘get’ to come back to the house and spend another 2+ hours editing pictures and getting them put up on FB. Be clear — I am not complaining….. because for me, this is a means to an end…… the better I get at my photography…. the more I will be able to charge [and get] down the road…….. and I  am willing to ‘pay that price’ now….. You don’t get that corner office right off the bat unless you work for it [or know somebody]….  😉

Nothing planned for tomorrow…….. I have been invited to join the Dive Master/Instructor class for a non-class dive Monday…. course – I am welcome to take pictures ”if I want”.  😉  I may do it, simply because it already feels like ”forever” since I have been in the water. I also need to get my happy touchas back on the road walking some more……. I have to get some of this gut burned off of me so I can make a pig of myself when we finally get back to the states and I can get into Turoni’s…….. :-)~  For now tho – I’m out…… sharing some pictures from today’s adventures……..

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Just when you least expect it~~~

Shortly after I logged off last night – dude called me back and said he found a ‘mobile’ Notary Public who was still working and she would run out to this end of the island yet that night. So I agreed to meet them in town — she was late in true island fashion, but soon showed up – got the paperwork notarized and was on her way. Dude was amped and asked if he could come get the truck in the morning or next day, as his wife was not going to be available to drop him off. I knew he lived fairly close to us – so I offered to drive the truck up to his house if he would give me a ride back (I knew he was needing the truck for his work) He jumped at it and by 7:00pm had the truck delivered to his house (up a very fugly road) and back here having drinks with my Queen. He later admitted to me, that’s where he test drove the truck…… he wanted to make sure it could make it up the road to his driveway [[fugly~!]]  Anxious to bolster the balance of our checking account – I had Angie do a mobile deposit on the check……. only to find out, that the credit union has a $2500.00 limit on mobile deposits…….. Dammit Emmit~! A problem for the next day……. After a mostly FUBAR’d nights sleep for me….. a tasty breakfast, I settled into working on my ‘bills’ spreadsheet until 10:00, when I could call the bank (09:00 there) It took a couple of calls, but the young ladies there at HFCU put in an extra effort…. even though it took most of the day…. and got me a 1 hour window to mobile deposit our check for the truck…. we did it with 56 minutes to spare. A pretty great team there at HFCU~!

I am still trying to get a refund on the hotel where we were [supposed] to stay for our last visit back….. and I worked on that for a bit (not near the effort from the Fairfield team) – I sat and paid bills for most of July…… so that’s out of the way now — so I am hoping I can start doing a WHOLE lot of fun dives for a while and start ‘playing’ with my new camera and start learning and understanding some of it’s many capabilities.

We both are working in the morning for Gecko’s ATV tours – so the owners can spend that the early part of the day with a couple of their visiting Daughters that are going back to the states tomorrow. So – fun on the trails tomorrow for me [and naturally will be taking pictures] while my Queen runs the office….. then over the next week…car shopping for my Bride, a doctors appointment for me (BP follow up) and hopefully some fun diving~!

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Takin’ it easy……

Up a little earlier than I would have liked – when I heard/felt my Queen get up to the alarm clock. She was getting up early to take the truck [DD 1.0] in for some general maintenance stuff. After she took off, I made myself a yummy breakfast and sat down to catch up on some odds and ends that needed tending to. She was back after a couple of hours and we spent the rest of the morning each quietly wrapped up in our own little world. I have been spending time mostly on web sites doing some homework on what kind of light system I think I need on my new camera. Lots of stuff to learn, but I’m getting there.

It got to be a little after noon and I got the phone call I was waiting on from dude who wanted to look at the truck. He showed up when he said he was, took the truck for a drive and asked a lot of intelligent questions. He wanted to discuss it with his wife but seemed really interested in it.  A couple of phone calls later and he confirmed he wants the truck~! By then it was well after 4:00 and he wanted to get the process started, but we needed a Notary Public to witness me signing the title over to him…. and at that time of the day on this island….. just ain’t gonna happen. So we’ll resume that process in the morning and hopefully by end of day tomorrow – DD1.0 will have a new home. Then I will need to take my bride out vehicle shopping. I do not like the idea of her being ‘stranded’ here without a set of wheels. We have lots of folks that would gladly come giver her a ride or let her borrow their vehicle – but it’s just not the same….. so that should be fun….. I think.

That’s really about it… a nice, slow, boring island day. Most of our heavy dust is gone from Africa and we now have our trademark beautiful blue skies back. It also makes breathing a little easier~! Not sure what tomorrow is gonna bring, but it’s usually fun finding out.

