Cut and stitch

Up a skosh early this morning to spend time with my Queen before she lit out for work. Got her on her way, made me a tasty sausage and egg sammich [only had 1 egg…. dammit emmit] – but it was hot, good and filling and enough get me on my way for what I hoped was going to be a busy productive day…… I headed for mid-island for my Doctor’s appointment. Showed up and sat in the parking lot until called in….. some paperwork and Doc was soon sticking needles into the side of my face. I can say at this point, with all certainty… me and Doc have entirely different opinions of what a ‘small pinch’ feels like….. but after 8 different pokes and one dose push that was probably a little faster than intended (it burned like fire for about 20 seconds) Doc said he’d be back in about 10 minutes to do the procedure. Back and becoming quite ‘chatty’ Doc cut, dug and stitched 2 different places on the side of my face. One ‘barnacle’ got removed because it was raised and turning color – the other was strictly cosmetic and since it was in such close proximity to the first one, he agreed to go ahead and take it off too. I’ve never had anything done like that before (that I was awake for)……. an odd sensation really, having someone cutting on you and even weirder – sewing you back upon the side of your face. It really wasn’t all that bad – but it’s not something I’d like to do every day…… still numb and a couple of bandages and I was on my way…. onward to the VA Center.

The day started going classically downhill from there. They said I had to have the registration to the car in my name to give me the plates. The BMV says they can’t get me a new registration without plates….. Ah yes – bureaucracy….. Ya gotta love it. I guess I could have went ahead and slapped myself upside the head…… I wouldn’t have felt it~~~  😉  Not in the mood to argue or fight the system….. I said thank you and took off. Since I was fairly close – I stopped in at Blues to let my Queen know that I survived the trip to Doc and that I was giving up on the plates. Even though Blues wasn’t open for business at the time – I sat and had a beer with Jim. By then they opened for business, so I stayed and had a beer with a couple of the regulars. The beer was starting to bloat me, so I switched to a cocktail and chatted a little more before heading back to our end of the island. A quick stop at the Post office….. got a dandy little box of goodies from Stephanie to help aid me in my effort to quit smoking…… Lord knows I’m gonna need all the help I can get. My Queen finally home, a couple of drinks, a bite to eat, chatting with my Mini-Jeni and ready to wrap this not entirely successful day up. I took a couple of pictures today, but not enough to justify hooking up the phone and downloading them yet…. so more older fish pictures you may not have seen yet.

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Checkin’ in…..

I was going to skip tonight as well…… yesterday [and today] were mega boring and I couldn’t see trying to  come up with something just for the sake of running my gums. We wound up binge watching one short series (10 episodes) yesterday which is part of the reason I didn’t write…. Series was called Reckoning….. it was all over the place and mostly stupid so am not recommending it. Today was a lot like yesterday… only watched a couple of [really stupid] movies. So still nothing to talk about and no new pictures for you.

Gonna go see Doc tomorrow and have the couple of barnacles taken off my face while my Bride does her day of labor a Blues. I’m also gonna run by the office of Veteran Affairs and see if I can get free license plates and if I do – run them out the BMV and see if I can get Angie’s car titled, registered and plated once and for all. So a little something to do tomorrow besides watch the boob tube. I’ll see if I can snap a picture or two while I’m at it….. for now – some older ones.

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A nice warm Sunday~~~

Slept in just a teeny tiny bit this morning and woke up comfortably in an almost chilly bedroom. The nights are amazingly chilly now and with a ceiling fan over top of us and a floor fan on medium pointed right at us – out thin little blanket feels wonderful. Slow easy start to the day. My Bride made a right tasty breakfast for us and we sat and got caught up on the world happening around us. By noon, the sun was up, bright and a little warmer than it has been the past several weeks. It felt good and helped speed up the drying process of the fairly heavy dew that had settled on my lawn that was in now need of mowing. I finally drug out the lawn mower, the weed eater and gasoline and set about getting our yard back in shape. Stopping for the occasional cigarette with Angie as she brought me out a bottle of water, spark and rehydrate. For probably the first time since we’ve been back – I worked up enough of a sweat that it was starting to drip… and it felt wonderful. It took me almost 2 hours, but that also include multiple smoke breaks….. something I don’t usually do once I start mowing. The drinks being provided at each break was nice though and helps ensure I don’t get so light headed in the evenings.

Came in and settled in on the couch for some boob tube…. we have finished our last couple of series, last one being The Queen’s Gambit [interesting series about Chess players]. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. So with no new series in mind yet- we watched the movie The Coldest Game  (oddly enough also about Chess)  and The Midnight Sky with George Clooney. We almost quit in the middle of the first one because it was getting boring, but it marginally picked up and we finished it (I’d give it a 5- out of 10) The second was much better – I’d give it a strong 7+ out of 10 (I didn’t like the way it ended).  The sun is now setting (we’re 2 hours ahead of you now) the air is cooling off and we’re still relaxing. Will probably go on the hunt for a new series to start watching.

