Out West again……

Because of those big waves from yesterday getting bigger…… the dive shop has moved the boat out to the West end of the island (where I live)….. yea~!  As a reminder, that means my commute, goes from about 30 minutes to about 4 minutes…. and I like it~! I left a little bit early this morning because my Bride had already taken off for her day of employment and I arrived just as the boat was docking…… loaded, camera put together and started helping some of the divers with their tasks. Just one of the crew now~~~ High winds kept us away from the planned dive site of the ‘wrecks’ that I was really looking forward to ( With my second strobe in place and working- I should be able to get some great side shots of the wrecks now) and we scooted to the less windy site of Alien Nation….. probably my least favorite site on the island – but I had a lot of people to take pictures of for the dive shop – so I didn’t mind it so bad. I stayed pleasantly busy chasing folks and taking pictures.

Second site was called ‘The Swirling reef of Death’…….. fun story on how that reef got it’s name – but I like it. Coral formations are gorgeous and it usually holds lots and lots of sea life……. my pictures will attest to that comment. Finally back into the pier – got the guests unloaded, tanks unloaded (and sub sequentially loaded into the truck) so I am now starting to work on muscles I haven’t used in a while…. before donning my flip flops, throwing a very heavy gear bag over my shoulder and plodding back to where ever in the hell I had to park my truck. The only down side of diving out West……. trying to find a place to park…… oh well.

Soon back to the house….. quiet and almost lonely since my Queen was still at work…… I set in getting a beer, rinsing gear, and getting pictures uploaded for editing. Even though I had a small breakfast before leaving – I was starving…. I have recently found out that I can “nuke” a frozen burger patty into a reasonable facsimile of an eatable burger in 2½ minutes…. add some cheese, mayo and a slice of ‘mater and Boy-Howdy…….. that does a hungry ole fat boy some good….. especially when it’s washed down with that ice cold Budweiser~!!

I settled in to editing a bunch of fun pictures and before I got started real good…. my Bride came rolling in. What a wonderful surprise~!! I made us both a drink, we have since cleaned out some of the leftovers in the fridge (even though I am getting a strong pizza “itch”…. and now are sitting relaxing…… considering we both “worked” – it’s been a pretty good day. I got to chat with a dear old friend from a hundred years ago during my GE days for a little bit. That was wonderful- Steve, if you’re reading this, I truly did enjoy hearing from you….. we must do that a little more often~! For now – LOTS of pictures to share~~~~~

Good Night Ya’ll~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Thankx for stopping in~!

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