Spotted Eagle Ray~!

That’s not a past tense title… That is a particular type of Sting Ray—- one, not seen often around these parts….. and today, we not only saw one – I managed to get my fat old nash up close enough to her to snap off a pic or two~!  Yay me~!! (and I only used about a ¼ of a tank of air doing it)….. but I got her by golly~! Gorgeous~! Now – back to the beginning…… an almost wonderful nights sleep. One interruption to make natures call and right back into a nice slumber. Up at the crack of Oh My Gosh it’s early~ but I kinda like that time of the morning. Always have…….it’s usually a little cooler, a little quieter and the world tends to look and sound like a much nicer place at that time of the day…. plus I like to watch the sky brighten up as the sun rises……… It is especially gorgeous when you’re sitting on a favorite body of water, alone or with a favorite person….. it’s quiet….. almost eerie, and you are waiting to make that first perfect cast into a pile of logs or maybe some lily pads and wait anxiously for the mirrored surface of the water to explode as a Large Mouth bass decides your offering is a tasty treat~!!! I play that scene almost every single day in my mind at some point of my day…… Mercifully, joyfully, Thankfully – I have lived that particular scene countless times…. each time as special if not more than the previous…. many, many times by myself and countless many times with the very special people in my life……. and I wouldn’t trade it for all the bass boats in Louisiana~!   Wow~  Not sure where that came from but it apparently needed to come out. Not in the mood for breakfast because of a wee tender tummy this morning – so I opted for a small shot of OJ and a banana and was out the door. The boat is staying on this end of the island [until further notice] due to anticipated nasty conditions on the North shore where she normal  resides. Gear loaded, camera assembled and away we went —-

Lots of the ‘Boss’ ‘ family in, so I am taking lots of people pictures….. occasionally breaking away for sting rays and turtles…. Not a bad gig for an old retired guy…. Had another ‘thing’ on the second dive…. I can’t go into lots of details – but let’s say I got to rescue one of my most very favorite sea critters. I didn’t get any pictures or video because I was busy rescuing…… but let’s suffice to say there is a gorgeous 5′ Giant Green Moray Eel swimming happily and free because of me and a Dive Master on the load……. 😉

Gonna leave it right there……….. Pictures from today….. diving again tomorrow….

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!

{{{ Happy Birthday Paul…… Love you }}}

Todays manifest~!
A “Giant Stride”
Splash Down
Lion Fish
Lion Fish
THERE She is…. Spotted Eagle Ray~!
THERE She is…. Spotted Eagle Ray~!

A Caribbean Sting Ray buried [deep] in the sand


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