Going to try and get license plates for my Queens car tomorrow and the island kids are talking about maybe making a Pier dive tomorrow afternoon and asked if I was interested in joining them……. if I’m done with my running…. absolutely~! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve dove the pier or with the kids……. sounds like a plan~!!

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Easy going Saturday…….

Got home yesterday morning after another 2 tank dive. Couple of nice big sharks but they were apparently not in the mood to be photographed and kept their distance. Several other fun sea creatures to occupy my camera lens as I swam around in 79° water that felt much cooler than 79°. It’s that time of year the water is starting to cool off and as we become more and more acclimated to our climate – the cooler than warm air and water is starting to feel to us. Just before our ‘Christmas winds’ laid down, we actually draped towels out of my truck over our shoulders while we stood outside and smoked. That was an air temperature of bout 76° but still felt really chilly to us. Of course, that 2 week blast we got back in the states over Christmas probably didn’t help us any. The winds have laid down and it is our usual nice and warm weather during the daytime now. Anyhow – I got back from the dives and my Bride offered me a drink, which sounded good. They tasted even better than they sounded and was going down a whole lot easier than they probably should have, so by about 6:00pm, I was pretty much shot. I vaguely remember having some Gusto’s pizza that my Queen went and fetched for me and it seems like we finished the series the Queen’s Gambit [highly recommend!] but everything else is kind of a blur until this morning……. hence, my not writing anything….. you’ll have that every now and again…… guess I should say I’ll have that every now and again…………. today was mostly a day of ‘recovery’ taking it easy and doing a whole lot of nothing.

I did finally break down and watch part of a Colts football game this afternoon, until Angie nudged me off of the couch and said we were going to Blue’s to celebrate Debs birthday. Angie had ran and picked up a small cake and some plates for the occasion….. so we made the big trek to mid-island to Blues. we gave Deb her cake and a quick rendition of happy birthday, then sat down for a couple or three drinks. My stomach still not quite right, I wasn’t in much of a drinking mood and that, saddled with the fact there were only a small handful of people there, we both agreed it was time to head back to the house. Back safe and sound – I am trying to get something in my belly and hoping it stays there. Not sure what tomorrow will bring….. hopefully sleeping in and another easy day….. although I do have to get the yard mowed……. always something in this tough retired life  😉

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P1080037  <—- Video

P1080062 <—- Video



Couldn’t get the candles to stay light – so Angie had her blow out her lighter  😉  Island ingenuity……..


Entirely too tired…………….

Another day of wandering around under the waves in water that is JUST about to become to cool to be comfortable. Up early and on the boat by 08:15 and a long motor to our first dive site. Captain Morgan, which is a favorite because of the topography…. I was the first over the side of the boat and Lawsy was that water brisk…. woooo-weee. It only took a second to adapt to it – but it was a chilly second…. Fun dive, with some [small] Lobsters….. a couple of uncooperative sharks but still lots to look at and take pictures of. Every shot I take is a learning lesson for me and I’m starting to get excited as I am beginning to understand what I need to do and where to set my strobes for the picture I want (before actually taking the picture).  I did manage to find me my most favorite critter (Giant Green Moray Eel) and got a couple of nice shots along with a video for you all. I just hope I kept it short enough to load on here……….

Please be aware – I have been drinking for the last 4 hours and it’s all I can do to keep my eyes open…… My Bride made me a drink as soon as I got home and I have been drinking regularly since….. yes – she held a gun to my head and made me drink. Even with a Spark and a big ole plate of spaghetti…… my get up and go has done laid down and quit…… so if this winds up short – you’ll know why……. as if that should be a big surprise to any of you by now…….

Stepped outside for a smoke with my Queen  to watch a gorgeous sunset in process and to [hopefully] wake my happy a$$ up a little bit….. only to watch our whole end of the island grow instantly dark and quiet. Yup….. our power company [WAPA] at their finest… no, wind, no rain, no adverse conditions of any kind…… and we lose power….. Ahhh Island Life. I’m typing now on battery power and hopefully get power and internet back in time to send this out tonight……

I did manage a couple of shots today that I like/am proud of and will put them up here……. I have decided [with my Queen’s blessing] that I need to dive again tomorrow… so hopefully more fun pictures for you~! For now, here in the quiet darkness of our humble little abode… I may crash early in preparation for 2 more dives tomorrow…… dammit emmit……   😉

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JUST back from Blues and not in the mod or condition to write much of anything…. a fairly nondescript day anyway.

