A long day with kids……

Because I ‘knew‘ [or at least thought I knew] there would be no diving for the rest of the week…. I went ahead and jumped on the boat for the morning 2-tank dive. The original plan was to run into town and jump on it for the afternoon JR Dive Day (the boat was out West [near me] for the JR Dive, so it was only a couple of minutes away and get the pictures of the kiddlies doing their thing. The 2 tank dive that morning was nice – but tiring….. turns out the morning boat had a LOT more people on it than originally planned…. and I swam my as….. touchas off to make sure I got pictures of every one. To add to it – the first dive was again Armageddon…… it is a deep dive and it really takes it out of you….. or me any way…… Came back to the pier…. unloaded all the tanks and started gearing up for the kids. I made a rookie mistake… by not going and getting me a bite to eat and something to drink while we were docked. I had to disassemble my camera, swap out batteries for the strobes and the camera…. dry everything out and put it all back together. I did that and still had plenty of time…… guess I was just over come with an extra dose stupid……… I paid that price by the time we got back to the dock again. Unloaded all of those tanks after a very tiring dive……. humped my gear all the way to where I was parked (about 1/8th of a mile) and headed home. THEN…… not completely satisfied with how stupid I had been to that point – I  skipped my Rehydrate and waters and went straight to slamming down Vodka/Cranberry……. yeah- good move right there~! I got all 400 pictures edited….. loaded into my Gallery and loaded onto Cane Bays FB page….. before running out of steam. It was well past 9:00pm at that point…… and I was struggling……. Some lesson’s you have to learn 2 or 3 or 4 times before they stick I guess…….. So that is why I weenied out again last night.  – after reassembling my camera gear [again] and doing some island engineering to get my strobes to work this morning … (my current camera housing is going down hill fast- New [better] one on order…….. I headed out for another 2 tank dive this morning……. it sure is a good thing I like diving as much as I do — this could start to get old pretty quick if I didn’t. Two really good dives with the last one ending up very sharky~!! Tomorrow is a down day (slow season just kicked in here) and the shop is taking the boat and the employees out to Buck Island. A National Park just off the coast of our little rock….. been there multiple times and it it BEE-U-TI-FUL~!!!!! And of course – I will be taking pictures………. Should be a fun day……!

Good Night Ya’ll = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Thankx for stopping in~!

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