Unexpected day off……..

An abrupt unexpected day off today…. kinda cool~~~ Made my Queen her [now] standard egg and cheese sammich before taking off for her half day at Blues. I tried to get her to let me add a slice of ham to it this morning, but she shot that proposal down toot sweet. Still happy she is having the egg and cheese. I got her on her way and made myself a wonderfully delicious breakfast for me. The more I do it, the better I get at it and the better it tastes. Yum~! Fortified with a good start to my day…. I launched into getting our newly acquired cameras, dialed in, mounted and working as designed. A project that turned out to be a hellva lot tougher than I expected. Course, I think part of it was that I’m an old fat nerd from the pre-internet days that doesn’t all to clear understand some of that newfangled world wide web stuff. After multiple trips up and down a very large step ladder, and in and out and setting at the computer…. I finally had a camera mounted, looking at what I wanted it to AND showing up on my phone~! Don’t write us old guys off to quick~! Getting the second camera mounted and ‘complying’ was fairly easy after that. Chatted with next door neighbor who strolled in for a while….. he headed out and I decided I needed to get ‘alerts’ when either of the camera’s activated. Took some doing and I may have uttered a discouraging word here and there….. but now when something activates either camera, I get a neat little tone and message on my phone telling me of the occasion……… Yay me~!

My Bride finally pinged and said she was headed this way….. just in time after I got my mess all cleaned up and feeling pretty danged special about my accomplishment. She got home and settled, drinks made and after seeing the camera set up on my phone, decided she needed to have it on her phone too. #$%^&^%$….. sure dear. I wound up having to take BOTH cameras down, re-set them, get them loaded into her phone, re-register them, sync them back to my lap top and make sure I still had them on my phone…… but I got it by golly…… and only took 2 or 7 drinks to do it. Look out Steve Jobs……   LOL~~

Next door neighbors stopped by to pick up some pot pies they ordered from Blues that my Bride brought back with her. Shared a drink and sat and chatted for a bit before heading back over to their place. My bride is starting to nod off every so slightly staring at whatever screen she is looking at. I finally confirmed I am diving tomorrow on a boat full of Cruise ship folks tomorrow. Not looking forward very much to that – but should be a decent opportunity for some good tips for photography work. We’ll see. I’m just happy to be getting back in the water. We’re having a definite lull in business now…… that should all change next week when busy season picks up. Good times~!

Good Night Y’all < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < Thankx for stopping in~!


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Born in Germany as an Army brat - I moved permanently to the United States about the time I was ready to start school - Dad put to me to work when I turned 13 tearing off roofs and packing shingles.. I did that, DE tasseled corn and bucked hay all the way through high school. After graduation, moved down South for a year or so trying to figure what I wanted to do. Finally came home and joined the Air Force serving almost 5 years - which included a 3 year tour in Germany, where I met my Queen. Came home and started working as a roofer. Economy went to crap and I knew I would not be able to support my growing family the way I wanted to, so I pestered the HR department at General Electric until they hired me. A very quick almost 34 years, 4 Daughters and 9 Grandkids later - here I am .... waiting as patiently as I can, to start the next chapter of our life - romping around in the Caribbean Sea checking out the various islands that we have not been to yet. Holy $hit what a ride~!!!! ;-)

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