Done – and we didn’t almost kill anybody~~

Another messed up nights sleep – another day…. breakfast, head into town, ready the bikes….. yadda-yadda-yadda. A couple of pretty diverse groups today though. First group was fun but  they thought they were much better drivers than they actually were – but everybody had a good time, seemed to enjoy themselves and made it back safely…. which is paramount~! Next group was already in when we came in from the first tour ((which is rare here lately)). We did a quick turn around, gave our briefing and away we went again. Both groups each had that one person that had never driven an ATV before and was absolutely petrified. The second tour – that person was the Birthday girl. She apparently talked to the other newbie on the first ride and was told that they have a guy that will stay right there with you and help you and talk you through all the rough places…. (that would be me)…. and the Birthday girl took that piece of of intel to heart…… wow……but….once again, everybody had a good time, seemed to enjoy themselves and made it back safely. AND – everybody left a nice tip….. trust me when I tell you, it means a lot….. especially when we are putting out the extra effort we are to accommodate these types of drivers. Bikes are now once again all washed up, fuel topped off and stored for the next ride.

Tomorrow is a day off other than picking up the kids from the airport. Even though the yard needs a bit of a trim – I’m not sure it will get done….. but we’ll see what tomorrow brings. For now – I’m covered in dust, hungry, tired and hurt in entirely too many places. I’m gonna start with another drink [which should help with the pain], take a nice warm shower, which will take care of the dust and help some with the pain…… and probably munch on some left over KFC….. that probably won’t do anything for the hunger…. but again- we’ll see~  😉      Comments under some of the pictures~~~

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On top of Mt. Stewart.
We really do go out of our way to please out guests.
Inside an old Sugar Mill.
Past an old Rum Factory.
Rainbow Beach was busy today.
Lots of boats for the big poker run.
but you can always find a quiet little slice of beach for your self.

My day didn’t start off as good as I would have liked……

The Birthday Girl~!


A much better day……

Early to bed last night (8:30) and under the influence of Vodka, a handful of muscle relaxers, a very long day in the heat and a full belly…. I barely remember laying down on the bed and don’t think I moved a muscle until about 03:30……. one of those sleeps when you wake up, you have to think about where you’re at and when you went to bed kinda things…… I then just snoozed off and on until a little after 06:00 when I got up to start my day. Same routine, a small bite to eat and out the door for another day ATVing….. Machines all checked (oil, air, etc) and moved over to the yard for the day. Had the machine from yesterday that needed a little TLC and between me, Jamal and the mechanic – we had it ready to go by 10:00. Fortunately [I think] all customers were running really late. Late enough we had to improvise a short tour, to make sure we got them back to the yard in time for the next tour…… They were ALL ‘needs lots of work’ drivers and I was happy when the tour was over. They all had a ball and I don’t think they even realized how short their tour was…… but you’ll have that when you show up that late for your appointment. Second tour was a little late – but they were all excellent drivers and that tour was an absolutely blast and nobody came anywhere close to dying. Back, bikes washed, filled with gas and put away for the next day.

Back here – pictures edited and put up…. one or 6 drinks and a bite to eat…. I’m ready for a shower and doing it all again tomorrow. My back is healing up nicely – although still tender…… Some way or another – I managed to get stung again today by those $%^&^%$ Jack Spaniard wasps. Nasty little bast…. beggars….. Tomorrow is our last day in the ATV  business for a while as the ‘kids‘ come back  Sunday afternoon…. so they’ll take their business back over and we’ll go back to our other life…..I intend to take Sunday ‘off’ before getting back on the boat and spend it with my Queen. Right now — I’m tired and sore and ready for my shower and some rest/sleep……

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WOW – what a day……………..

This is gonna be short Ya’ll………. we had a gentlemen on the first tour today that launched his machine off the road and dropped roughly 15′ into a washout/ravine kind of thing…….. I kid you not when I tell you – he should have died in this accident. He landed upside down with them machine on top of him at the bottom of that fall. All I can think of is “it wasn’t his turn to go”. He had one small scrape on his shoulder and even a smaller scrape on his neck….. that was it. As it turns out – I got tore up worse than him trying to get him out of his predicament.  Turns out there was part of a barbed wire fence down there where he landed and I got tangled up in it trying to get the machine off of him….. also apparently turns out…. those machines are MUCH heavier than I realized…. as I leaned into it to get it off of him enough to get his legs free….. I felt several ‘things‘ in my back doing stuff I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t have been doing.