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20:12 and I’m pooped…….

I spent the bulk of today underwater with my new camera housing taking pictures of 5 guys who have had their collective a$$es worked off over the last 6 weeks working toward their Dive Master certificates. I’m glad and honored to have watched them complete their training today and earn their certs……… I took right at 300 pictures today just on my GoPro and ‘killed‘ myself to narrow it down to 85 pictures I deemed worthy of saving…… truth be told – there were only about 2 dozen that needed to be deleted – but I didn’t want to over whelm my ’employer’. I haven’t even loaded my ‘good’ camera pictures yet……. just too friggin’ tired and probably will wait until tomorrow to load them. Got home and had to contend with what sounds like a very interesting lead on the truck [selling it [[DD 1.0]], trying to get some kind of food in me….. turned out to be 2 nuked pieces of KFC and 2 nuked hot dogs…… probably not an ideal meal for an aging fat boy… but it was quick, easy, hot and reasonably tasty….. which pretty much hits all the requirements for a meal for me…….. First round of pictures loaded – and I’ll share some of them tonight…… for now – a shower and some shut eye. Dude is supposed to be by tomorrow to look at the truck – please keep your fingers crossed for us………

I am now once again officially ‘un-employed‘ – but neighbor [friend & dive shop owner] has already approached me about becoming a part-time staff photographer for them for their DSD’s (Discover SCUBA Dives) We talked about fees and expectations and came to an agreement – so looks like I am picking up some more work as an underwater photographer. My plan is to have enough of these type of gig’s to keep me diving [without paying for it] and make a couple of bucks in the process…… if I get good enough – so be it – and I can maybe start jacking my prices up a little bit………  😉

I think I’m gonna wrap it up here good peoples…… I’m half shot and ready to be clean, dry and in bed…………………………

Good Night Ya’ll………………………… Thankx for stopping in~!


It’s here~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was hoping to sleep in this morning…… and that I did. Until just shortly after 08:00~ Ooh-Rah~!!! An appropriate amount of alcohol and 2 Advil PM’s probably helped along the fact I was worn out — but a solid night’s sleep I got~! Almost too solid, as I was dragging a bit….. but peacefully rested. My Queen made us a nice decent breakfast…. I opted out of the ‘nice big‘ breakfast…. maybe I am learning something. I spent most of morning/early afternoon on line, paying bills and getting caught up on stuff I have overlooked this past week. I had a notice from the USPS that said my camera housing was here [the one I have been chomping at the bit to get]….. but those notices often turn out to be ‘not true’…. misleading, inaccurate…  whatever you want to call it. I decided to wait until well after lunch to go up to the post office, hoping some of the crowd would be done getting their mail and I would actually be able to get a parking spot. Well, apparently, every other person on this end of the island had the same idea. OMG~! Long story shorten…. after circling the block several times – I parked at the bottom of the hill and hiked up to the post office……. jeez Louise….. I had the anticipated ‘call to window’ slip in my PO box….. and I dutifully donned my mask and took my place in line with about 2 dozen people…… utilizing social distancing, we were wrapped around almost the length of the building. About 30 minutes later…. I was strutting out the door with a box that clearly indicated it was my long awaited camera housing~! Now to get it back to the house and see if it was the right one.  It is….Yay~!!!! Now to get it in the water~! This will absolutely become my primary camera now and hopefully you will see/notice huge improvements in my picture quality.

We each made us a bite to eat (left overs night……  I hate throwing food away) Bellies full… my Queen is watching another Hallmark special and as soon as I get done with my evening ‘stuff‘ done- I’m going back to playing with my camera. I have to work again in the morning…. taking underwater pictures….. and now I’m really looking forward to using my new tool~~~  Hopefully will get a bunch of extra good shots~! (Below shots are with heavy ‘dust’ in the air and no red filter)  🙁

Good Night Ya’ll : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Thankx for stopping in~!



