Painting, Haircuts, mani-Pedi’s and new friends……..

Fun filled action packed kinda day today. Made for a long fun day~! For the first time since we got on the island…. I set my alarm to get up early enough to get to my painting project ‘early’ (07:00)……. I forgot just how bad I hated waking up before I was ready to wake up, and while it wasn’t the 03:45 that I got up to for 17 years…… it sucked equally as bad….. but I signed up for it and owned it~!  Showed up at the painting project and went straight to work, even though lack of paint and  other factors turned the day to a different direction -but managed to make the day productive and I left with a small feeling of accomplishment.

Came back to the condo to discover my Queen had made an appointment for a mani-pedi…… so we both got a shower and watched some JUSTIFIED until it was time to go. Not in the mood for nail care, I used the time to seek out a new barber shop as I was in desperate need of a haircut. After wandering for about 15 minutes, found a place Daniel (local bartender) recommended and went in got my ears lowered. Nice guy and was doing a good job with a straight razor on my neck – I asked if he did shaves – he did. Having never had a straight razor shave (or any other kind for that matter) by anybody other than Moi….. I wanted to try it. I was also in desperate need of a shave….. and in light of my impending birthday, I felt like that was the opportune time to give it a celebratory try. It’s a very unique feeling (for me anyway) to have a complete stranger holding what turned out to be a VERY sharp straight razor to your throat. The young man proceed carefully and thoroughly to scrape off about 4 days worth of beard, chatting away as he scraped that small forest off of my face. He then carefully wiped and dabbed a bunch of smell good stuff on all the shaved areas and presented a mirror for me to approve the work. I did…. I liked what I saw and enjoyed the experience. Guys – if you’ve never done that, I recommend it….. even if it is only once —  I will definitely do it again~! When he finished, I left and wandered around until I found the place I had left my Queen and she was just finishing up her manicure and getting ready for her “pedi”. I told her I would wait for her at the nearest bar.  I sat there for what seemed like 3 days, drinking crown and staring out at that gorgeous water (we were downtown on the board walk)…. I sat there for what was realistically probably an hour and a half and watched the throngs of humanity stroll by. Fascinating~~! The sizes, shapes, colors and overall appearances of all of them. I tried to figure out if they were locals, or tourists, or temporary people on the island. Mix that in with the occasional pelican flying by, the Sea plane taking off (and eventually landing again) What an absolutely wonderful way to spend a couple of hours……..

Well hells bells……. I’m already at my 500 words and haven’t even got to the part about new friends we made……. in the interest of brevity, I’m gonna stop here. We are picking up new friends tomorrow to show them Point Udall before they fly out on Saturday. If tomorrow goes anything like today did…. should make for an interesting story…… so tune in again tomorrow friends, neighbors and sport fans…… same bat time, same bat channel…… 😉

Good night ya’ll…… Thankx for stopping in~!

My view while I waited on my Queen~~

Sunset from Christiansted Boardwalk




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