FINALLY on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Wow – when I said it was gonna be a long day yesterday, I didn’t know the half of it. Jeez Louise….. 3 countries in 1 day…. including a butt numbing 5+ hour layover in Miami. Finally on St. Croix~!!!  Got our car, finally figured out how to lay the friggin’ seats down and got our luggage loaded. Thankfully, the property manager of the place we’re staying at, met us at the airport so we could follow them back to the complex and I am soooo glad…. tired, at night on an island this big – I would probably still be driving around looking for the place. Got into the unit, received all of the instructions and finally got the place to ourselves shortly after midnight….. being mostly pitch black we couldn’t see much of anything, so we sat on the patio, enjoyed some much wanted nicotine and had a couple of drinks, smelling that salt air and enjoying a nice cool sea breeze. Sure made up for that long day. Came in and took our showers and slid into bed a little after 02:00  (that’s 2 in the morning for all you civilians out there).

Woke up shortly after 07:00 (had to whizz real bad) and once I looked out the window – I was up~! Beautiful blue waters almost right outside the window~! I was a little bit worried that the water here wasn’t going to be as pretty as the last couple places we’ve been – but thankfully, the water is every bit as gorgeous as the pictures we had been drooling over for this past couple of years.  YAY~!! Walked outside to smoke a cigarette and smell the air in that fabulous breeze. Man-0-man…. Palm trees, nice little sand beach….. yessir, I think we’re gonna like it here.

Unit we’re staying in has some room for improvement….. air conditioning doesn’t work near as good as it should (but supposedly going to be fixed), there is NO TV reception…. nice TV in the unit – just no cable service….. not at all happy about that and am being told, probably ain’t gonna happen before we leave out of here… nope – damn sure ain’t happy about that. Also the washer and Dryer in the complex is shot – damaged from flooding sea water….. not very friggin’ happy about that either……but have come to expect some of this from experience from our previous adventures. We’ll adapt and keep moving forward. Live and learn (and wear their ass out on TripAdvisor!)

Now in the process of looking for a permanent place to live~!!  Yay~!! Bad news is, is that with the influx of all the linemen from the states and now a big wave of folks from FEMA – there are damn few places open to rent….. CraP~!  And the ones that are available are ridiculous expensive now – which throws a very large wrench into my rent budget – but here again….. we’ll figure something out  [I hope, damn sure don’t want to have to go back to the weather back home].

Also on the list of needs improvement is the internet….. blazingly slow (ya gotta love island life though) so learning to deal with it as well — just not sure if it will let me load any pictures….. enough for tonight……

Never take a dink offered to you by a Urologist……..


Leaving Miami International Airport

Leaving Miami

Leaving Miami

Leaving Miami

“Our” beach

One for Alex~~  😉

(I got tired of waiting for the rest of the pictures to load — more tomorrow)



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