Happy Halloween~~~~

Greetings from St. Croix on this Halloween……. day started out by me rolling out a heckva lot earlier than I cared for, but I had to be up long enough to get good and woke up to get the truck up to the garage by 08:00.  As I said, I was having extreme brake issues. I thought (and was hoping) it was a brake pad that had slipped, but NOOoooooo….. turned out it was a warped rotor. I had to leave the truck, so I hiked my big hungover butt the mile or so back to the condo. It was hot…. how hot ? DAMNED hot~! I did stop and take a bunch of pictures of flowers along the way for those of my readers that enjoy the local flower varieties. Finally made it back and set down for some A/C and a bite to eat while we watched NYPD Blues. Finally got a call about 15:00 to say the truck was ready…. so off I went, walking that mile or so back to the garage…… it was even hotter…. made sweating out all that hooch from last night a lot easier~! Picked the truck up and $ 306.00 dollars later – the truck is once again good to go…… Came home and went out and worked on clearing out a section of Sargassum on the beach for easy passage for baby turtles in case we got any, while my Queen made a wonderfully delicious meatloaf for dinner…. tonight was to be the last night for babies for the next couple of days. I had just set down to start working on this, when my bride (who was out on the patio looking for babies) started hollering. I jumped up, fell over my feet trying to grab my camera and finally made it out onto the beach…… Angie’s flashlight revealed a small string of turtles climbing desperately to get up out of the large hole that had been dug right over top of them. I got some video for you of it – I think you’ll like it. I took a couple of pictures and then stood back watching to make sure they were all heading in the right direction. As it turns out – some of them were getting confused by the white light and heading for it – so I told Angie to turn her light off and we used the infrared from there on out. I guess it’s a good thing I cleared out a path for them to get into the water. Just like the last time – the whole thing was over in about 6-8 minutes. We wandered around the area for another 10 minutes or so, plucking little turtles out of bushes and some of the big holes that are all over the beach. I personally carried probably a dozen different of them little dudes down to the edge of the water. So incredibly unreal to be able to do that~!! And we still have 40 possible nests to go~!! That’s my day…. I hope you all had a great Halloween and didn’t eat too much candy…. We didn’t have any trick or treaters, so I guess WE’LL have to eat those two big bags of Kit-Kats ourselves……  😉

Good night Ya’ll ….. Thankx for stopping in~!



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