….and now, the rest of the story……..

As I sat finishing up my 3rd or 4th drink, my Queen finally arrived. I got her a drink and I was explaining what I had been doing while waiting on her (fairly simple tale… sitting there sucking up sunshine and getting slowly hammered) About that time we struck up a conversation with a young couple  who happened by, looking for a shady spot to have a cigarette. We offered them to join us and before long were chatting like old friends. Joe, Gail and Joe Jr. (JJ) Early to mid 40’s (except for Joes son JJ), from Coleman Alabama [ I refrained from making a Forrest Gump reference, and it wasn’t easy~!] Ordered several more rounds of drinks. We offered them a ride back to their condo, but before we knew it, we found our selves instead at our favorite hangout…. Blues Backyard BBQ~!  We discovered they were flying out Saturday morning and still hadn’t seen as much of our beautiful island as they would have liked, so trying to be neighborly and all… we offered to take them out to Point Udall the next day….. arguably one of the most famous places on the island, to which they happily agreed. We learned that the next day was Gail’s birthday, so we felt we needed to help her celebrate there at Blue’s… which <big  shock> involved more alcohol~!  Tequila shots started flowing…… woo-hooo~  Happy Birthday Gail~!  Gail was having a really good time~! It finally got late enough in the night, me and Joe decided it was time to wrap it up….. so we took them back to their condo for the night, agreeing to pick them up at 10:00 the next morning for an impromptu ‘local’ island tour.

We arrived promptly at 10 the next morning to meet our new friends…… they came down the stairs looking no worse for wear…. well, almost. Turns out Gail didn’t make it through the night as smooth as everybody else did….. I’m not going into details about what we heard about her night – but let’s just say it would have served her well if Joe would have duct taped her into the bed (or otherwise kept her confined to the bed)… you know how hard it is to stay on top of the bed when you’ve been doing Tequila shots  😉   Appropriately patched up…… we lit out for Point Udall….. a gorgeous place you’ve heard me lament a dozen times already. Got there and everybody OOh’ed and AAah’ed an appropriate amount of time before heading back to mid island.  We had some running to do, and our new friends said they’d like tag along if we didn’t mind. We zig-zagged back and forth between K-Marts showing off local landmarks as we went…….. FINALLY done with shopping, we stopped by our condo to show them our view and had a handful of drinks…..which eventually led us back to Blues, for more drinks and a bite to eat. They got to meet a lot of the regulars and I think they enjoyed themselves. A very unexpected downpour huddled everybody together under the bar section and the happiness continued. Gail had several shots provided as today was her birthday and the fun continued until last call. I’m happy to report that Gail was in MUCH better condition when we left tonight and I’d like to think she enjoyed her day. We dropped them all off at their condo with hugs and hand shakes and promises to get back together [hopefully] in the near future.

VERY nice, friendly, fun family — we wish them the best, safe travels and hope to be able to spend some more time with you on our beautiful island. Happy Birthday Gail ( and lay down in the middle of the bed this time)  😉

Good night ya’ll — thankx for stopping in~!

Tequila night at Blues Backyard BBQ  😉

My hair cut and shave… he took the ‘stache’ down a little closer than I like it, but not terrible

Our beautiful island

On the beach at sunset

‘JJ’, Gail & Joe

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