To make a REALLY long story short – we got the guy back to the shop none the less for wear other than afore mentioned scratches….. we got the second tour done safely and satisfactorily, got the machine out of the ravine and risked the health of DD II – pulling that machine up out of that ravine. I have a kind of impressive ‘welt’ running up the center of my back that I am fairly sure is an out of place muscle… but 3 Anacin…. a couple of my Brides old issued muscle relaxers and a whole lot of vodka — I’m feeling fairly decent right now…. but really looking forward to going in and laying down in bed – because I ‘get’ to do it all over again tomorrow… woo-hoo~!

So I’m gonna quit right here….. muscle relaxers are really kicking in and it’s getting tougher to sit up right, right now……. I’ll be good in the morning. Night Ya’ll.

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Back in the water…. for a day~

Up not quite so bright but definitely early…. needing to get up in time to get bathroom stuff out of the way and still make it out to the marina in time to catch the dive boat. First time in a week [and this month!!!] that I have been in the water – I was ready~! Camera all fixed up – batteries all charged…. everything loaded into the truck. I gave my Bride a good bye kiss, as she had to leave a little early to drop her car off at the garage before reporting to Blues for her weekly day of work. I closed the house up and was soon on my to Salt River Marina to climb aboard the dive boat. On board….. gear assembled, camera assembled and tested — and away we went. Sea’s were a bit ‘sporty’, a term we use for the water instead of rougher than hell……. visibility on the first dive was iffy at best – but still a nice dive. I hadn’t been to that site in a while and had forgot how much I liked it. Got a couple eel shots [Vera – keep in mind when you see those eel pictures – the ones in these pictures were about as big around as my thumb] tiny little dudes…. not the big Green meanie that I like~! One is a Golden Moray Eel – the second is a Spotted Moray Eel.

Managed to see some sharks ( 3 to be exact) on the second dive, but they were really uncooperative. I didn’t save any pictures – but do have a video…. look closely at the video – there are 2 sharks in it…….. I was asked to go on the afternoon boat – but a prior obligation kept me from doing that…… so back to the house….. other obligation fell through [dammit emmit] so I settled in and started editing pictures while I waited on my Queen. Several text messages and several hours later, she finally come rolling in the drive way….. topless~! By that I mean she had the top down on her convertible. [get your mind out of the gutter]  😉  The garage finally got her motor fixed to where she can drop the top on her car now and she is loving it~!

Inside I started plying her with drinks and we are now nibbling on a little bit something to eat and having more drinks. Tomorrow starts our last run of ATVing… 3 days straight and each day has at least 2 tours. We will pick the kids up Sunday from the airport and hand the business back over to them, so I can go back to diving my brains out and my Bride can take it easy…… after we get the laundry caught up and the house cleaned up a little bit. Baby Sister is coming in, in a couple of weeks and I can’t let her think Big Brother lives in a sty…….   😉

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LONG busy day…………..

A reasonable night’s sleep… bride up just before me so I wallered while she did her thing– I finally got up and danced a small jig while making the bed ( I had to pee really bad)….. bed made, pee done… faced washed, teeth brushed…. remaining hair combed…. YES – I comb my hair…. what’s left of it- probably a hellva lot more often than I should……. but I have always been a bit of a freak about my hair…. especially when I had some. Got to sort them last few remaining dudes out to where they look like you care.

Into the shop, everything opened up, machines moved across the street and into the yard and ready for our biggest day yet. 3 tours – mostly full each tour ( 3 or  more bikes) First tour went great…… second tour was a bit of a bust when one family became petrified when they found out there was dust and danger involved….. yes, it will be muddy and dusty, yes – there are some drop offs along side of the road– no, there are no guard rails….. yes, we go through the rain forest on the way to the top of a mountain….. yes – we will be a long way up in the air……. yes – you’re probably gonna get [at least] a little bit dirty…. yes, there will be bugs and insects…….. Seriously dude ??? Did you read ANY of the website information before you booked this tour ?? ( I did not actually say this to the ‘Dad’ – but I really wanted to)    No Sir – I cannot do anything about the mountain being very high up in the air……. You may [hopefully] find this funny – but I promise you… these questions are not made up….. I answered every one of them this morning……. I think for the sake of everybody involved – the family decided to not do the tour and left – so for the noon tour – we had one bike. One couple, good riders and we had a ball with them…… 3rd tour of the day were all inexperienced – but they give it their best shot and with one exception where one of the ladies bailed off of the bike thinking she was going to tip over – the tour went without a hitch. Happily, other than a couple of small scrapes – she was fine. Sure makes for an interesting day when you have a crowd as varied as today’s was…….

My Queen is doing her weekly day of employ at Blues tomorrow and I am doing a much needed day under water tomorrow….. so you’ll have some ocean pix to look at instead of the same old trail pictures…..

Good Night Ya’ll = = = = = = = = = = = = = Thankx for stopping in~!



Back on the trail…..

