Layin’ low in the New Year…..

Tried to sleep in a little bit after a mostly fitful nights sleep – too hot, too cold, couldn’t get comfortable, occasional coughing….. just not a good night’s sleep. That was on the heels of New Years Eve night, when around 11:30 gun shots started ringing out. Since you can’t buy fireworks here – about the only ‘noise’ the locals can create is gunfire and apparently there are plenty of guns on the island for that. As Midnight approached it sounded like a war broke out. I am guesstimating I heard at least 100 shots…. many rapid fire, like from an automatic weapon. I am also sure I am under estimating that number. A little unnerving, but I didn’t feel like we were in any immediate danger. It also helped me stay awake an additional hour or so until it got quiet again….. so I’m really hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight as I have a dive trip planned for tomorrow morning and I want to be fresh for it.

Due to a decided lack of cooking material, we opted for another Polly’s take out breakfast this morning – once again having the usual, but it was quick, hot and tasty as always. A little later on, my Bride ran  to the grocery store to try and alleviate the lack of cooking material… I say try because you never know if the stores will have any of what you’re looking for. I worked on tax prep stuff while she was out – That’s always as much fun as a stick in the eye. She came back (without a half a dozen things she wanted), I unloaded the car for her, finished my computer stuff and retired to the couch for a movie. Watched an older movie…. circa 2011 with Liam Neeson called UNKNOWN. Amazed we hadn’t seen it yet, but it was good… kept your interest, good plot and fun little twist at the end that we didn’t see coming. We had a small bite to eat while we watched an episode or two of Blacklist, before I settled in here to chat with you (while I chat with my Sugar Pop via text).

Like I said, two dives tomorrow morning~!! So should have some new underwater pictures~~! Seems like forever since I have been diving. Already got camera and batteries charged up~! For now – I found some pictures from the stateside trip that I missed……. enjoy.

Good Night Ya’ll : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :  Thankx for stopping in~!

Giving my Deuce some pointers on how to shoot a long gun
Crowd at the Fish Fry

A Picture I gave to my Aunt Verl a very long time ago…….
First batch didn’t stand a chance
Hot Bass and cold Beer – one of the finer things in life~! 

“Plumber” Paul    😉

Cards Against Humanity… probably one of the vilest [but fun] games ever invented

Grant and Paul


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