Getting in the holiday spirit~?

After sleeping in just a skosh this morning – I got up feeling a lot better than I expected to. I was pooped enough yesterday when I hit the sack – I slept good but figured my old, fat body would revolt against the amount of activity that I partook of. I was very happily wrong. Matter of fact – I think it is just reinforcement of the fact that I need to get my old fat body out and start doing more stuff. I feel better, I sleep better….. only down side is that I’m eating everything in sight, but I think I can overcome that with getting back to eating smarter……. (can’t help but laugh a little bit when I say things like that)

I managed to get the maintenance dude to leave me a ladder on the patio yesterday – and I committed to getting my Bride up her Christmas lights. Although I have spent most of my life going up and down ladders and spending inordinate amounts of time on them – each year I look less and less forward to having to do it. Dunno if it’s age, being sadly out of shape or what, but I thought I was dreading going up that ladder to put those lights up. However, I know how much my Queen wants those palms lit up – so after breakfast – I dutifully set about my task. I leveled out some of the holes around the trees, raked up some sea weed and then started wrapping the trees, which includes multiple trips up and down the ladders as I jockeyed the lines of lights around the trees. Thankfully, I felt a lot more comfortable on the ladder this year than I did last year. Not sure why – but kinda felt like my younger self as I scurried up and down it this year. The trees are now wrapped with lights. Cords are all buried and hidden. The beach has been raked (well, our little section of it). We did a preliminary plug in, and it looks like one strand of lights is deciding not to work, which really pi$$e$ me off, because I checked them all before I put them up…… but we’re gonna wait until it’s a little bit darker and try it again. Because well over half the lights didn’t work last year when I put them up – we bought several more strings – only this time we opted for multi-colored lights, so anxious to see how they look.

I’m writing this early – so I can get a shower and sit down and relax on the couch – so probably won’t have pictures up of the palms lit up tonight – but sure my Bride will post some once she sees them — I’m just crossing my fingers all the lights work….. if not – I’m probably gonna have to go buy more lights and restring the one tree. I’ll keep the ladder handy, just in case.

Good Night Ya’ll @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ Thankx for stopping in~!

Raking our beach~~~ (Nice back ground view for “working” – right ? )

How many of you use an extension ladder to light your tree ??   😉

Hiding the wires….

IMG_3910   <—— Video

Dec 15th LAST year
Last year
Anyone else think I look like that Guy Fierao dude [on acid]
last year – island kids

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