A really messed up nights slumber….. felt like I slept about 4 different times… BUT- each time felt like a good deep slumber – so when I figured my Queen was done doing her thing – I rolled on out to greet the day this morning. It was still only 06:30 and even though I was late to bed after our delicious meal last night. My Queen made us a breakfast a little bigger than I wanted, but like the hog I am, I went ahead and cleaned my plate…. regretting it later as I started moving ATV’s across the street for todays romp through the rain forest and mountain top. Once you have reached a particular age (and it varies with everybody)…… bouncing around those trails starts taking it’s toll on you. Today, thankfully was 1 tour and I knew the ‘ring leader’ of the group. I consider her a friend and she was hosting friends of theirs from the states. They were prompt and had their paperwork all filled out and we were soon on our way. We have had just enough rain to leave us a couple of sizable mud puddles up on the mountain top and our friend was bound determine to ‘race‘ through everyone of them. She was handling her machine well, so I let her and took an enormous amount of satisfaction, seeing the grin on her face as splashed through each big puddle. She even managed to douse me in mud as I positioned myself “in harms way” to get pictures of said mud splashing….. Because they were ”friends of friends” we took the long scenic way back for a little added treat. Back at the yard – everyone looked to have enjoyed themselves. They got cleaned up and was soon on their way.  We got the bikes cleaned up, gassed up and put away for a very long day tomorrow. The ‘boss’ has already sent two revisions to our schedule… and that’s just today… so we now have a very long week coming up.

The day I hoped to sneak out and do a dive for my other Boss has now been blown out the window with the newest schedule….. but other Boss knew that was a distinct possibility when I took the job…… there will be other times for me to make up the dives….. So—  a bite to eat, a shower, hopefully a wee better nights sleep and tomorrow another [[looooong]] day on the trails (3 tours)……………….. I suspicion trail pictures may get a bit repetitive for you all, so I’ll try to put some other older dive pictures in as well to hopefully help keep them all interesting…….

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Easter Sunday……

Easter on the island……. got up around 06:30 and was greeted with mostly blue skies, a fairly nice breeze and about 78°….. yep – a pretty great way to start off a very casual Easter morning. Happy Easter Ya’ll~! A small breakfast ( I shot down a recommendation of Polly’s because I wanted to make sure I was good and hungry by the time our dinner reservation rolled around)  So a small breakfast and I settled in to hammer out another day of doing absolutely nothing~! I was about as successful as I could be doing it it too~!

After watching several documentaries on how bad us humans are screwing up our planet – it was time to head out to dinner. I have been looking forward to this meal all week and even more so when I found out Dave & Liz were joining us. I have been looking forward to steak and Lobster all week and tonight was it~! Liz and Dave were there when we arrived. we joined them and in short order had our drink order in. The sun blazed a little bit warmer than any of us would have liked, but it only took about 20-30 minutes or so, before the heat laid down and we got to watch another fabulous sunset from our table, all the while enjoying some bang bang shrimp appetizers. Wasn’t too much longer before steaks, salmon and lobster all hit the table. The table got considerably quieter as we all dug into our meals and watched the sun as it finally dipped below the line of clouds on the horizon. We ate and chatted, ordered more drinks and then finally dessert. A couple of Chocolate Cappuccino Sundaes, a Key Lime pie and followed that up with a couple of Chocolate Martini’s….. MmMmMm good! Any meal is sooo much better with good company like my Queen and Dave and Liz~!!

Back home….. checked on Dave and Liz to make sure they made it all the way back to mid-island safely…….. My Queen is on the couching playing on her phone and I’m sitting here trying to write while I rub my very full belly….. ( and I wonder why I can’t lose any weight). Back to work tomorrow for a couple of days this time…. riding ATV’s and corralling folks around the mountain top. I am already missing being under water….. HMMmmm, Wednesday is a day off from the trails……. HMMmmmm….

Good Night Ya’ll  & & & & & & & & & & Thankx for stoppin in~!


The difference a rain makes~~~

Mediocre nights sleep, better than last but not as good as I would like…. Got woke up, batteries charged for the GoPro…… My Bride offered up some breakfast – but belly didn’t want anything to do with it. So I opted for a shot of OJ and my daily morning dose of pills – that is just about breakfast in itself.  Out the door a little before 09:00 – got the place opened up, looked over all the machines and got them brought across the street and situated in the yard, ready for today’s adventures. First tour was a family vacationing from Ohio. Good group – all experienced riders, yet they rode like they had sense and treated the guides and the machines with all due respect. They were polite, asked good questions and was just fun in general to have on the tour. Like yesterday – I’ll take groups like that 4 times a day all week long. Second tour was 2 groups. Not as experienced – but equally polite, minimal issues and made for a mostly enjoyable tour. We had some troubles with one of the machines and I wound up having to pull it back, but I don’t think it hindered the tour and I didn’t hear any complaints. We finally got everybody back and on their way….. machines all washed and put away for the next tour, on Monday. I think it’s just the 1 tour Monday – and I know some of the people in the group…. fellow divers…. so it should be an easy day. One more day off after that and then we set into a long busy week……. but we’ll contend with that when we get to it.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. My Queen and I have dinner reservations at our favorite West end place. This dinner should be extra enjoyable as Dave and Liz are joining us. Good company always make an enjoyable meal – better. They have a tantalizing menu in store for our meal, couple this with good company and an amazing sunset on a gorgeous beach…… it should be a really nice evening. We are both very excited about it~!

