What a great day~~~

Today started out like most….. slept in a little bit, had a nice breakfast…… then we went grocery shopping in anticipation of the rapidly approaching visit of # 1 Daughter and her tribe……. Came home, unloaded Double D’s and sat down to enjoy what was sure to be our last hours of true peace and quiet for the next 6 days. Our quiet little place here was about to be filled with 4 adults and 3 VERY active Grandchildren.  Lit out for the airport about 3:00 for the big arrival….. it was a very fun surreal moment as we stood and waited for  loved familiar faces to come walking down the entry way…… wow, what a great feeling~! Then to have those [not so small] little people coming running through the crowd to jump into our arms…. what a wonderful, wonderful feeling~!!! We gathered up luggage and got everybody loaded into the [rented] bus for the 20 minute drive back to the condo (they wouldn’t all fit into Double D’s without strapping somebody down in the bed of the truck)…… Came home showing parts of the island as we went and listened to the most awesome constant stream of chatter I have heard in years. I Loved it~! My Queen drove Double D’s home, so she missed out on that part of it.

Got back to the condo, made up some drinks, and ‘caught up’ as the grandkids rampaged our back yard beach. It was freakin’ awesome~! Me and Grandkids walked up to check out the pool and made sure it was swimmable and then came back and watched a pretty sunset, finally came in for a bite of dinner and wound the evening up with a birthday cake celebration…. ((BTW – today was my Birthday)) — well, technically, still is my Birthday, but you get where I am going……… for reason’s I’ll probably never completely understand, my Grand Daughters decided the thing to do was to have me “wear” my birthday cake, and I got a plate full of chocolate cake right square in the kisser……., firmly smeared into my face, while my Squirt wickedly laughed while doing it…. she laughed that is until I picked up my plate and equally firmly smeared into HER face —- MuuuwaHHaHhahhaahaaa……. never laugh at Pa-Paw while you’re smearing his birthday cake in his face  😉  We all had a good laugh, cleaned up and headed inside……….

Everybody got their showers and dropped off into sleep —  like the flip of a switch, the place is now quiet as I sit and type this. We now have 5 people logged into our internet and I have seen it is really, really slow now – so not sure if I can get pictures to load now…. but will try. Not sure how often I’ll get on here this week, but will try to keep you up on the Smith Adventure in America’s Paradise….. I’m as tired as everybody else, so going to TRY and get a couple of pictures up before I drop for the night…..

Good night ya’ll — Thankx for stopping in~!

Well Sh*t Sherlock….. for whatever reason I can’t get my pictures to come up and entirely too tired to mess with it…. Bunches of pic’s on FB (that Daughter has put up) if you feel the urge….. hopefully have it figured out tomorrow….




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Born in Germany as an Army brat - I moved permanently to the United States about the time I was ready to start school - Dad put to me to work when I turned 13 tearing off roofs and packing shingles.. I did that, DE tasseled corn and bucked hay all the way through high school. After graduation, moved down South for a year or so trying to figure what I wanted to do. Finally came home and joined the Air Force serving almost 5 years - which included a 3 year tour in Germany, where I met my Queen. Came home and started working as a roofer. Economy went to crap and I knew I would not be able to support my growing family the way I wanted to, so I pestered the HR department at General Electric until they hired me. A very quick almost 34 years, 4 Daughters and 9 Grandkids later - here I am .... waiting as patiently as I can, to start the next chapter of our life - romping around in the Caribbean Sea checking out the various islands that we have not been to yet. Holy $hit what a ride~!!!! ;-)

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