Sunshine, diving, friends and alcohol…..

What a wonderful day, today turned out to be….. we got to sleep in a bit (06:15) Had plenty of time to wake up and do our thing before loading up the truck and heading out to Cane Bay. I had been invited by some friends to tag along on a dive they were making. The dive turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be – even though the visibility SUCKED….. once we got out and over the ‘wall’ the visibility cleared up a little bit – but still only 50′ or so (80+’ is good visibility) Wasn’t very far into the dive before coming up on a pretty little sting ray. She laid there long enough for a picture or two before scooting off along the Sea floor. We worked our way down one of the coral chutes getting progressively deeper as we went. It wasn’t another 10 minutes before I caught that awesome long shadow easing toward me that I recognized as a shark~! Being the conscientious good diver that I try to be, I immediately set out to get the attention of the other divers, signaling a shark has been spotted. By the time I got their attention and their gaze directed in the right direction, the shark had already moved away. I hung there suspended almost as if frozen, scanning the murky blue water – and there she was again~! The other divers had already grown tired of looking at the blank space I was staring at, so I took off after her to get photographic evidence that I was not indeed just seeing things. VERY shortly into my pursuit, I glanced at my computer, only to find out that in an instant – I was already at 117’……. E-Gads~!! (You use up air much faster the deeper you go) so I fired off a couple of pictures and immediately hiked my a$$ back UP into a little shallower water (-100′). The rest of the dive was pretty uneventful. Lots of pretty corals to look at, but the visibility made picture taking almost futile. Sometimes you have to deal with low vis……. One guy signaled 1/2 tank, so we immediately did our turn and headed back toward the shore. Not a lot to say about that swim other than the surge picked up which made the swim back in a tad more challenging.

Finally back on terra-firma – we off loaded our gear – cracked open a beer and discussed our dive. We wound up sitting on that gorgeous beach and watching the goings-on and chatting and just had a really good time. After a couple of hours, I was out of beer and smokes and called it….. time to head back to the middle of the island. Neither of us had any kind of breakfast before we left and both agreed we needed to eat something, so we stopped off at Blues for a bite and a drink…. well, okay, several drinks. Bellies full and a nice little buzz going – we headed home. I’ve done had my shower and figured I’d mix things up a bit by getting this put up a little bit early. I have a 2 tank dive tomorrow – so more diving pictures (hopefully better visibility)…… then the rest of the week gets really busy~~~~ 😉

Good night Ya’ll + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!

Sea Biscuit in center of shot
John and Seabiscuit

NObody wans to see his Speedo 😉

Sprat Net bar on Cane Bay Beach
Me and my gear~~~
“Me and my Shadow”
SCUBA diver~~
Me John and Bill…. (yes, his name is Bill) 🙂

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