For now- some aspirin (‘arther‘ in the fingers is killin’ me), a shower and a hopefully good nights sleep is in the line up for this evening. Some trail pictures for you and probably some underwater pictures you may have not seen yet……

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + ++ Thankx for stopping in~!


Almost a real day off…….

Another night of fitful slumber that left a WHOLE lot to be desired….. sweaty… dammit I’m gonna have to turn the air on soon – even though leaving a bare limb exposed from under the sheet will leave you shivering if left uncovered….. what is that about ??? Even though I stayed up a smidgeon later than I usually do – I didn’t get to sleep in on my first official day off in quite some time. Up by a little after 06:00 – I spent my entire morning sitting at the table looking at [mostly] stupid sh* stuff on line. Even though I offered Polly’s – my bride cooked up a most wonderful breakfast. Couple types of sausage and even a biscuit~! Even though she didn’t partake in much of it – I ate enough for both of us. She decided she needed to go shopping… or something and away she went. I tore myself away from my spot at the table long enough to get the dishes done and the kitchen cleaned up before she came back. Most of the afternoon was spent still at the table as I knocked out a bunch of little odds and ends and listened to it rain off and on.

Angie was gonna make dinner – but I reminded her of the left overs in the fridge. Not sure why, but it pains my soul to throw perfectly good food out. My Bride is not a fan of left overs, so I am generally tasked with the removal of said food…. that in itself pains me a little bit – but I think it is one of those things when you have lived with somebody for 40+ years – kind of grates at you, even when it shouldn’t. The fact that I had a double quarter pounder from Mickey-D’s sitting in there waiting on me – did not help one friggin bit……. but I have my priorities….

Phone calls done, texts done, on-line stuff done… bills paid up for the next 2 weeks done…. in pretty good shape for the up coming very busy week…… and a much needed day off in the books. Got to work a couple of days riding trails before next day off — Easter Sunday. We’re having dinner out and being joined by two very close friends….. can’t wait for that~! Following that will be a busy, busy week. Not sure if I’m diving any in the next 10 days…. but may try to sneak one or two in-in the middle if I can. Right now – I think a shower and some sleep is in order…… been a tough day doin’ nothin’~~~  😉

Good Night Ya’ll < < < < < < < < < < < < < < Thankx for stopping in~!

P3040202 <—Video


From diving to driving……..

Tried to sleep in this morning – but the old belly and bladder had different plans…. right on the edge of way to friggin’ early to get up – I did it anyway, primarily because I went to bed early last night AND had a pretty presentable nights sleep….. so in pretty good shape for rolling out that early~~~ One of the ‘nice’ things about riding trails, is they start a lot later….. so I not only had me a tasty wonderful breakfast that my Queen whooped up – but got to screw around online to my hearts content before gathering up everything, closing up the house – and heading into the yard. ‘Kids‘ just got there and was getting everything ready to drop in our laps. We started doing our thing while the kids ran around and did theirs. Somewhere in the mix – Angie ran them out to the Air Port and dropped them off while me and Jamal finished up the second tour of the day. Absolutely LOVED the two tours we had today…… even the second one when I had a rider with me…. Oliva…. I’m guesstimating 8 or 9 years old…. but she done good….. and rode like a trooper. ALL the riders today – took their time, respected us and the machines, asked good questions and was just a pleasure to tour with. I’ll take these kind of groups – 4 times a day, every day~!

Back from the noon tour about 1:30….. bid all the people good bye- got the machines cleaned, gassed up and put away and ready for the next time. That next time is Saturday….. YES…. day off tomorrow~!  I thought about getting on a boat, albeit briefly. A day without diving or driving…. sounds pretty good to me right about now. My Bride made us a dinner of Cordon Bleu with rice and corn and I have been working on it while working on this. I’m ready for a shower to wash the dust off me….. and am looking forward to a day of NOT diving or driving…… at least for now. For now, I’m gonna put up some trail pictures from today…. and we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Good Night Ya’ll – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!