Rolled out early after an early to bed messed up night of sleep. Was in bed and sawing Zzzz’s by 9:15pm only to wake up at 12:17 wide awake~!! Now what is that about?? I went back to sleep, but woke up almost on the hour, every hour afterward and kept having the same stupid dream each hour….. nuts~! 06:00 finally rolled around and I couldn’t take it….. so when I felt my Bride get up – I gave her a couple of minutes to get her bathroom stuff done – and I went ahead and got up…. thankful to be done with trying to sleep. I skipped my walk today as I had every intention of getting the clothes line finished…. today~! While Angie worked on breakfast…. I commenced to post hole digging…… nothing, let me repeat, there is nothing about that task there I enjoy~! To top it off — since we have not had a presentable rain in way over a month…. the ground here is harder than the Chinese alphabet. That’s not the expression I usually use for something hard – but I am trying to keep this site G rated…. or at least PG~~~ 😉  I finally busted out my big framing hammer and a hatchet and got enough of a hole started….that I could fill it with water and let it soak while I went in for breakfast. After a delightful breakfast – I trudged back out to ‘the hole’. The water was now gone at that point and I made some pretty decent progress with the posthole digger until I got back to ‘un-soaked’ dirt. More water and I let it soak while I worked on several parts of getting the clothes line back in usable condition. (A little island engineering). Angie said she would like to paint it, before I put the lines back on it – so I got her started doing that while I plugged away at the rest of it. Finally happy with my progress – I started putting everything back together until I was happy with it. Which was just in time for my Bride to come down and start painting that pole. Another 30 minutes and I was finally finished. My Queen now has a brand spanking new clothes line she is happy with – and I can get back to the business of walking, diving and taking pictures. Speaking of which – I have a 2-tank club dive, tomorrow with another local dive shop. I personally don’t really care for their boat – but they are good people and I am supporting their business as well as our club. It should be a good time plus I’ll get more pictures for you all.

Standing outside having a smoke – I noticed a small hawk that has been making an appearance lately. Just so happened, I had my new little camera with me – and managed a couple pictures of her. Beautiful little bird. I also tried my hand at the big gorgeous moon the last couple days – but I haven’t figured those settings out yet….. but I’m learning~!

Good Night Ya’ll – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thankx for stopping in~!

Juvenile Frog Fish
Hawksbill turtle
Trumpet fish
Barrel sponge
Stove Pipe Sponges.
Flamingo Tongue (little white thing on the coral)
See how brown the island is getting now? We seriously need rain…..

GORGEOUS blue water

Jeff’s patented back flip in dive gear….. he actually done it…… I just wasn’t fast enough with the camera……
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