Tropical Depression Blues…..

Rolled out to another heavily overcast day, with intermittent rain showers, dang little wind and absolutely no sunshine. No new turtle tracks….. nuthin….. I thought – well at least I get to make a couple of dives…. UHMmmm…. That would be a big negatory there storm trooper…. a text that popped in shortly after I got settled said the “boat had been cancelled”… Dammit Emmit~! You can never predict the thoughts or reasons behind those decision… just live with them…. Dammit……….. A nice breakfast, some of The Practice until about 1:00 or so, when I pinged potential employer about coming to check out the job she wanted done…. She replied and I was gone……. small job – more time consuming than anything…. putting up some wall paneling, laying some quarter round trim, maybe a light or two and hanging a new door……. none of which are gonna be tough – just time consuming… but they are ground floor and indoors…. so all my ‘worriers’ can relax…… I left from there and headed to WAPA [[Vectren]] to dispute my electric bill that had doubled from one month to the next……. What an exercise in futility…. I might have well been arguing with a fence post. I did not want to take my frustration and anger out on the young lady I was talking with – as I’m sure she had nothing to do with (or could do anything about) my issue. I did get her name and had her note – I had ‘issues’ with my bill on my account and was soon on my way back to my Queen. By then I was in the mood for some consolation and thought about stopping off at out watering hole – but figured my Queen would like to go – so I swung by the condo and picked her up. Soon up at Blues and as always – having a ball. We talked and drank, and drank and talked…… what a wonderful place to have to go on the island for some stress relief and enjoy the company of a bunch of really good people~! Once again, we shut them down and headed back toward some conditioned air……. we brought a ‘mess’ of chicken wings back with us…. even though we both enjoyed a ‘smoked’ egg salad sammich sitting there at the bar……. I am currently wiping out about half of the wings now as I type this (my keyboard is now a disaster area)

A recent text says the dive boat for tomorrow is ‘ A go’…… so hopefully will get to get wet and get some more pictures for you tomorrow …… until then…. gonna go wash off the wings residue, clean my keyboard….. maybe another episode or two of The Practice and get some shut eye~!

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!

Words to live by
Jim – The man, the myth – The Legend~!
Our crowd~!

Tim – newly engaged bartender…….
Liquid fun

Just like this shot~!
Smooth Trunk Fish
File Fish
Barrel Sponge
Barrel Sponge
Stove Pipe sponge
Christmas tree worm
Like this shot too
Dive Selfie


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