Actively lazy…….

Up a smidge before I wanted this morning to answer natures call. Even though it was a day off – I wanted to be up to ensure my bride got fed before she ventured off to mid island for her second day of employ there at Blues. After I got her fed and on her way… I commenced to piddle…..maybe more of a diddle, which for the uninitiated, is a slightly slower pace than a piddle, which as you may recall is is what comes in right behind bottle -assing around. I made me a big ole breakfast and scarfed it down……… gathered up the garbãge including a “100 or so” empty boxes and took them out to the truck. I even remembered to grab the empty propane tank on the front porch that I have been meanin’ to swap out for the last 3 months or so. Swung, swang, ? Ran out past the dump and dropped off the garbãge and boxes…..stopped in and topped off my gas tank –  $60 for less than ½ a tank [don’t even get me started on that!!] Swapped propane tanks, stopped by the Post office and picked up a small truckload of mail… mostly from Amazon (more boxes for the dump later) and headed for the house. Stopped by the beach for a couple of pictures (that water was a gorgeous blue this morning) and of a new sign we have on the beach…. Hauled everything back and into the house only to find a yellow ‘Call to window’ in amongst the mail…..dammit emmit~! Back up to the post office… 2 more boxes……well the truck will be good and full for the next trip to the dump. Went through all the mail, changed water filters on the sink and the refrigerator [Amazon] – did dishes, swept the floor and some [[really]] light vacuuming. Got two big bags of sour gummies… trying to find some really sour ones…… these ain’t doin’ it (Sour Patch kids & Warheads)…. so if you know of any really sour ones, let’s hear it. That was about my day of diddling….. I waited for my Queen to get here. She surprised me with some mid-island KFC. She knew I had been hankering some (health department closed our local KFC…. real shocker)  LOL. So- I made her a drink and we sat here and munched on some of that greasy goodness…… that ought to pretty much alleviate any constipation issues…… 😉

Good Night Y’all > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!


Finally getting some pictures from Florida
Rachael working on her TV career
Our new beach sign

Our new beach sign

One of the spots on the truck I’m “gonna work on” 😉

That is REALLY soft~!!
Father’s Day present


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