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Another mostly squirrely nights sleep…. most which of I am contributing to the level of Chantix building up in my body. Goofy dreams, having to whizz to often, cramps [legs and belly] too hot, too cold – jeez what a mess. At least I hope it’s the reason~~~ It’s starting to work though. Cigarettes are starting to get that funky aftertaste and I find I’m going longer between them and then not completely finishing them before I put them out….. please keep your fingers crossed for me.

A leisurely start to the day, taking our time waking up to coffee and all the news that is news…. good or bad….. My Bride made us a dandy little breakfast to get our day started. I was supposed to make a dive at the pier with the island kids today – but a couple of morning pings indicated they were dealing with a couple of problems with stomach issues¬† being one of them and diving was probably not in the works for the day. I hated that and hoped they get everything lined out. The weather was a stumbling block for all of us at it was raining, blowing and cool, but the longer I sat here – the more I thought about diving. I looked it up and it has been September of last year since I dove the pier and I was missing it. The sun was shining at the time and I told my Queen I was gonna go ahead and go. Now as a rule, even if you have been properly trained, solo diving is not recommended as the desired way to dive….. but stuff happens. I have did my homework and felt completely safe diving by myself at this particular location, so I loaded up my gear and headed in town. I stopped in town, got a tank of air, ran back out to the house to pick up my weights I forgot, found another parking spot and before I knew it – was trudging my way toward the water. Keep in mind, wearing my gear – with weights, tank of air, my mask, my camera and my fins, knife, flashlights and what-not all pinned to my BC – I am packing probably an extra 50-55 lbs. Now when you’re on a boat and take 4 steps and you’re in the water, is one thing…… sauntering your happy ass 400-500 yards wearing all that makes for a whole other experience….. definitely cardio for the old fat boy~ Whew~!! Finally in the water…. a little weird at first, not having anyone around me – but as soon as I sank and started taking pictures….. I was ‘home‘.. and comfortable, and relaxed. I Loved it.¬† After, a couple of spotted Eels, 1 Snake Eel, a Stingray, a turtle, and countless fish and 77 minutes later – I popped up at my exit point and headed back to the truck. There was a surge to contend with and the visibility was probably as bad as I’ve ever seen it at the pier (which made getting decent pictures an extra challenge) – but it was still a wonderful dive…… getting to go at my pace, bottling assing around as long as I wanted at any given point~! I will be doing more of that dive…. lots more~!

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – — Thankx for stopping in~!

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