Runnin around and lights~!

Greetings and salutations all ya’ll.  Up and mostly at ’em early this morning in preparation of a day of running around. I had my list made out (although when I got home I remembered a coupe of things that should have been on the list) everything loaded in the truck I needed for said running around. Gave my bride a kiss and was off like a herd of turtles. First stop was at ATV office to drop off Shawn’s shirts that I had borrowed. Hung out and chatted a bit before heading off for a dive shop to sign up for a club dive we have coming up. Usually don’t like to dive in that big of a group, but as a board member – I’m kinda of expected to support club functions. That went South as the boat was already at capacity…. so I put my name on the list for a second boat if they get enough people. Went from there down to the other dive shop that I hang out the most at and clarified my sign up for three other dives with them that ‘island Daughter‘ Cynthia signed me up for. Done. From there to the dump…. always a treat stopping by there…… Next on to a new place I was told might be able to work on my laptop for me. All the way past mid-island into a little spot I found on the map that looked promising. Stopped before I got there at a place trying to get my glasses fixed…… I was greeted promptly [and politely] and dude did a good job on what was left of my glasses…. but couldn’t finish them because an ear piece was missing (alcohol was involved) I thanked him for his effort and went on to the computer place. Dude there was equally accommodating but couldn’t do me any good either. He did say he would see what he could find out and give me a call with a quote….. we’ll see. From there – looked for another place I saw on the map that looked like it would be a good place for a hair cut. It had closed down. Dammit Emmit. The guy that I asked about the first place said there is another just place down the road – and I was headed that way. Place was call Karibbean Cutz….. and the smell of weed and Jamaican music that greeted me when I walked in, should have told me to turn around and leave – but hey, ya just never know. There was only one guy in the chair and the ‘barber‘ said I’d be next.  Let me preface this next part with….. I’m pretty sure this young man has never cut an old white dudes hair before….. I say that because my hair now greatly resembles the cut the guy before me got……. I mean this little dude went full SLING BLADE on me…… luckily, the hair from my ears down still grows like wild fire…. so I should start resembling my old self again in a couple of weeks……… dammit Emmit~!

Well shoot…. I’m already at my limit…. so another Readers Digest version…. stopped at Blues for a beer and chatted with Jim and Deb for a couple of minutes. Stopped and got my new lights~!!!!! Got them half figured out and put on camera….. diving tomorrow and will see how they work~!!!

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!

Downtown Frederiksted
Keeping WAPA (our Vectren) on their toes
New light system on camera – front

New light system on camera – back

Reckon can I git me some of them french fried taters?  I can’t believe he cut my side burns off~!!


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