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Boy- this not diving stuff sucks…… geesh, I can’t even imagine or remember what I did before I started diving….. probably drank too much.  😉  Up once again much earlier than needed, but due to a fitful night, I was actually a little bit relived to get up out of bed. A lot more coughing than I cared for, a tickle I just could not shake. I sat out on the couch and dozed for a bit hoping to choke it down-and- to give my bride a little peace and quiet so she could sleep. She needs the rest a heckva lot more than I do, for multiple reasons. Besides, sitting here at the house, I could lay down and take me a nap anytime I felt like it. I didn’t do that while my Queen was out laboring for the 4th day in a row~!! After making me an experimental breakfast – I felt like I needed to something, so I commenced to piddling. It was a slow but effective piddle. It was stuffy in the house despite a wonderful breeze blowing through and I took it easy even though I did manage to get some deep cleaning done. This house gets ridiculous dirty without glass in the windows and this was all long overdo. I decided to call it a day just about the same time I got the ping from Angie saying she was headed home. She stopped and picked up my new medicine for my belly issues and I have already taken some, so hopefully my belly will be lined out here in a month or so~! I did find it weirdly ironic that one of the side effects is diarrhea. LOL, course, it also said it could also possibly kill me, but — probably won’t~~ WTH ?

We are both off tomorrow and I am looking forward to the day. I recently discovered this massive bunch of TV channels hidden deep with in our TV system. Over 300 channels, including new music channels. It also has the an NFL channel plus the local channel I need to be able to watch the Colts play (they’re playing tomorrow) and I’m excited for it. Not all the channels work, but still….. it’s free and offers up lots more options~! It will also be nice to have my Queen here with me as well. Sitting here trying to figure out what to do for dinner but Angie said she’s not brutally hungry and I really don’t want to eat anything….. hungry or not. Guess it’s a good thing we don’t have UBER eats here…….  😉

Happy Birthday to Damn Neighbor Michael…….. sounds like it was a good one~!

Good Night Y’all : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Thankx for stopping in~!

When your Grand Daughter wants to paint your nails
and my toes too – but my feet were too cold to take my slippers off for the pictures~!
Turns out to be a pretty good mix for Vodka~!
Supper time fun with the group~!

Oma & my Squirt~ <3

A beautiful sunrise
Coming into Florida

HMmm good stuff~!

(We added the “So was Red” )

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I always manage to find fish somewhere~!

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