Breakfast out and groceries

Slept in a bit this morning due to a turbulent earlier morning bout in the bathroom….. I rolled out of the sack about 08:00 feeling like I had been rode hard and put up wet. Couldn’t have had anything to do with the half gallon of alcohol I had up at Blues the night before  😉  Finally got woke up and motivated and my bride suggest we go out for breakfast and then get the grocery shopping out of the way after that. About the last thing I wanted to do (either of them) but it was a lot better plan than I had in mind, so we gathered up our stuff and took off. Not wanting to battle downtown traffic and it’s hideous parking I suggested going to the Palms at Pelican Cove which is not quite a mile down the road from us. Got there to a mostly empty restaurant except for a small wedding taking place out in the court yard. I tried their biscuits and gravy and my Queen had a standard eggs and ham breakfast. My biscuits and gravy (with a side of sausage) left a LOT to be desired – but in all fairness, once you’ve had real biscuits and gravy from the South, nothing else can really compare, but much like pizza – I’ll try it everywhere I go ‘just in case’. My brides breakfast wasn’t a whole lot better, I mean, it’s hard to screw up eggs – but her ham was just lunch meat ham like you’d get in a package of Oscar Mayer lunchmeat ham. Pitiful~ The view from the place is really hard to beat though. Gorgeous beach, crashing waves and palm trees – kinda helps make up for a lack luster meal.   Kinda pricey too I thought. Angie had a Bloody Mary – I had a glass of orange juice – our meals and 2 glasses of milk — $ 47.00  Not completely out of hand for the island though. Yes Virginia, there is a price to pay for living in paradise~~ Finished our breakfast and headed out West to one of the big supermarkets. Armed with our lists we hit the isles. 40 minutes later and $326.00 later we were done. Got to the truck and got flagged down by an older gentleman needing a jump as we got ready to back out. (not an uncommon request here on the island) I pulled around and hooked up to him — nothin’…. no clicks, or anything. Not sure what his issue was, but it wasn’t anything I was going to be able to help him with. I closed up DD and wished him good luck and took off. Halfway home, another older gentleman who looked to be struggling to get across the road [walking], so I stopped to let him get across the road. Turns out he was wanting a ride – so we scooted the groceries over and told him to hop in. He was wanting to get to the Post Office which wasn’t very far out of our way so we said we would take him. I felt sorry for the old guy. Apparently severally afflicted with diabetes and could hardly walk. Got him to the Post office and then we headed for the condo. Got the groceries unloaded, changed into our comfy’s and settled into the couch for some conditioned air and almost the entire first season of The Andy Griffith show. Old black & white episodes. Corny, but funny. Getting ready for a shower and some sack time…. No alcohol for me at all today, so hopefully, a little better sleep tonight~  😉

Good night Ya’ll — Thankx for stopping in~!

Beer tasting in the grocery store – it’s a real thing here on the island~!

Island life~~~~    🙂

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