Kind of a generic title, but as it turns out covers a lot of areas. Up a little earlier than I wanted to be up this morning to make sure my Bride had a good start to her unusual working on a Friday day…… Got coffee made and got her fed before she was gone. I was still battling hard to breathe, stomach bothering me and really just not in the mood to do anything. I guess you’ll have that every once in a while. I skipped breakfast because….. well- just because. I got caught up on my FB stuff. Haven’t had to do that in a bit….. fairly sure I’m caught up on the rest of the goings on back in the land of plenty and here on the island as well. Still pretty quiet here. We will start ramping up after the first week of  next month. The cruise ships will start showing up as well as people enjoying their little break away from crappy weather and ready to wind down a bit before the holidays, so I am enjoying the down time while I can. Caught up, I ran a quick list of what I needed to get done today, which prompted me to change shoes and shirt and head out for the lawn mower. Had the lawnmower gassed up and going by 09:00 and done with the yard by 10:00. About one more mowing and I’ll have it back in shape and hopefully only needing mowed once a week again. Tried to work on a chair that broke last night [cheap composite wood], but didn’t have what I needed, so I moved on out to the truck. Passenger seat belt was locked up and I shuddered at what I what I thought it was going to take to fix it. I pulled double D out of the mud pit it was sitting in and parked in the grass out front. I opened it up to let it air out. Driver floor board was ¼” deep in water…. I pulled all the mats and laid them out on the hood to try and get them dried a little bit. Sucked out as much water as I could and left the doors open to try and aid some drying. Got my brush and gave everything a good brushing. I finally got around to fixing the insulation around one back door – hopefully that slows down some of the water. I cleaned out a small pile of rotted meat out of the bed that had the little white wigglers in it and and aroma that was almost staggering, washed the bed out and by the time I was done with that, it was time to run to the airport to pick up Island ‘Son‘ coming back from his latest visit to the land of plenty.

HMmmm…. that made up most of the day, but now it doesn’t seem like that much…. go figure. Been battling with the doctors. The meds they want me to take for my new found stomach issues is $550.00 after insurance….. Awe HELL no~! I’ll put up with belly issues….. update— just got off the phone with the Digestive Care Center and I think we have a much more affordable solution…. more on that later. My Bride is working again tomorrow, so another early night for her and another early morning for me…….It’ll be nice to get a day ‘off’.  LOL

Good Night Y’all – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!

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