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Slept in a little bitty bit this morning enjoying the firmness of our new mattress, but still has a little softening up to do yet. The day today, was to be [mostly] spent with my photoshoot model. I met him at the local eatery for a breakfast sammich and discussion on what I wanted to get done today. We got to know each other a little bit and took off for a day of pictures.  I have never done this kind of photography and it was interesting to work with a live model…. add the fact he had not done much of this kind of work, so we were both trying to figure out what to do. As the day wore on, it got a little bit easier, as we both got into our respective roles. I started saying things like “turn your head a little to the left”, cross your arms”, “stare out at the horizon”, “looked bored”, “walk away from me and look back”……. that kinda thing and it only took about 3 hours before it didn’t seem overly weird. When I had him strip down to just his swimming trunks and I started positioning him in various poses – the weirdness came back for a little bit, but I was soon posing him easily again. Nice kid, young, good lookin’…. I can see why my client picked him. I had a punch list of items/poses the client is looking for and by a little after lunch, we had knocked out about half the list.  We stopped by the house, so he could meet my bride [and vice versa], change into dry clothes and me to restock (seems as though I managed to wade out into the water for some beach shots, with my cigarettes, lighter and keys still in my pockets)  🙁  He got into dry fresh clothes and we loaded up and took off for more pictures. We covered a lot of ground to get the pictures my client was after, and after reviewing them – I think my client will be more than pleased. I still need to get ‘boat/diving’ pictures, so me and the model will be on the boat Thursday morning to hopefully wrap up our photo shoot. Sadly, I will not be able to share many [if any] of those pictures with you.

Update on having my barnacles removed…. I got a note back from ‘Doc’….. one of them was benign…… the other one was cancer…BUT… he got it completely removed and the surrounding area is clear and safe. So the next time your bestest good friend that is a medical professional points something out and says you need to have that looked at…….. by God, go have it looked at~! Thankx again Michael~

Just now decided instead of playing around underwater at the pier tomorrow…. I’m gonna do some traveling [around the island] and check out 3 or 4 places to put folks up at…. see what I can do about getting some ‘island prices for locals’. Doing this also for Lil Sis – but also for my own curiosity and information….. I should be able to get some fun pictures doing it…… yay~!

Good Night Ya’ll @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ Thankx for stopping in~!

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