Doc said the barnacle on the side of my face id mostly likely benign, but wants to take it off “just in case” – have to set up that appointment…….

Stopped and Blues for “a drink” afterwards…. and well – – you know. ………..

Supposed to dive in the morning – so need to crash soooooon……… More tomorrow.

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Odds and Ends

The day started off a heckuva lot earlier than I cared for, but my Queen was up early for her weekly day of labor and I wanted to be up with her and try to get that day off to a decent start for her. I rolled out shortly after I heard her clear the bathroom and soon we were sipping coffee and getting caught up on world and FB events. She agreed to let me make her a bit of breakfast and I was happily surprised when she consumed the majority of the 2 eggs and couple of pieces of sausage that I made for her. Got her on her way – I made me a similar breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed it, before loading up the mower and weed eater and running in town to manicure the ATV yard. Without interruptions, I can knock that yard out in right at an hour and was soon backing into my slot back at the house. Yard is all ‘purty’ now and ready for customers.

I discovered yesterday – one of my strobes [flash] for my camera is misfiring and is essentially like not having a second flash….. Dammit Emmit~! After doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen – I sat and ‘fooled’ with the strobes for an hour or so until I had to make a dash to the airport to pick up our island ‘kids‘ who were flying back in from the states for the holidays. I got them delivered to their mountain top. After that was all done, I sat back down and went to work on the strobes. I have figured out where the issue is but alas, don’t know how to fix it… yet. Dammit Emmit~! I’ll get ‘er done though….. one way or the other.

My Bride finally came home and I have been plying her with drinks as she sits and relaxes and I chat with you. I’m gonna try and convince her to eat a little something before retiring for the night. We get to sleep in tomorrow [hopefully] as nothing planned other than a doctors appointment for me around noon. Gonna go have him look at a couple of the ‘barnacles’ on the side of my face and set up a time to have them sliced off. In the meantime – going to try and get in a couple more dives. The water is still cooling down….. down to a brisk 79°. Awwee.. right ? It’s not terrible between dives if the wind isn’t blowing to hard…. but usually by the end of the second dive, it is starting to get chilly….. dammit…. I may have to break down and get me a wetsuit……. in the meantime – today warmed  up nicely…… 84°~! Hopefully the water temperature will follow suit soon~!

Good Night Ya’ll~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Thankx for stopping in~!



Gray, Cloudy, “cool” and wet………….

Up bright and early this morning after a mildly better nights sleep. Whacked out Chantix dreams stayed away and congestion was minimal as well as coughing….. so I did manage a little bit of rest before I was up “early” preparing for my day underwater. Typical morning stuff out of the way – I was at the pier plenty early to secure ‘my spot’ on the boat. Usually not an issue as the staff at CBDS know I like the one spot on the boat and they typically “reserve” it for me. Loaded up, gear set up and on our way…….. Cool, gray overcast skies made for a semi-chilly ride to our first dive site…… Armageddon….. my most favorite dive site……. It did not disappoint as I sank down the 80′ or so to get to the beginning of the dive….. A couple of [sadly] uncooperative sharks, but lot’s of other smaller creatures to keep my interest. Due to heavy cloud cover, light was an issue – but I still managed to gets lots of fun practice time with my camera….. AND …… I did not go into DECO this time (although came within 2 minutes of it).

Back to the surface and our 1 hour surface interval….. before dropping into a shallow dive site with lots of gorgeous corals, and, as it turns out – lots of turtles this time. We had a handful of new divers on the boat which made getting close up creature pictures damn near impossible – so I finally lit out on my own [away from the group] and finally got a couple of nice shots. I got a couple of nice Sting Ray shots that I literally got goosebumps from when looking at the pictures. Knowing how close I was to get those shots and the fact they came out as good as they did, made the entire trip worthwhile. Hopefully you’ll recognize them when you see them~~  😉

Back at the house, gear rinsed, me showered, I had to run into town to pick up our neighbor and run her out to the airport – heading back to the states to visit a sick child. Sounds like he will be fine and we have our fingers crossed for both of them. Stopped and picked up meds – dropped off a couple of bags of garbage at the dump and then back to my Queen. Drinks, dinner and watching a little TV before a power blip took us off line. I am hoping we are back on line by the time I am ready to post this.

My Bride has an early full day scheduled working at Blues tomorrow while I am going to get the yard mowed at the ATV yard and then go pick up the ‘kids‘ from the airport. Lots of pictures to share with you now. Will try not to duplicate, but stuff happens……..

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!



Back under water~!

