Wine Boat

Dang it…… sorry y’all — I forgot to mention the other day, that I had a Wine Boat event to shoot last night. The event went a little later than usual and coupled with the fact we didn’t have any electricity/internet when I got home…. just made it way too late to try and get on here to write you anything. It was 10:30ish before I got in bed the way it was and that was getting just the bare minimum done. Thankfully the power came back on just time for me to get the pictures uploaded. ( I used the battery for my laptop and don’t need internet to edit). It also allowed our bedroom to cool off nicely before I crawled into bed and “died“.  Two dives in the morning, drive back, edit pictures and get them posted just in time to drive back to the marina, spend  2+ hours riding around on a boat taking pictures, drive back, edit pictures and get them posted an or or so past your bedtime…. makes for a long day for us old fat fellers……..then back up for more diving this morning…… It’s a great retirement gig. There is supposed to be a “Jr” dive tomorrow afternoon at the pier, but from what I’m hearing, there is very little interest in it and may be cancelled. The boss has already said if there are only a couple of participants, I don’t need to shoot it. Yay~~~ That will help give me a little extra time. I have quite a bit of computer work to get done (mostly tutorials on ‘How to’ do things with my cameras)…. and for the first time in a couple of months…. I need to mow the yard~! Didn’t really miss mowing, but that is a good cardio work out for me, even though I maintain my ‘work’ is a hellva cardio workout for me and I’m doing that 4, 5 or 6 times a week. All but cut out booze, dropped food consumption by probably 30-35% (including ‘junk’)… Dammit Emmit – I should be looking like an Anorexic Ethiopian by now …. and before anybody gets their knickers in a knot….. it’s a joke….. get over it. On a better note…. after a solid night’s sleep (albeit slightly shorter) I awoke with my belly feeling better than it has in a week now….. neither of my ankles are swelled, I have no new bites or cuts…….. dang….. almost good as new~!  😉  Don’t I wish~~ But I’ll happily take every good day I can get. That was one thing I did get from D.o.D….. he said that something hurt almost daily and occasionally he would have a pain free day (or part of a day)  and that he would ‘Take it’…..  It makes a heckva lot more sense now. Now I’ll see how long I can go before I louse something up~ 😉

Good Night Y’all – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!

My Bride “inheriting” a beautiful Fathers Day gift that is juuuust a tad small for me…..

Porcupine fish

Christmas Tree worms

Sea Biscuit

Caribbean Reef Shark



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