Don’t know what came over me last night – fat, old, out of shape, alcohol, lazy or maybe a happy combination of all of them – but I just could not get my self up to get on here and do much of anything last night. I couldn’t hardly keep my eyes open and was in bed sound asleep by 9:00. I really didn’t have that tough of a day…. not sure what it was but sure hope it don’t start happening a lot~! Shortly before I headed off to bed – a good friend back on the island for a bit called to remind me that I had agreed to meet him and some of the other Blues Crew at a local resort for a friendly game of golf the next morning. I did remember committing to it – so I told him I would be there. I guess another good reason to head to bed early as I had to get up by 05:15 to be able to be at the golf course by 07:30 for tee time. Originally scheduled for 8 guys – it boiled down to 6 – but we spent the next 4 hours swatting the little white balls around and chasing them….. and drinking beer. I was the only non-serious golfer of the bunch and was along mostly for the beer and comedic effect. It was a toasty 86° and a steady 12-15 mph wind. (the course sits right on the water)…..  Due to the fact most of the time – I couldn’t hit the ball more than a 100′ or so – I would just walk after it and kind of ‘mega-putt’ my way to the green. It didn’t take long to figure out just how bad of an idea that was….. some of the holes were par 5’s on the side of small mountains…. holy-moly. The steeper the hill got – the more prone to getting back in the golf cart I became. I wound up walking the better part of probably 4 holes and entirely too many hills sprinkled in there. I feel pretty good saying I got my cardio in for the rest of the month. We finally wrapped it up and met in the parking lot and agreed we needed to go to a local watering hole and talk about our games a little bit. We wound up down on the board walk, having drinks and watching all the people. The place was packed in anticipation of the boat parade that was taking place this evening. My Bride and I had originally planned to go down to watch it, but that got thwarted when we were asked to pick up our island ‘kids’ at the airport and take them to their house on yon Western mountain top. Looking back – we are both really glad we did that as I don’t think we could have tolerated the crowd that was already at the board walk – let alone what we both knew it would become. We went last year and enjoyed it – but neither of us are upset we missed it this year………..

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

This greeted us when we got there
Tried to turn into a double
Beautiful rainbow
Dave and his pony tail
Dean & Dave
This course has some amazing views~!
This course has some amazing views~!
Dean in action
This course has some amazing views~!

This course has some amazing views~!
Me…. and my shadow~~
Steps off of the 14thtee
A tee with a beach
On the beach looking back at the tee
This course has some amazing views~!
This course has some amazing views~!
Almost there
at the local watering hole
Inside the local watering hole – more great views
The Board walk
Waiting outside the airport
Our international airport~~
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