Sunday….. funday…. relax day~~~

Hoping to sleep in this morning after a full day of labor the previous day – I loaded up on sleeping pills, my actifed and settled into what hopefully was going to be a full sound nights sleep…… meh~~ not so much….. A 04:00 trip to the bathroom really loused up those plans as the tomato sauce¬† and onions my Bride used in the spaghetti sauce decided that would be a good time to whoop up on my belly… so it shall be decided – so it shall happen and Boy-Howdy did it….. wooo-wee. After I made it back into bed – I thought to myself…. well now at least I should be able to sleep in now that all of ‘that’ was out of the way……. No Siree Bob…… a little bit bit before 07:00 – I guess the ‘rest’ of the onions and sauce wanted out and laid in waiting until I got good and back to sleep before springing it’s offensive…… DAMMIT EMMIT~! Oh well – the best laid plans…….. Spent a classic Sunday morning lounging and enjoying a delicious breakfast before retiring to the couch for some movies….. first one… OMG… starring Kenau Reeves…. called Knock, Knock…… if you see it on your list- delete it immediately…… wow….. terrible would be generous rating that movie….. pee-uke~! As my bride said, that’s an hour and a half we’ll never get back…… Second one was much better – Operation Christmas Drop…. based on real events….. about what the military (Specifically the U.S. Air Force) does for outlying islands to help the indigenous people. Definitely one that will warm the heart and some great scenery~! Last one was another one based on real events – about an American family spending Christmas in Thailand on a resort that gets hit by a Tsunami……Called The Impossible…. another one well worth watching. Nicely recreated CGI effects for the Tsunami and really good acting by the cast…. definitely recommend that one~!¬† About the middle of the last one – I got up and made Cheese burgers requested by my Bride and I had to try out the latest batch of hot dogs Angie picked up for me in her eternal quest to find the ones I like here on the island. I am happy to report, this latest batch was ‘the ones’… especially since she picked up 6 pounds of them~!

Bellies are full, the movie is over and here I am….. this 2 hour time difference between us now is ‘killin‘ me as now I really need to wait until 6:00pm my time before I start my stuff. I’m usually fed [and full] and have had quite a bit to drink by that time – so it makes doing my stuff all that more of a challenge…… but I’ll do my best to hang in there. Still have some dive pictures from last dive – so here they are. Have another 2-tank boat dive scheduled for tomorrow morning – so hopefully lots of new pictures for you from that.

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

Our dive master for this dive — J T~!
The man, the myth, the legend…… J T
Enjoying the blue
Big ole Barrel sponge
Another barrel songe
My View coming up to the boat

Dive Master Amiee

Another [smaller] barrel sponge – I love these – always a pretty purple color
LOTS of fishes
Dive Master Jeff
Dive Master Ken
Big Eyed Squirrel fish

Fuzzy thing (not the technical name)
Friendly little Trunk Fish that let me take as many pictures as I wanted… love these little guys
Very patient


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