Buck Island, Cheeseburgers and Point Udall~~

Rolled out early enough to catch another gorgeous sun rise. Rest of the crowd slowly followed behind me. We had to head out early enough to be down on the boardwalk by 08:30 for our Catamaran boat ride out to beautiful Buck Island National Park. We cruised across that gorgeous blue water and after about 40 minutes was pulling up to the Leeward side of the island. Soon unloaded onto that gorgeous beach. There were some snorkeling lessons for those that wanted or needed them and soon everybody was in the water swimming and snorkeling. Not a lot of sea life on that side of the island (even though I did manage to find a beautiful sting ray!!) but it’s hard not to enjoy that environment – sea life or not. After about 45 minutes, we all loaded back up in the boat and headed around to the other end of the island – inside the reef. Everybody donned their snorkeling gear and we all jumped in and followed the guides around the under water part of the park. Lots more sea life to see and enjoy. Another 50 minutes or so in the water and we were all once again loaded onto the boat and we headed back toward the boardwalk.

The original plan was to stop in at a friends wine & cheese bar for lunch – but while we were on the boat guzzling rum punch – we all convinced ourselves we all wanted a big greasy cheeseburger. Not a problem~! I knew just the place and it was on the way to our final destination for the day. We hoofed it back to DD – loaded up and was soon heading East. Halfway there – we stopped in at Cheeseburgers in America’s Paradise~! We sat and gobbled up some wonderfully delicious burgers and some other goodness, washed down by a wee bit of alcohol~ Back into DD and on out to the East end of the island to Point Udall (the Eastern most point of the United States). Nelia & Jamie walked around and Oohed and Aaahed at the sites out there and pictures were taken. Everybody settled back into the truck for a long comfortable ride back to the condo. Bellies full and mildly sun burnt, it was one of the quieter rides so far.

Back in the condo, everybody got their showers to cool off, rinse the salt and sand and settle in for a nice relaxing evening. As I sit here typing this – all three of the ‘girls’ are sitting in the living room staring at their phones…… at least it’s quiet  😉 Going out to the West end tomorrow for Nelia & Jamie’s Discover SCUBA dive~! Should be another great day and even more pictures. I have entirely too many to share with you on one post – so I’ll put them up as the week wears on.

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!


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