Diving and Dining……..

Another early start to the day – but because I needed my morning time to get my bathroom stuff out of the way before I crawled onto the boat for a morning of diving. A slightly better nights sleep, a Jimmy Dean breakfast biscuit and I was on my way into town. It took an additional 30 minutes before the boat got loaded – but I am s.l.o.w.l.y getting used to NOTHING being on time [except me]. I have dove the first site we stopped at before – but only once – and I enjoyed the site and the dive. Second site was new to me and I equally enjoyed it – as I got to bottle-a$$ around and play a LOT  with my new camera. Still SO much to learn with that little thing…. but managed a handful of shots I am REALLY happy with. Like I said last night- good folks at this dive shop – but I don’t like their boat. Kinda like trying to make a dive out of a Sardine cane that sits to high out of the water…… but it still beats the heck out of a kick out shore dive……. First dive, all pictures are with my little GoPro….. second dive is with the new camera. Easiest way to tell new camera pictures – is the close ups are AWESOME and non-close ups will typically be a little blue in hue, but much sharper and crisper. As soon as I get my deep water housing, I’ll probably retire my GoPro and let kids and Grandkids use it when they come down……..

Back at the house, gear rinsed, a small handful of Honey do’s my Bride wanted done and I finally got to set down and edit pictures. I can tell I am getting pickier now about the pictures I take…. I took 200+ pictures and I saved 70+ of them……. hopefully you enjoy my ‘pickiness‘~~  😉 That done – The ole fat boy was about to starve. My little breakfast biscuit wore off about half way through that first dive. I invited my Queen out for dinner and away we went. First time ‘eating out’ since the whole Covid mess started…… we went down to Rhythms Bar at Rainbow beach – but it was packed to the as…… rafters. We circled around and wound up at Sandcastle’s – which was pleasantly empty and settled in at a table with a view to die for (besides my Queen)  😉  Goes with out saying, we ordered drinks….. and some Bang Bang Shrimp to get us started. The shrimp wasn’t bad [wasn’t Bang, Bang] but not bad. Angie order a steak Ka-Bob and I had a good ole Cheeseburger. Both meals were palatable – but not remarkable…. but neither of us had to cook…. we had each other and a view to die for. We also met a few new folks and got to chat with some old friends. We wrapped it up by sharing a piece of mediocre Key Lime pie. Now back here and really ready for a shower and some shut eye before heading back off to work tomorrow….. more diving and pictures. This retired life is tough…….  😉

Good Night Ya’ll > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thankx for stopping in~!

Through the screen shot…..
Dinner with a view
My Queen
More view
Obstructed view
A fairly decent Bloody Mary
Me and my Bride
local art work

More local art work
Burger, fries and a beer…. yummers


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