Big waves and Stingrays~!

After about 2+ hours of tossing and turning after I went to bed last night – I came out and sat on the couch with everything propped up, the ceiling fan on high and thought maybe I could score some sleep that way….. UMmm….. nope – so in desperation…. went into the kitchen and took two Advil PM…. (couldn’t find any Aleve PM)…… went to the bathroom [just in case] and went in at 12 :29 and sprawled out under 2 different fans we have running in our bedroom. Well Sir….. it must have worked…… I woke up at 06:09 with no idea who I was or where I was at – but by golly I got some sleep and was rested~! Wooey – I needed that. Got up, did my bathroom stuff and settled into the news……. jeeez what a mess. I hate the condition this country is in right now………. Moved onto the entertaining world of FB……. I have to laugh at almost everything I see on there now….. I was about to make a comment on my thought path of some of the folks that I follow….. but it just ain’t worth it. They can live in their world….. I’ll hang out here in mine~~

Gear loaded up and out the door by 07:45 headed for the Salt River Marina…. 30 minute drive usually…… somedays 20 minutes…. other days 45 minutes…… gotta love island traffic. Loaded on the <very small> boat, gear set up, camera put together and out into the bustling blue sea we went. Boat is back on the North shore and the wind is back up and it was a bouncy round. Did I say bouncy? I meant bouncy~!! It was much calmer under the waves…. not anything great and wonderful to talk about, but I was diving and I was happy. Second dive was not a heckva lot better – but again – I was diving and I was happy. Saw a couple of uncooperative sharks, one very cooperative stingray and tons and tons of gorgeous underwater life. Two nice relaxed dives………. I tried to enjoy them a little extra as this was probably my last ‘fun’ dive for a while. As I alluded to last night – I am now gainfully employed by the dive shop and I start “work” tomorrow. A bunch coming in from New York and they all dive rebreathers….. if you’re not familiar with that term – it is a type of tank[s] where you can dive virtually forever. You are ‘rebreathing’ your own air – it is processed and sent back to be used again. That is the Readers Digest version of this type of diving….. it is a very special, technical type of diving that requires some very expensive equipment and a ton of training to do. I am to capture these folks doing their thing for as long as I can – they can dive much deeper, much longer, than I will ever be able to, so I must catch them getting in, going down, coming up and getting out…… this becomes an even bigger challenge as rebreathers do not emit bubbles. It will make getting pictures easier – but that will be about it. Should be interesting and I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow after I am a bit more edumacated about it~!

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!



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