Merry Christmas~!

Christmas day on the island…… up early to prepare for ‘work’ while we help run the business for our island ‘kids’ while they are back in the states with their families. Up – morning stuff out of the way – we were out the door by 08:45 headed to the West end of the island for our first day in what promises to be a really long week for us old folks…… Shop opened up and everything necessary unloaded…. machines for the first group brought out and stationed for the ready. Here we go~!!  First group showed up and checked in and ready to go. My machine was nothing but trouble the first 10 minutes or so of the tour, until I remembered what Shawn had told me about that particular bike. Once I applied what he told me – no more issues….. yay~! The rest of that tour went mostly without issues…… yay~! Can’t sat that for the remaining two tours….. machine issues all around… I managed to let my camera run out of battery…… just a hellva lot more issues than me or Jamal [guide] wanted to deal with – but we did deal with it and made the best out of each situation. 16:30 – finally done, we got the machines washed up, filled with gas and staged for another day tomorrow. I just hope it goes a dang site smoother than today did.

We swung by (after back tracking to get my brides phone that she left at the shop) and picked up the ‘kids’ car at the airport and brought it back here to the condo. Pulled in to find my slot filled by a visitor….Dammit Emmit~! I know it’s Christmas and all – but I was tired, dusty, muddy (yes the two are possible at the same time on these tours) sore and hungry and not in the [sorry Vera] Godamn mood to have to park out in the field just so I could get into my house~!! Parking issue finally resolved, all the gear brought in or locked safely in DD 2.0 and into the house for some alcohol~!!!  YAY~!!!!!!

Now showered, well plied with alcohol…. we have chatted with all of our Grand babies and got to see and hear about their Christmases. Gotta love modern technology… most of the time. I’m happy all of our babies and grand babies seemed to have a very happy Christmas — and I’m happy that I stayed busy enough today – I really didn’t have the chance to think about it a lot while I got my lips worked off today…….. but looking at the phone seeing what we missed stung a little bit. My Queen and I have talked and we both agree…. we will be back in the states for Christmas 2020….. one way or the other. We also plan on one warm weather trip as well…. just don’t know when yet.

I hope each of you has had a wonderfully marvelous Christmas, that you got everything you wished for and that you got to spend LOTS of time with your families and loved ones. Merry Christmas~!

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

Fish eye lens + extreme close up =’s I told you I was fat~!
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