It was a good idea at the time………..

Up a half hour before the alarm this morning after taking what seemed like half the night to get to sleep….. dammit Emmit……. Got up once to see what ‘all the light’ was about filling our living room, only to discover we had a very bright, gorgeous, full moon that was causing it. I went ahead and made a lap around the house looking out the windows just to ensure there weren’t any ne’er do wells lurking about…. finding the grounds secure….. I went on back to bed and laid there and “chewed my self out” for not completing that first swim yesterday like I should have……. so I’m gonna do it again….. except I’m going in with an entirely different strategy. I’m going to hate myself forever if I don’t and we just can’t have that now can we ?? I digress…… got up, woke up, got my Queen fed a good hot breakfast and got her on her way to her long day at Blues. I had to leave shortly behind her and in short order was gone as well. I pulled into ‘Eddie’s’ well before my appointed time (traffic wasn’t near as vicious as I was expecting) but happily they took me right in. Said it would be about 2 hours….. yup was expecting that…. so they came around and got my truck while I pulled up a piece of shade and made myself comfortable watching traffic go by.  It hadn’t been 20 minutes when my truck backed around to where I was at. The driver through a very heavy Puerto Rican accent said that my windshield was cracked. Yes sir… that’s why I’m here….. No Senor’…. your new windshield is cracked….. Dammit Emmit~!! That thoroughly confused him…. he just handed me my keys and walked back around the building……. The young lady inside breathed almost as big of a sigh as I did….. and in a nutshell said we’ll have you a new windshield next week. We’ll let you know when it’s in……

I left  and stopped in at the Home Depot to pick up my order and a few other ‘odds and ends’……. got to admit… the cost of odds and ends is really getting up there. Anyhow, had an amazingly decent experience picking up my online order and in fairly short order was on my way….. I spent the rest of my day, making and inhaling a delicious breakfast, playing with my new camera, unloading the truck, doing dishes, hauling a boatload of … well, actually a truck load of empty boxes, to the dump, doing dishes and uploading some new galleries for a customer request. Nothing strenuous, but kept me mucho busy. My bride is now home and I am plying her us with drinks as I watch a gorgeous sun set…. I have a boat full of divers to take pictures of tomorrow and then a Boat Safety course in the afternoon. I did it last year- but was just taking pictures. This year, as Staff, I am participating….. and maybe taking pictures  😉 Either way – I’m probably gonna be late getting back….. so not sure if there will be a blog or not.

Good Night Y’all : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :  Thankx for stopping in~!

Can you believe it’s been a year I did this ??

Can you believe it’s been a year I did this ??

Stove Pipe sponges
Nurse shark

Gray Angel Fish
File fish
Peacock Flounder
Peacock Flounder

Green Moray Eel (my favorite)

Big Eye Squirrel & Four Eyed Butterfly fish
Fan Coral

Lion Fish

Sting Ray
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