November the One~th…….

Wrapping up an old month and kicking off the new month with more turtles~! Shortly after all the hub-bub with the baby turtles was done last night and I had came in to finish regaling you all of it – I finished up my blog and FB post, then went out to enjoy a smoke. Standing there enjoying the cigarette with my Bride – she asked if that was a turtle [pointing out toward the beach] – I had already put my infra-red light away, so she grabbed her little flashlight and shined it out to reveal a big 200+ pounder. She quickly shut the light off so as not to spook her. What she didn’t notice, was a slightly smaller turtle digging right next to the big one. I got my IR light back out and sure enough – 2 turtles….. side by side nesting~! The big one was actually flinging sand on top of the smaller one – so she was much harder to see. Since they were both just starting their camouflage hole, I decided to get in an episode or two of NYPD Blue while they got down to the business of the actual nest. I checked on them periodically and when I went out for the last time…. they were both laying eggs~! I was positioned once again to actually see the eggs dropping. I didn’t take any more video of that, as I am really proud of the video I already have of that part of the process, so I opted for some still shots while they were in their trance. Sadly, I did notice that the big turtle uprooted a previous nest and eggs were torn up and scattered everywhere. There are 6 nests in that particular spot and it is inevitable that is going to happen. I came back in for some more boob tube before finally crawling into bed around midnight.

Rolled out a little later than usual this morning because of getting to bed so late. The sun was already well on it’s way up and the sky was filled with big puffy clouds. The surf was crashing, there was a small breeze and another turtle nest. She must have came in real late….. but looking at the hole – I feel pretty confident in saying she laid eggs~! That makes nest # 51. I walked out and took some pictures and then came back in to start my daily routine. My Queen slept in a little bit, so I had a nice quiet start to my morning.

We wiled away the day with various activities until around 16:00 when we headed up to Blues Back Yard BBQ. Weirdly, neither of us were hungry, so we just had drinks and chatted with friends. Finally back at the condo, soaking up some of that wonderful conditioned air. No more turtles yet…. but definitely some more NYPD Blue in store– just started Season # 4~!

I have been asked to help again tomorrow for some heavy lifting (not supposed to be as much as last time) then we will be going back up to Blues BBQ to help out as beer-backs for an event they have going on tomorrow afternoon…. if that goes like I think it’s going to — probably won’t post anything tomorrow night, as it will probably be too late by the time we get home.

Good night Ya’ll ….. Thankx for stopping in~!


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