Back under water~!

After a [thankfully] much better nights sleep – I rolled out comfortable in the knowledge I didn’t have to be at the marina until noon today for today’s dives. That just means I got to sleep as much as I wanted [or could]…. get up, wake up, have a bite to eat and take my damn old sweet time getting ready for diving this morning. It also turned out to be a good thing in that I had to charge all of my batteries before leaving – which, with the inception of all my extra lights, turns out to be quite the chore now – but one I most happily do to have the ability now to take the kind of pictures I want underwater. I have set myself up a small ‘charging station’ in our spare bedroom – so I can charge a whole ‘butt load’ of stuff at one time now……. quite impressive if you’re nerd enough to understand the logistics of being ‘that’ ready~~~~ My bride had to take off early to have some blood drawn for an upcoming doctors appointment [follow up kind of stuff] – so I was left to tend to myself before leaving for my dives. In lieu of a traditional breakfast – I polished off 2 small burgers that were laying in the fridge, just waiting to be eaten…… not the breakfast of choice – but they were quick, hot and good and filled the bill (so to speak) to get me on my way for the day.

First dive site was Sea Mount – rapidly becoming a favorite of mine…. and it did not disappoint. 200+’ visibility….. I dropped down directly on top of a big ole Green Moray Eel [my very favorite sea critter] (( Vera – beware — these “kind of” look like a snake – but not really))  … followed up by 4 or 5 sharks…. in my book – dives just do not hardly get any better than that one~!!! The rest of the dive was awesome, but didn’t really need to be because it started out perfect~! Second dive paled seriously in comparison, but I didn’t care…. I saw Eels and Sharks a plenty on the first dive – so I was good. Second dive had sharks – but mostly unfriendly and kept their distance and the topography was ‘so-so’ compared to the first dive….. but a really good dive for winding down……

Shared a couple of beers with some friends after the dives while we discussed the dives before loading up and getting back to my Queen, who had since finished up her traversing the island……. I’ve made me a couple of ham and tomato sammiches and am now ready for a shower and some shut eye before I rouse my tired old touchas up early tomorrow morning to go interview for a job….. nothing serious [I think]….. filling air tanks a couple of days a week for 3-4 hours a day… just enough for beer money and help support my diving habit……. 😉

Good Night Ya’ll + + + + + + + + + + + + Thankx for stopping in~!

Kinsley eyeballing my drink
Me and my Honeybear
Mom & Jeni
OH Damn look out…. a new Grippo’s product~! (They weren’t terrible~!)
Shadow of our plane – something about that fascinates me….

the BIGGEST wing on an aircraft I have ever seen…..!
This is why — a 777~!
This plane is 10 rows across~!!
Sunset on that massive wing~!
Sunset on that massive wing~!
Sunset on that massive wing~!
Sunset at 38000′ lasts ‘forever~!’ and is gorgeous~!!
Sunset at 38000′ lasts ‘forever~!’ and is gorgeous~!!
Headin’ home~!
Leaving Miami~!
Leaving Miami~!
SOOOO Happy to see it~!

“OUR” end of the island~!
The Frederiksted Pier in the background~!
Home Sweet Home


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