Popped my Cherry…………

Up this morning with my belly feeling much better….. made me a bite to eat – gathered up camera and gear and headed into town for another day on the trails. It was supposed to be an easy day….. 1 tour, 3 bikes…… easy peezy…… uh,…. yeah, okay~~ Had an extra rider sign up late and from the get-go seemed like he was going to be trouble….. but very early in the ride, he was trying to be a ‘cowboy’ and scared  the bejeezus out of himself and settled down for the rest of the ride. We had got a heads up the night before, this group might be a pain in the keester, so I was a little more forceful with my pre-ride briefing than usual, and it must have helped….. because overall they were a decent group and left a nice tip at the end of it……. back and ready to wash the bikes and put them up – a couple of walk ins wanted to do a tour. The usual guide [Jamal] had other unpleasant obligations to deal with and couldn’t stay – so I offered to do the tour….. I had never led a tour before, but I know the trails well enough, and the tourist spiel at each stopping place…. I figured what the heck and offered to do the tour. Upon approval from the owners, I got the one couple (newly weds) acquainted with their machine (the other couple got  lost or something and never showed back up ) and we were off.  Turned out to be a lot of fun while I got my cherry popped. It’s a WHOLE lot different being at the front of the pack…… #1: – it ain’t near as dusty~! #2:, I probably turned around a whole lot more than I needed to – but the driver was a newbie and I didn’t want to lose him….. #3: Taking pictures takes on a whole new dimension when you’re shooting behind yourself….. but the couple seemed to really enjoy themselves and apparently just had a ball…… even though they didn’t bother to express their gratitude with any kind of tip…….. but they had a good time and I’m sure we’ll get some pretty decent ‘press’ out of it. In the middle of all that – the gate to the garage where we keep the bikes decided it needed to fall off of the wall – so me and Jamal was doing some island engineering to keep it from falling completely down.  I got to contend with it some more when I got back from the tour. Jamal was gone and a couple  of guys showed up [I’m presuming Cynthia called them] to look at the gate. I was supposed to do another tour ( the couple that didn’t show up for the noon tour). While I was waiting on them, I was helping the guys ‘look at’ the gate on the garage. SHeesh what a Cluster... mess. The other couple never showed up, so I put the bikes in the garage and the 2 gentlemen helped me get the gates closed and secured. Over my word limit… so condensed version, put the bikes away empty and dirty. Came home, drank, uploaded pictures, drank, ran back into town for oil, drank, bite to eat and now anxiously awaiting to get into the shower…..

Going in tomorrow to open up garage and clean and maintain bikes while [hopefully] dudes show up to fix doors….. should be a fairly slow busy day off…….

Good Night Ya’ll # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Thankx for stopping in~!

Home of a Yellow headed Jawfish….. hard little buggers to catch on camera

Conch shell

Sand Crabb
legs to one of the Doll Pins
Stove Pipe Sponges
Feather Duster worm
Crab munching on a dead Octopus

Student divers

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