Walkin’ and the Blues~~~~

Up fairly early after a marginally better nights sleep to some scattered showers. Our catchment system for the house is definitely full now – so no immediate concerns about running out of water for a bit……… that’s a good thing. Better rested and a little more relaxed – I popped in my super insoles (early Father’s day gift) into  my walking shoes and headed out the door. The plan was to get in 3 miles in under an hour. My walking has a little lee way though – as I stop and take pictures, and scratch friendly horses and chat with the occasional friendly locals. My ‘app’ has a pause button – but by the time I unlock the damn phone and get the pause button pressed – I have already taken the picture and moved on – and when I am chatting with folks – well, it’s just rude to pull the phone out and mess with it then – so I rarely use the pause button – unless I’m halfway or at the top of a HILL and I have stopped to be able to try and breathe… breathing is crucial in this part of the effort….  😉 but today’s planned route was reasonably flat and all I was looking to do was make my 3 miles in less than hour. I dang near made it. Several more picture taking opportunities than I planned on….. and I  misjudged my distance by a smidge…… but I was close enough that I was not completely disappointed when I came plodding back into our yard…….

Showered, I sat down and pestered Expedia long enough – I finally got a response I was [mostly] happy with about getting the $800 those ^%$#@ charged me for our hotel stay on our most recent trip – that THEY cancelled….. I ain’t even gonna go there – because right now all it would do is pi$$ me off and the last 5 hour have been wonderful enough – I don’t want to screw that up~! ( we also spent a delightful 20 minutes or so on the phone with our ‘Damn Neighbors‘ in the middle of all that…. sure do miss those people~! Those last 5+ hours have been, traveling to Blue’s, hanging out at Blues and navigating back. I learned my lesson from the last time – that as it starts getting close to closing time…. I start drinking either straight Cranberry juice or just a bottle of water……. Makes navigating that drive back to this end of the island a whole set easier [and safer]…….. I got chatting with friends there at Blues – and have manage to worm my way into a ‘fun’ shore dive with them tomorrow morning, just down from the house – one of them is a photography buff and we have about decided to let every one else go shoot lion fish – and we’re gonna work on our camera skills. Should be a good time. For now though, I’m ready for hopefully a decent nights shuteye and looking forward to fun diving tomorrow.

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!

It’s still there – see it ?

Some more of our fine Island Engineering~!
Pot hole on steroids ( I mean – the water was draining out the bottom of it – to who knows where…..


Almost made it
Home Sweet Home




















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