Well …. I was right~!

As predicted — The sunset dinner cruise with the Blues crew was a night to remember……. The ship was filled mostly with staff from Blues Backyard BBQ…… there was one small other group but they stayed mostly to them selves and we basically had the run of the ship. We had the very excellent band R & B Experience onboard laying down some very good tunes for us as we sailed around the bay near Frederiksted Harbor. We were supposed to go out by Sandy Point, but weather did not allow it. Unless you were as anal as I was, most people on the ship didn’t even realize we were doing one big circle after another there in the harbor. We had a gorgeous sunset to watch, good tunes coming off of the back of the boat and what I am sure was a good time had by all. Even one small downpour could not take away the enjoyment of everybody on the boat. What a great way to spend an evening with friends. The ship finally re-docked and everybody agreed they were not ready to wind up the evening so we all met up at a local bar (Nacho & Louie’s) for more drinks and some snacks. The evening lingered well into the night before everybody started doling out hugs and kisses and saying good night. What a great, great evening… Thank you Jim & Deb for including us in your ‘family’~~!!

Up the next morning for our next Christmas adventure….. a day trip out to Buck Island National park for a morning/afternoon of, friendship, food, snorkeling and drinks with our family of Fish With A Vet. Barb & Tony hosted the group on their boat for a day at Buck Island. To be really honest, I was not particularly looking forward to the event, but as a newly appointed Board member, I felt like I should attend. I am so very, very glad I did. I cannot remember a recent day where I had that much fun. Spending a day on a gorgeous beach, with good food friends and that gorgeous blue Caribbean water. I heard more laughter today than I have in quite some time….. and this was real, genuine laughter – by all. Before we knew it, we were reloading the boat, even though it had been already 4+ hours (which is a lot in this sun down here) and heading back for Green Cay Marina.

Fairly new friends Shawn and Cynthia followed us home, as they wanted to show their visiting Daughter ‘Lexi’ our “backyard”. The only stopping by for a minute turned into an equally fun filled hour or so, as we drank, ate pretzels and Christmas cookies. What a truly, truly wonderful way to wrap up a day…… We’re going out with Shawn and Cynthia for a Christmas eve dinner tomorrow night at a new place (for us) — and I absolutely cannot wait~! Okay Ya’ll — I’ve hit my limit — so I’m gonna see if I can’t get this pos website to load some pictures for me.

Good night Ya’ll —- Thankx for stopping in~!

Ready to sail with Eddy and Deanna
Thaaaat’s my boat…..
Frederiksted Harbor
Safety briefing
All aboard
Frederiksted pier in the background
Never get tired of watching our flag wave~!
Our bartender and the band
Tonka, Anna, Deb & Jim
Coop just HAD to get in the picture~!
The band took cover when it started raining~!
So did Tonka and Anna~!
Sarah wasn’t going to get wet either~!
Susan wasn’t going to let her ugly sweater get wet either~!
Kitty cat clip board
You really need to have been there to appreciate that beauty~!
Miss Deb
Deb & Anna
🙂 rest tomorrow night~!
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