Dammit Emmit~!

Spent the better part of the day today, recovering from the previous night only to wind up going back up to Blues last night for ONE drink — BAAAHAAaaaa….. that gets funnier every time I say it…… one drink…. give me a break. Some friends (Shawn and Cynthia) said they were heading up and would like us to join them, so we loaded up into DD and up we went. We got there about 4:30, got a seat at the bar and sat and waited on our friends. We made several other new friends while waiting. Well one drink turned into about 4 before friends finally showed up (they got hung up) and we couldn’t just take off and leave them there – so we drank and chatted, and chatted and drank…….. you know where I’m headin’ with this…. 😉 Before we knew it real good, Eddy was calling last call. Friends had seen pictures of our Christmas palms and wanted to see them, so we got our last call drink and headed for our place (only about 4 minutes away). We moved out to the patio and let our friends take in our beautiful view from our patio. Those of you lucky enough to have visited us here, know what I’m talking about. Then we lit up our palm trees and they oohed and aahed over them. We broke out the Santa hats and took pictures. A very fun couple. More drinks were made and we sat and chatted and just enjoyed each others company. Before we knew it – it was almost midnight and they had to drive out to the West end of the island (and get up early for work) They own and operate Gecko’s Island Adventures [https://www.geckosislandadventures.com/] offering ATV tours of our beautiful island. We have done a couple of tours with them and enjoy them more every time we do it. If you ever make it to our beautiful island – this should be on your must-do list~!

It probably goes without saying – by he time we bid them adieu and cleaned up – we both headed straight to bed — too pooped to pop. Tomorrow we have been invited to join the staff of Blues for their Christmas party – which this year is a sunset dinner cruise on a big sail boat. We set sail from the West end of the island, so I’m sure it’s gonna be fairly late when we get back – plus, I will probably have a drink or two…..so not sure if I’ll get anything written on here tomorrow night – but you can bet your ears I’ll have pictures to show you from it~~! For tonight though, I’m gonna catch up with some pictures from this past week.

Good night Ya’ll —– Thankx for stopping in~!

We had a very late visitor~! (# 59)
My Queen’s lunch
MY Lunch 😉
Classic All American Big-boy burger~!!
Shameless advertising~! 😉
THATS how to dress when hanging Christmas lights~!
I HATE the ‘new’ editing features on this web site~!
Showing off my new shirt – proud Daughter Stephanie got me~!
Cynthia & Shawn~!

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