Where did I leave off ???

I think I finished up with the helicopter tour….. I hope you enjoyed those pictures a fraction as much as I did taking them~! I don’t think the best camera in the world would have done justice to what these old eye balls were looking at. It just almost takes your breath away~~ Any how… moving on. We got back to the resort in fairly short order after traversing those winding mountain roads. I swear – there were a couple of turns on the road we take for each of those trips, I actually thought our Jeep was going to tip over backwards because the incline was so steep. Probably just my imagination – but – WOW were they steep~! Back at the resort –  had a dive scheduled at a nearby dive shop. Not wanting to let my Bride sit in the room by herself – I had scheduled a Masseuse to come to the room for some pampering for my Queen. A full body massage and a facial. I kissed my Queen and left for the dive shop. I arrived fairly quickly to the Dive shop and checked in. Turns out, this place was one of the most popular places on the island and with 4 ships in port that day, the beach and the dive center was packed~! One of the ‘down’ sides of an island if it is a tourist destination. I was finally introduced to my  Dive master, checked out my gear, and away we went. He laid out a good dive plan, which is always nice, and we waded out into that gorgeous blue water. We had a young guy with us on the dive and I suspect he was fairly new to the sport, as he was all over the place and the Divemaster paid a LOT of attention to him. I was fine with that as I am now more comfortable in the water than I have ever been. Even with the ‘kid’ the Divemaster did a nice job pointing out items of interest. I managed to help the Divemaster by pointing out a really nice Stingray that he hadn’t spotted. I was not overly impressed with the dive in general, but if I find myself on the island again, I would use that dive shop again.

I came back to find my Bride in the middle of her pampering, so I left quietly and went and sat at the closest bar. Wooo – Jim-Dandy….. probably not the smartest move, but it made sense at the time…… My Queen finally finished with her pampering, and joined me. We bumped into some friends we made the previous night, and before we knew it we were in the local lounge belting out some Karaoke tunes. We had a good time, probably 4 too many drinks and finally headed for our room. Wrapping up a really good day – we both fell into bed to sleep, the sleep of dreams.

At my limit, so a good place to stop — probably putting up a Hodge Podge of pictures ( I just ‘stole’ some off of the Kayak tours web page, so I’ll add them too) – Check in to tomorrow night for the remainder of our adventures on St. Thomas and St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands~!

Good night Ya’ll …… Thankx for stopping in~!

That be me in the background getting pictures~!
Spotted Eel  (center of pic – black & white)
Stove pipe sponge with Elkhorn coral
Recovering from storm damage
Paddle boarder from below
Unsuspecting swimmers
My Queen, Danielle and DJ Smooth~
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