My how time does fly…….

Well it’s a mere 2 and half days since my last post…. and seems like just a couple of minutes…… we spent the first part of the day of the wedding finalizing set up before running back for showers and cleaning up for the big event. Got back out in plenty of time to secure our positions as friends of the groom. A beautiful ceremony, under almost perfect conditions.  Blue skies with big fluffy clouds and a light breeze creating the perfect setting in underneath a gigantic tree. I don’t guess I have ever seen two people more suited for one another – don’t think I’m being biased here…. you can just see it in their faces. I don’t think I could be any happier for them. The reception then moved into this gorgeous old barn set up for just such events. Sadly, the weather kind of broke down a little bit as clouds rolled in and the wind picked up….. it made for perfect conditions inside the barn for some partying hard folks, but for us poor island folks wearing his finest silk island shirt, standing outside trying to enjoy a cigarette – I almost froze my a$$ off~! The reception went off very well. Well attended and only a minimum of drama for the entire event….. very successful, very nice reception~! Did a little bit of clean up before leaving for the night, getting back and dropping into bed a little bit after midnight.

Next morning, the men folk were up bright and early (and slightly hung over) to head back out to the barn to clean up. With the help of some of the wedding party, we got the bulk of it knocked out fairly quick but some of the finer details took much longer than expected. ( I did see a truck I would have “killed for” during some of our running though – OMG – it was gorgeous~!) We wrapped up cleaning and details about 1:00 in the afternoon, just in time for the Bride & Groom to show up to open presents. They also had about 15 friends and family show up to watch them. They were gone in fairly short order and soon some friends of Nelia & Brad’s showed up for some burgers and Brats. Then some drinkin’~!!! OOh-Rah…… the evening turned into a big party around a bonfire. Even though I was once again freezing my a$$ off….. it turned into a heckva a good time. We got to meet Nelia’s ‘Damn Neighbors‘. It became apparent very quickly why they like them so much…. Good people~! As were her other friends that showed up. We drank and laughed well into the evening before everyone finally lit out for their respective abodes. I took LOTS of pictures….. I did not edit or fine tune any of them…… entirely too many for one night – so you’ll see them for the next couple of days. I’ll try and put comments on them so you can kinda understand what’s going on. I should be on here a little more regularly for the next 5-6 days as we are now back in Indiana in Evansville….. more about that later~~!

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

Michigan sunrise
Michigan sunrise
Michigan sunrise
Michigan sunrise
Sunrise in the windows
Michigan sunrise
Red sky in the morning – Sailor take warning
Michigan Sunrise
“My” Truck~~ OMG~!!

Jamie & Nelia
Mike & Jamie
Brother-in-law Daniel… ( I have NO idea what my Queen is doing)
Sister Ela and ‘Damn Neighbor’ Rhea
Linda, Jeff and other ‘Damn Neighbor Chuck
God-day, Ya-ya – memy-bluhnnn
Brad – The Man, the Myth… the Legend~!

Lord please stop Billy from taking pictures~!

HMmmm… wonder what this is
“This is my boob”



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