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Up way early, but primarily because my happy a$$ got tired of trying to keep from passing out last night – so I wandered off to our nice icy cool bedroom and plopped down in bed much earlier than normal…. and very uncharacteristically fell almost immediately to sleep. I woke up a little after 05:00 for about 1.2 seconds… had no friggin’ idea where I was at~! I hate it when I do that……. I got up, staggered out to the bathroom, took a whizz and staggered back in and went almost right back to sleep – finally rolling out after I felt my Queen get up and head out. A mostly ‘messed up‘ start to my morning – I settled in to try and get some odds and ends done….. biggest one being getting bills paid for the second half of the month. First bill due was my AT&T bill……. I somehow let that slip up on me and it was due today. Some how…. in the process of signing in – I managed to get myself locked out of anything AT&T. Dammit Emmit.  Now I couldn’t get into the site to pay my bill OR get to my email……… Dammit Emmit~!  I wound up spending the next 3+ hours on the phone with the fine folks at AT&T……. and still not able to get into my email or ATT account…… I finally figured out how to get my bill [using that term loosely] paid. I got the rest of the monthly bills (other than rent) paid and went back to studying the ins and outs of my camera. Back peddling just a little bit – while my Queen started breakfast – I journeyed up to the post office to retrieve a package I eagerly was expecting…. my new lens~! It only took <30 minutes…. but I finally had my new lens in my grubby little hands…. and she is a beaut~!!!!!! HAVE to tell you – on the drive up…. I notice a ‘young’ lady…. 5’4”~ish…. 225 lbs [conservatively] walking down the street. At first glance… it looked like she was wearing <maybe> a thong and the strings were hidden my ”excess” layers of skin…… nope….. this young lady was BUCK A$$ NAKED….. walking down the road without a care in the world…….. of ALL the times not to have a camera with me~!……. I think……. got mail – quick trip to the dump for garbage drop off…. and figured… is she still there??, so took the long way back – and sure enough, she had sat down at an intersection and was sitting there scratching ‘parts’ as I cruised by….. I swear….. ya gotta love this island~! 🙂

During and slightly after my marathon event with ATT…. I started getting intermittent text messages from our ‘Damn‘ neighbor….. the content of the text told me there was alcohol involved…… finally [kinda] done with ATT – said neighbor called us and regaled us (multiple times) with the tales of living in Florida, battling COVID, parks full of unruly kids and several other events going on her life. The conversation eluded to the fact her big [weeny a$$] husband had already succumbed to an alcohol induced slumber….. LOL. We ‘had’ to laugh…. always a treat hearing from her…… hopefully things are better for her in the morning…..

My Queen made a delightful dinner of hamburger something or other helper and corn on the cobb. MmMmMm good~! Already over my limit…. so signing off here… some pictures of my camera set up [with new lens] and more pictures from the dive the other day…….

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  Thankx for stopping in~!

Ain’t she pretty~~~

ON the camera


Giant Green Moray Eel

Dive Master Aimee

Smooth Trunk FISH

P8160133  <—- Video

Christmas Tree Worms



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