Up before I intended to be, compliments of what I can only describe as some pretty funky chicken…… yay varily….. my Fathers Day meal of KFC turned out to be the bad idea I suspected all along…… the chicken was a bit soggy and WAY over seasoned when I got it – but I was starving at that point and as I stuffed it down my gullet – it tasted mostly wonderful. Unhappy grumblings from my belly as I crawled booze laden and completely worn out from the day into bed, told me, that if I made it through the night without a ‘clenching’ run to the bathroom…. I was doin’ alright…….. so I made it…. but JUST barely…….   😉   Kinda like my beloved pizza now….. if I get onions on it- about 6-8 hours later it just absolutely ‘kills‘ me…… but I don’t care…. same with spaghetti sauce. If I can’t have those items…. well there just ain’t no sense hanging around~! (well – other than wives, Daughters, Grandbabies and all them other important folks in your life – but you get what I’m sayin’….. dammit – work with me here folks~!!) Today’s classes were both off the boat… which made me very happy – because my second dive of the day was going to be my 200th dive~! I think I touched on that last night – so I won’t expound on it – but during the second dive….. everybody on the dive, made it a point to find me and give me a fist bump or a high 5…. a very neat feeling~! A couple of the Dive Masters on the dive came up and took my camera away from me to take pictures…… just not sure if any came out yet (my little GoPro can be pretty finicky)…… been a long day and I am POOOOOOPED.…. and haven’t even started loading pictures yet….. you can bet your ears though – I will share them as soon as I get them loaded and edited. I made a really rookie mistake today…. by bailing into the water and THEN  realizing – I had left my red filter laying on the table…… DAMMIT EMMIT~! ( I had taken the filter off for shooting trail pictures and forgot to put it back on when I left this morning for diving…… what a SCHMO…… I just hoping I can edit that issue out. I’m just to worn out to mess with pictures tonight.

Tomorrow is my first day ‘off‘ in almost a [7 day] week – and I am excited~! I am looking forward to sleeping in – if only for a wee bit – a nice big breakfast – and not doing a %$#@! thing unless I want [other than edit pictures] The dive shop has asked me for all pictures taken so far [by tomorrow] – so I need to get that to her – but that’s not going to be an issue – but the rest of the day will be for just me and my Queen….. and I’m really looking forward to it until the following day – when I have to go back to work………. retired ?

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Fathers Day 2020

Up whether I wanted to be or not…. after a less than ideal nights sleep. For some goofy reason – I was waking up on the hour all the way through the night…. I hate it when I do that…. I go right back to sleep – but just don’t feel rested when I get up. Knowing I only had 1 tour, I opted for just a breakfast biscuit before heading out — a bit of a slow start but finally got everybody on the road. A mild rain shower over night did a nice job of knocking most of the dust down from the trail. One Aww ‘shoot’ during the ride – that was eventually fixed, kept the ride interesting and even with that, I think everyone had a good time. I helped clean up the bikes before heading back to my Queen. The Sarah dust is now well settled through our area – it almost hurts your lungs to look out at the distance and see it hanging in the air. Our beautiful blue skies are now hidden by the large gray cloud of sand that hangs in the air. Not much to look at – but our chances of a hurricane drop to almost zero while that stuff is in the air….. so the bright spot of it.

Got back to the house to find out the internet was down….. lovely…. just %$#@ lovely. Fortunately I can edit pictures without the internet, it just don’t load up to the cloud. An hour or so editing pictures and I was done – I just could not get them loaded on to the FB page for the business. Dammit EMMIT~! My Bride in an effort to make sure I was having a nice Father’s day – started feeding me drinks, while I did what I could to keep myself occupied on the computer. No internet also means nothing decent to watch on TV. Amazingly cable was working, so the TV blared in the background with bull riding and golf…… Just in the last ½ hour – the internet is finally back on, after being out 6 hours….. so I am scrambling to get my stuff done before my Bride gets back with my KFC chicken…. not exactly what I had in mind for a Fathers day meal….. but some times you just have to roll with the options you have.

[[ Intermittent pause for face time with my Mouse, Sugar Pop, Squirt and Sam the man wishing me a happy Fathers day- and have my now arrived KFC. Disgusting nasty chicken… but every once in a while – I got to have some…. found it funny my Bride said they did not have any Cole slaw, no, French fries or mashed potatoes….. So – chicken and biscuits it was………Island Life~~~~! ]]

Diving off of the boat tomorrow~!!  YAY~!! That not only means 2 deep long dives… also means no long surface swims….. double yay~! On top of that – my second dive tomorrow will be my 200th certified dive~!!  My dive log tells me that will mean I have spent almost exactly one week under water……. I love it~!

That’s my limit — so out of here…. Happy Fathers day for all you Dad’s reading this….. I hope your day was at least half as good as mine was~!

