Friends and diving……….

Wow….. what the day yesterday…….. a nice small breakfast and the Viya dude showed up…… all kinds of checks and tests – only to discover everything inside the house is fine…… gonna have to send another technician to work on the pole because that is where the problem is at. Dammit Emmit. He left and because of previous nights efforts – we had usable internet. I use the term usable loosely though, because while stuff would load and search – it done it in it’s own sweet time. No worries though because we were expecting out island ‘kids’ by for a Cinco De Mayo celebration. Because I rarely get Mexican food – I was excited~! While waiting for them – I got a ping from new friends Dulce and Derek, Captain and Mate of the boat we did our week long BVI sail with. They were pulling into our quaint little port and letting us know they were here. I invited them to join us for an evening of chat and drinks. Long, long story short…… kids backed out after what turned out to be a lot longer and tougher day than they planned on……. We did pickup our new friends in port….. albeit MUCH later than planned…. but we wound up having pizza and drinks and some really fun conversation. They were also worn out – so we got them back to their boat fairly early, before relaxing and enjoying the rest of our evening. In an effort to figure out what is wrong with my TV – I reset it to factory conditions…… HUGE mistake…… and I am currently still working on getting it to stream anything….. but I’ll get it…….. eventually~~!

Got invited late last night to shoot some pictures and video for a local dive shop (Cane Bay) of a “Discover SCUBA” course this morning. I jumped at the chance and was out the door by 10:30 to meet up with the instructor and her class. I spent the next 2 hours filming and snapping photo’s of a nice young woman and her 3 daughters trying out SCUBA diving. The instructor had her hands full with these young ladies, but handled it like a pro, while I swam circles around them documenting the event. After an hour of some beautiful underwater scenery – the dive was over and the ladies were on their way. I have since put up pictures and videos on the Instructors (and Cane Bays) FB pages…. so if you know your way around FB – you may already seen them.  I have since seen where the dive shop is now offering pictures as an option with their ‘first’ dive course – and I am hoping they will occasionally call on me to take those pictures. (It would be the perfect ‘excuse’ to get that new camera that I want)  😉

Back at the house- gear rinsed….. still waiting on my turn (to get rinsed). A nice meal with my Queen and enjoying that wonderfully cool breeze outside. Also dealing with trying not to black out when I stand up. “Doc” has started me on yet another BP medicine to get my BP in check…… and this one may be working a little ‘too’ good……. geeeesh I hate getting older…….

Good Night Ya’ll * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankx for stopping in~!

Steps to no where
Big ole Mahogany tree

Field full of Sugar cane
Down – but not out
TV for sale – cheap……………
Gorgeous trees
Sugar Cane field with workers
Island is full of these…..

A non-political post… 😉
A long gone era
Banana plants
My view at the end of the road….
spotted Moray Eel.
Spotted Eel
4 eyed butter fly fish.


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