What a couple of days~!

Yesterday – I spent the bulk of my day on a huge Catamaran….. it is a sailing charter boat that was needing some underwater pictures for the dive excursions they are trying to offer off of their boat.  The agreement was – I was to take pictures of a ‘local‘ celebrity that wanted to try SCUBA diving off of their boat. Turns out…. aforementioned celeb wasn’t feeling up to par and opted out of the day’s sail. The owner, in true old fashioned style, said I’m not sending everyone back home because ‘celeb’ can’t make – so we’re going out for a day of fun……… and we did. As it turns out, the owners girlfriend had JUST completed her ‘Open’ water diving certification – so I turned my focus on her…… we covered some of the most gorgeous water around the island…… after the last dive, there was beer, some damn fine baby back ribs and other ‘fixin’s‘ that most people with any sense would be proud to put in their mouth. The owner [Clay] – a likable kinda guy and his girlfriend Sandra…. run the boat…. local charter that can be rented out for the day or by the week. Swan Charters LLC. I would absolutely give them a thumbs up if you are visiting the island and want to check out St. Croix from a very unique (and gorgeous) prospective….. ( www.swancharter1@gmail.com)  Quite honestly….. I didn’t get back from that charter until almost 6:00 and I was absolutely shot when I got home…… so a quick shower, a small bite to eat and I fell into bed and slept the sleep of kings for 7 hours~!!!!~ (so- sorry for no post on the blog)

Today – Back out on “my” boat….. North shore – First dive site was North Star [a fav] and I was not disappointed….. same for the second dive… a drift dive… where you let the current carry you where it may and the boat comes and picks you up. A little more complicated than that – but that it is in a nutshell. Second dive I got me a shark ‘experience’ that is still making me smile……. 2 different occasions, I gripped my camera with both hands (I usually shoot one handed) and was expecting impact from a charging shark. There was a lion fish kill on the dive that got this particular shark ‘amped’ and twice….. I planned on the fact that if my strobes [flashes] didn’t turn him – he would impact me…… and I was good with that. I held my camera deftly up in front of me and waited. Down side…… I had my strobes set for about 6′ thinking that was as close as I was gonna get….. turns out it was a lot more like 6 and most of my shots “washed” out [too bright] – but I salvaged a couple. That really gets the ole ticker a pumpin‘ when you have a 6′ Caribbean reef shark charging you……. I Love it~!!! Also got some nice shots of my favorite….. a Giant Green Moray Eel~!! What a day~!!!

Came home to a surprise [badly needed] birthday gift (new flip flops) from Daughter Stephanie and Co. ….. my queen had a drink ready…… 85° with a nice cool breeze….. I’m tellin’ ya….. this is the life~!

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!

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