Sadly, a miserable night sleep set me up for my dives today. I think the unreasonably cool air last night (almost 70°) made me a lot more congested than usual and I actually wound up getting up and sitting on the couch and ‘snoozing’ for an hour or so (not as bad when I’m sitting up). I used to sleep in my recliner quite a bit during the winter back in Indiana, just so I could get some sleep at night. On top of that…. my recent start of Chantix has already kicked in the whacked out dream mode. Beside of almost swatting my clock off of the bed side table acting out part of the dream….. the dreams are just as vivid and ‘fun‘ as I remember. Up and getting primed for my early day, I had a small bite to eat, took all my meds, bumped charged my camera and was out the door. The air was still cool as I loaded me and my gear on the boat, and the water felt cool as it sprayed up on me standing in ‘my’ spot on the boat as we motored out to our first dive site. Finally moored up, I donned my gear and was soon going over the side of the boat. The water was definitely ‘crisp’ when I hit it, but when I popped back up to the surface – the air hitting me felt down right frigid. I couldn’t hardly wait for the Dive Masters command to drop…… it felt much, much warmer as I sank below the surface and out of that chilly wind. We were on the deep wrecks…. not a lot of creatures [usually] on this site – but some great photo opportunities. True to form – not any fun (big) creatures…. so I set about trying out some new shooting techniques. These wrecks are deep (hence the name) and I got a little too carried away with my picture taking, laying on the ocean floor at 90′. It took a half a second to realize my computer was “yelling” at me, DECO -DECO-DECO~!!! I immediately started up….. and was again “yelled‘ at…SLOW-SlOW- SlOW… so I commenced upward as slowly/quickly as I could. By all standards…. I should not have made the second dive…… however….. I wasn’t in DECO ‘that‘ long  😉   and I could keep myself good and shallow for the second dive….. so when the Dive Master said ‘the pool is open’ I was the first one overboard. I behaved myself and kept myself well above the dive plan. Safely back on board after an almost hour long dive, back at the house and gear rinsed, me showered – [so far] I am none the worse for wear. No big critters on either dive….. just fun relaxing dives, experimenting with my camera. I took 130 pictures and saved 50 of them…. getting pickier I guess and I’ll share them with you over the next day or two.

Found out today, one of my strobes is not firing correctly – so want to tie into it and try and resolve that. The dive shop has already pinged me and said they are going to try and do Armageddon tomorrow….. so I’m on the manifest to dive again tomorrow…….. and I’ll try to stay out of DECO this time.   😉

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Layin’ low in the New Year…..

Tried to sleep in a little bit after a mostly fitful nights sleep – too hot, too cold, couldn’t get comfortable, occasional coughing….. just not a good night’s sleep. That was on the heels of New Years Eve night, when around 11:30 gun shots started ringing out. Since you can’t buy fireworks here – about the only ‘noise’ the locals can create is gunfire and apparently there are plenty of guns on the island for that. As Midnight approached it sounded like a war broke out. I am guesstimating I heard at least 100 shots…. many rapid fire, like from an automatic weapon. I am also sure I am under estimating that number. A little unnerving, but I didn’t feel like we were in any immediate danger. It also helped me stay awake an additional hour or so until it got quiet again….. so I’m really hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight as I have a dive trip planned for tomorrow morning and I want to be fresh for it.

Due to a decided lack of cooking material, we opted for another Polly’s take out breakfast this morning – once again having the usual, but it was quick, hot and tasty as always. A little later on, my Bride ran  to the grocery store to try and alleviate the lack of cooking material… I say try because you never know if the stores will have any of what you’re looking for. I worked on tax prep stuff while she was out – That’s always as much fun as a stick in the eye. She came back (without a half a dozen things she wanted), I unloaded the car for her, finished my computer stuff and retired to the couch for a movie. Watched an older movie…. circa 2011 with Liam Neeson called UNKNOWN. Amazed we hadn’t seen it yet, but it was good… kept your interest, good plot and fun little twist at the end that we didn’t see coming. We had a small bite to eat while we watched an episode or two of Blacklist, before I settled in here to chat with you (while I chat with my Sugar Pop via text).

Like I said, two dives tomorrow morning~!! So should have some new underwater pictures~~! Seems like forever since I have been diving. Already got camera and batteries charged up~! For now – I found some pictures from the stateside trip that I missed……. enjoy.

Good Night Ya’ll : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :  Thankx for stopping in~!

Giving my Deuce some pointers on how to shoot a long gun
Crowd at the Fish Fry

A Picture I gave to my Aunt Verl a very long time ago…….
First batch didn’t stand a chance
Hot Bass and cold Beer – one of the finer things in life~! 

“Plumber” Paul    😉

Cards Against Humanity… probably one of the vilest [but fun] games ever invented

Grant and Paul