End of a diving week…… kinda~

Off of the pier this morning on our end of the island for a change……. I was up buku early and had the truck loaded and ready to go with ample time to make me a couple of eggs and part of a hot dog. I have to have some kind of meat with my eggs or it just don’t seem right. Breakfast done, kissed my Bride and away I went. Even though I didn’t leave here until 5 minutes after 08:00 – I arrived entirely to early. The boat was not only NOT there – I couldn’t even see it coming around the bend, so I sat my gear down, grabbed a small sliver of shade and sat down and stared out over that beautiful blue water. The different colors of blue right there at the Pier is amazing in of itself….. but the fact is is so clear, it almost looks like bath water just adds to it. I watched a small turtle surfacing occasionally and a small bait ball moving around in the water and about 3 different Pelicans dive bombing it to get their fill of an easily had breakfast. The boat finally showed up. I helped get it tied to the dock and then helped load all the folks who had showed up and their dive gear. The sun was shining – it was about 82° and there was a slight breeze…… a perfect way to start this day……. any day for that matter~~ A quick 20 minute boat ride to the dive site…. Armageddon~!! Yay me~!!! Briefing in process and I bailed in and took my place at the end of the boat. The captain hands me my camera, and I get it clipped to me and set up just in time for divers to start jumping in toward me. Sometimes I get the shot I want – – sometimes I don’t…. between the angle of the sun, the occasional troublesome current [like this morning] and water spots on the lens……. it’s the luck of the draw most of the time….. but I’m working on it. All divers in the water and sinking to 90′ to our destination……. I set my camera up (as I sink toward the bottom) and just as I got to the bottom, my camera went black……. DAMMIT Emmit~! No matter what I did – for the next 30 minutes, my camera was dead in the water [so to speak]. Housing wasn’t leaking, I had a fresh bump charge on the battery before I left the house — I don’t know what in the hel  heck was wrong with it. On my surface interval…. I swapped batteries and my camera sprang back to life… so guess I need to buy me another battery… because I obviously can no longer trust this one…. DAMMIT EMMIT~!

Next dive site was shallow and full of things to photograph and I made up for lack of pictures from the first dive on this one…. so I have lots to share with you. Tomorrow is a day off and I am looking forward to it. Not only do I get to spend the entire day with my Queen (and dinner out later with her and the ‘kids‘) – I hope to also figure out what in the blazes went wrong with that battery~!

Good Night Ya’ll ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Thankx for stopping in~!

Birthday SCUBA selfie~!

I handed my camera to a young lady interested in learning advanced photography and she took this shot…..
LOTS of fire coral (Brown with white tips)

Feather Duster Worm

Sea fan or Fan Coral
Caribbean String Ray (Sorry Mess, no video) <3

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