2 Tank dive and our ‘BLUESiversary’~~~

Rolled out early this morning to be able to make it back to Cane Bay for 2 more dives by 09:00. Woo-Hoo — I have now made more dives in the last 5 days than I have in the last month~! I Like it~!!! Met up out at Cane Bay to meet a friend who is getting PADI ( https://www.padi.com/ )certified for her Open Water certification. It’s a big step and I was more than happy to accept the invitation to come along on the dives (and snap some pictures for prosperity’s sake) Kinda of reminded me of my sky diving days when I would take pictures of people making their first jump. It’s great to watch the excitement and wonder on their faces as they are put through their paces. It is a world of difference and eerily the same all at the same time. After all, it has not been that long ago I was going through the same thing……. Our friend did a really good job (nod to the instructor as that shows he was doing his job well)and she knocked each task out of the park (well, maybe other than descending) 😉 You would think that would be easy — but you would be wrong. There is a right way and a wrong way to descend…. but she finally got it. I got her going through most of her training and over the next 2-3 days will share those pictures with you, with an occasional comment under the pictures for you to try and explain what you’re looking at. After the training pieces of the dive, we set out to explore some of the reef. We got to see a sting ray, a Barracuda and a go-zillion other kinds of fish. I spotted a beautiful turtle, but could not get the rest of the groups attention to share it. ( I did get pictures though). We eventually made our way back to the beach – had our required ‘surface interval’ – the required time to spend before it’s safe to go diving again and were soon suited up and back under the water.

Our friend successfully completed the rest of her training for the dive and we were once again off to explore the depths. Pretty uneventful dive other than being able to enjoy the absolute beauty that is under the surface. After the dive, we hung out for a cold beer or 3 and discussed the dives before heading back for our abode…… after all, we had a celebration to attend…. tonight was our 1 year anniversary discovering Blues Back Yard BBQ~! We got our showers, uploaded pictures and caught an episode of Mountain Men before heading up to favorite haunt. LOTS of friends made an appearance to help us celebrate~! It was a great time~!!! Electric Andy was playing (Vera – I recorded part of one of their songs for you– see it on FB) Folks were buying us drinks and saying how happy they were that we were part of the island…. it warmed the heart immensely. Knowing I have another 2 tank dive tomorrow morning (and plan on attending a music festival) I gathered up my Bride, bid adieu to a ton of good folks thanking them all for the well wishes….. and headed back here to chat with you a bit before I crash. Over my limit now and still a lot to share – I bid YOU ALL a good evening so I can put up some pictures and crash~~~ Been a great year — can’t wait to see what the next one brings~!!

Good night Ya’ll . . . . . . . Thankx for stopping in~!

Suiting up
Inflating the sausage
almost there
This makes it much easier to find you when you have got to far away from where you are supposed to be…..(it happens)
Helping a tired diver
Helping with a leg cramp
Ready to descend
Down we go~
On our way~
Lots of company down there…..
more learning on the bottom
Got to be able to clear your mask if you get water in it~!
Course ya gotta have some fun – take time for a photo op–
on Sea Biscuit~!!

The whole crew….
Deana – off to explore the Sea floor~!
See her ?
Student & Instructor
Deana and Greg
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