Beautiful, beautiful water~~~

Crawled into bed with a full tummy last night after being out with Angie’s friends….. even though I didn’t think I slept very good – morning rolled around awfully quick – so maybe I did better than I thought…… sure didn’t feel like it, but got up and got started for a day of picture taking….. got my gear loaded into the truck- made sure all of my batteries were charged up and got my camera stuff loaded – then went in and made me a small breakfast in anticipation of a busy day swimming. I didn’t miss that call by much. Loaded and out onto a Sea that looked more like a lake than a small ocean……visibility was amazing~!! Well over 100’~! Just the way I like it. First dive site was a favorite….beautiful topography and usually has cooperative sharks….. but not today  🙁  The reef life was beautiful as ever though~! Folks on the dive were a little camera shy, but Jeff talked to them in between dives and Lord have Mercy….. that second dive I had them all over me. It’s all good though……… I liked it. Being at Emerald Gardens I should have expected it though as that is the home of Sea Biscuit…. the big Carousel horse mounted to the ocean floor. Also had a big pretty Hawksbill turtle that was hamming it up for my camera…. even took some video of him. One couple on the boat had their Mother with them…. I’m guesstimating she was in her late 60’s early 70’s maybe. Bless her heart- she struggled a little bit moving around the boat with her gear….. but underwater she swam just as good as everyone (better than some) Her Son was talking to me on the boat after the last dive— I had asked him if he saw the big turtle…. he said he didn’t but hoped his Mom did…..” I’d give a $1000 for a good picture of his Mom with a turtle”…. course….. he said that after I mentioned I do not charge anything for my pictures….. sure would like to see the look on his face when he sees this:

That is is wife and Mom……..!! Sure would be nice if he coughed up part of that grand as a tip~~ 😉  I’m joking and serious….. but it makes me happy to be able to get these kind of shots for people….. I just need to refine my pictures a little bit more….. where I’m ‘more happy’ with them. Granted…. even I will admit to myself I’m starting to turn out some pretty decent underwater photo’s…. but I’m still not where I want to be…… all in due time~~~

Well,  my Queen is finally home (and brought Mickey D’s~!) we’re drinking,  aggravating the hell out of each other and just having a good time in general. Been a whacked couple of days……. tomorrow is a down day for me….. gonna try and get the lawn leveled out…… maybe….. kinda….. then back in the water Friday and probably the weekend….. again, we’ll see.  Damn retired people……………..

Everybody into the pool~! (This is “Mom”)

Sargassum seed weed making another ugly appearance this year 🙁

Juvenile Lion fish…. this little dude is not as big as my computer mouse…….

Anemone – couldn’t figure out which shot I liked best…. this or the next one……..
So I kept them both~!

Sea Fan


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