2nd full day………….

After our standard get started coffee and breakfast, we decided to head out and see some of our new home. Wow– beautiful island~! There is still a lot of evidence of hurricane Maria….. sad to see, but the island folks are doing a mind blowing job of getting the island back up to shape. Am actually looking forward to helping with that effort.  First destination was the local grocery store, anxious to see if we were going to have to deal with the shopping effort like from the past 3 islands…… [insert brilliant sun beams and a heavenly choir singing] it was just like any store you’d go to at ‘home’…… you could read all the labels, all the brands looked familiar, everybody spoke English…… I was almost was giddy walking through that store~! (we came back later for actual shopping) Then headed out for Kmart [believe it or not] and even more unbelievably, drove straight to it. Noticed on the drive, the country side was lush with actual green grass and trees (albeit Palm trees)…… I swear – it was like driving around Southern Indiana…… well, except it was 85° and sunny – and surrounded by gorgeous blue water. Amazing~! Wandered around Kmart and picked up a couple of items we were looking for, then jumped back into the ‘bus’ (yea we got another one) and headed back for the house.  We both decided it was time for a drink and a cigarette…… Spotted this small little hutch kinda deal sitting off on the side of the road that looked inviting, so we whipped in and sat down at Blues Backyard BBQ. The guys running the place were [almost] weirdly friendly – but we found during our small out and about today, ALL the people on the island are outwardly friendly. We sat down, ordered a drink and enjoyed the smell of a grill going at full tilt. The place proclaimed to have the best BBQ and burgers on the island since 2014. We sat and had probably 2 more drinks than we should have, when I told Eddy that I need to try out his brisket…… sammich came up in record time…… and I begrudgingly had to tell him it was good… DAMN good….. Dammit Emmit~!  I hate having to tell someone they are as good [or better] than I am making something on a grill.  We sat there and had that wonderful Brisket burger and a couple more drinks and met some very friendly and a couple of amazing people. Hated to leave, but I still had to drive back to the house (on the LEFT side of the road) and figured I’d better keep a couple of my wits about me…….

Gonna leave it here and TRY and load a couple more pictures…… we have probably the worst internet we’ve ever had, since starting our little adventure, but being here…. I’m good with that~!

More tomorrow- Good night ya’ll……………………….

One doesn’t discover new lands without losing sight of the shore.

We made it~!!!

Can’t wait to try this stuff~!

(Beer Season…. Open all year …. No Limit)   😉

Ain’t NEVER gonna get used to this~!

Stoppin’ for a moke break……

Words to live by…………

Local entertainment – can’t wait to check them out

Sunrise at our current place~~

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