Island power and internet…….

AHhhhh WAPA….. you wonderfully magnificent piece of shi….. poop.  Settled in last night to regale you all of my latest Caribbean adventure…. just to have ALL the lights in the house glow BRIGHTLY for a milli-second……. sink down to a text book ‘brown out’ before coming back to standards……. jeeez – ya gotta love the power company on this island…… the ensuing result is we lost our internet….. which is not a huge surprise…..  but it left me unable to ‘communicate’ with you all…… by the time we got our internet back…… it was late…. How Late ???  😉  Anyhow – yesterday was a gloomy, overcast, rain off and on all friggin’ day…. and cool….. it barely made it to 80°….. AWWeEEeeee… right ?  😉  It was a lazy day – even by island standards….. watched several really stupid movies…. stupid enough, I don’t want to share details…… none worth recommending this time. We drank, ate, drank, ate, drank, drank….. oh yea – and drank……. It was a good day other than the cheesy movies……….

Today was a day for my Queen to run around and stimulate the local economy while I ‘piddled’ around the house. No- I did not leave little puddles of liquid everywhere, but worked on odds and ends that needed tending to. That and a lot of time online…. looking up everything under the sun…… how to fix, etc. That done, Angie finally rolled in, drinks were made and now we are discussing plans for Christmas day – trying to figure out how/when to see everybody. The fact that we have been drinking for the last 3+ hours have added a delightful sense of humor to an otherwise confusing string of text messages…… I’ll sort it out in the morning……. I hope.

I have an appointment at the BMV tomorrow to try and get my Queen’s car legally licensed…… I’ll tell you right up front – I’d rather have my tongue branded than do that – but rather than pay the $100-$200 “expeditor” fee I usually pay – I’m gonna give it a shot. I may have to have a shot or two before I get there. You think the BMV in the states is bad ?? You ought to see this outfit – but I am going in with a [mostly] clear mind and will try to have a good attitude when I get there. Wish me luck~! I might mention…. I made this appointment in August~! So for now – some more dive pictures….. my dive shop is letting me down, as they have a visiting family of 10 that has the boat chartered for the next week – so I am not getting the ” Hey- ya wanna get on the boat” calls I usually get. Depressing, as I wanted to dive my brains out before we headed back to the mainland…… oh well….. stuff happens~~~

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!

Christmas Tree Worms [Stephanie xoxo]
Banded Butterfly fish

Parrot fish

VERY tall Fire Coral in the foreground

Flamingo Tongues



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