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Dusty, dusty trails……

Up before I really wanted to be this morning….. but work to be done and obligations to be met – so I got up and mostly ‘at ’em‘ this morning to do it. It gets a bit boring pretty quick, riding the same trails and the same monologue at each ‘scenic overview’ – but it’s not ‘old hat’ to the people on the tour – so you have to generate the enthusiasm the folks on the tour expect – or else it’s no fun for them and you can kiss any kind of tip good bye. I am working on that and using the fact the guide on my tour is  a Jarhead [Marine] – and I use that a lot to keep a friendly banter going between us that the folks on the tours seem to enjoy it. I am honing my pictures down and only taking 70-80 pictures per tour now….. that edits out to about 40-50 pictures per tour which is just about right to put up on the FB page for the business. I still need to fine tune it – and will probably have to go to the next step up in internet service – as this mickey mouse outfit I am with now, is killing me with their upload speed…….. I’m gonna have to kick that one around a while before I spring for the money they want…… but two new ‘jobs’ both require uploading LOTS of pictures and it adds an easy our or so, sitting here waiting for some scrawny ass pictures to load…… a leisure pleasure I no longer want to give up because of pissy-a$$ internet service…… more on that later probably…… I put up a lot of my trail pictures on here…… but if you are interested in seeing more – you can check it out on FB – @ Gecko’s Island Adventures.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day…… but since I don’t have any of my girls near me to make a ‘fuss‘ about it – it is just another day for me – and as such – am doing 1 tour tomorrow morning. My bride is trying to do something special for me (even though I am not her Father) – I’m thinking a nice steak dinner in a nice A/C room might be nice – but finding that here on the island will be a challenge – and will probably wind up making us burgers or something for dinner. While I appreciate her effort – it’s just not the same when your kids aren’t near to celebrate the day with you….. AHhhhh, just another price to pay to live an Island Life……..

Already had my shower……. you ever heard a shower gag when you get in it??? NO… not because I’m disgustingly fat [well, I dunno… maybe part of it] – but just from the sheer amount of dirt that comes off of you. I’m getting ready to cool the bedroom off and looking forward to closing my eyes and having all the dust wash the rest of the way out of my eyes….. so until then – we’ll see what tomorrow brings~~~~~

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~~!



Too late – too pooped

LONG day on the trails today and a TON of pictures to edit and post… a process I really need to fine tune…. 4+ hours of editing is a wee much…… course – our stellar $#@ internet didn’t help that process any – but definitely need to shave editing time way down……. for now – I’m gonna put up some shots from today and call it a night….. another long day on the trails tomorrow.

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!

My riding buddy on the last tour~~.

Ridin’ the trails once again……

Up to a wonderfully cool morning and a belly in knots…. I suspicion from the onions on my fabulously delicious pizza I had last night. A price – I guess I must learn to pay in my advanced age…… I’ll happily keep paying that price until I can no longer stand it. Getting older really does suck…. I don’t recommend it at all…. and if you figure out a way around it – please let me know ASAP~~~  😉  After a busy morning of putting a final charge on my cameras – getting a cooler ready and wee bite to eat before I ran out the door to show up for my first day of photographing trail rides in a while. Both tours proved to be a challenge as the bike in front of me always tend to be the slow one….. and I need the group close to each other to get the shots that I want to try and get. I brought my new camera with me – but have not yet figured out a way to use it with that I am comfortable with – so my little GoPro did most of the work. An early day today as we only had 2 tours – so I was back at the house by 2:00….. something I’d like to think my Bride was happy about. I still had to sit down and edit pictures for an hour or so and get them put up on the business website….. but at least I was back at the house with my Queen and enjoying a drink with her and her company.

I think long days, heat and minimal food intake is messing with me a little bit – as I have been getting several bouts of light headedness in the evening… especially getting up from a sitting position…. but I am talking with ‘Doc’  trying to figure how to deal with that mess. My Queen convinced me to get a shower before I got on here to chat with you all – which I did and that and a shot of OJ and I am feeling amazingly lucid for this time of the evening now (7:00pm now) . Another day of riding the trails tomorrow [3 tours tomorrow] so it’ll be a long, hot, dusty day….. but that’s okay… keeps me busy… I make a couple of bucks – and I get to practice my photography…… tons of pictures to share with you…. diving and trails… and not sure what I’m gonna share with you…. so you get what you get – I hope you like ’em~~!!

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

Rinsing all the salt off
Garlic cheesy bread~!