Yup – back to normal……

Rolled out again after another less than stellar night’s sleep. I don’t know what the problem is, but I’m starting to get about half fed up with it…… the old fat boy ain’t quite as ‘jolly’ when I ain’t getting a decent night’s sleep~!  My Queen has been hacking and coughing a little more than what she was and I suspicion we both may be trying to re-catch what we had. I have already told her to make another appointment with Doc — I’m just gonna do the OTC thing again and burn what-ever-the-hell I’ve got out of me……. Ain’t got time for that mess again~!!  As I figured, I spent the better part of the day working on a new to-do list and most of that was here at the computer…… getting club spreadsheets updated and paying bills for my Brides latest medical visits that have  now started trickling in…. We did get in a nice breakfast and several episodes of NUMB3RS in between all that though  😉

We lit out about 6:00pm for a meeting of the Activities Committee of CRABBS – being held out at the Off the Wall restaurant. We were the first ones there and secured a table as we waited for the rest of the group. I managed to pop off a couple of nice pictures as the sun sat out over Cane Bay….. best meeting place ever~! We ordered drinks and food after the crowd got there and launched into our meeting. A very low attendance made for a fairly quick and lively meeting as we munched. I now have a new favorite pizza on the island~! Yes~!! While I was starving when it finally got there and I jammed that first piece into my mouth (subsequently burning the $%^&* out of the roof of my mouth) – I found as I was biting into that steaming mass of goodness, the crust was very thin but you could hold it by the very end and still have the piece of pie sticking straight out (one of my requirements for good pizza) Also the reason I did not get any pictures… cause I was a starvin’ Marvin~! Altho it occurred to me – I can still take a picture as I brought several pieces home with me (and may have another piece~!)  😉  Well- I just took said picture…AND got me another piece…..MmMmMm good~! Safely back here and back in our ‘comfies’ – I’m gonna load today’s pictures (which include one of a big ole nasty look crab we had visit us this morning) – if I don’t have enough from today — I’ll put up some more from Neil & Janie’s visit. So–

Good Night Ya’ll . . . . . . . Thankx for stopping in~!

IMG_0536    <—- Video

Rock (actually coral)  Lil Sis found, reminded her of Michigan, I know have it in our rock garden, so I think of her every time I look at it~ <3 

Pretty nice view for a meeting Uh ?


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